1959 NCAA University Division Baseball Tournament

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1959 NCAA University Division
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsOklahoma State (1st title)
Runner-upArizona (4th CWS Appearance)
Winning coachToby Greene (1st title)
MOPJim Dobson (Oklahoma State)

The 1959 NCAA University Division Baseball Tournament was played at the end of the 1959 NCAA University Division baseball season to determine the national champion of college baseball. The tournament concluded with eight teams competing in the College World Series, a double-elimination tournament in its thirteenth year. Eight regional districts sent representatives to the College World Series with preliminary rounds within each district serving to determine each representative. These events would later become known as regionals. Each district had its own format for selecting teams, resulting in 22 teams participating in the tournament at the conclusion of their regular season, and in some cases, after a conference tournament.[1] The College World Series was held in Omaha, NE from June 12 to June 18. The thirteenth tournament's champion was Oklahoma State, coached by Toby Greene. The Most Outstanding Player was Jim Dobson of Oklahoma State.[2]


  • The official NCAA record book does not list any participants for District 1 as Connecticut was an automatic qualifier for the 1959 College World Series.

District 1

District 2

Games played at University Park, Pennsylvania.

First Round Final
Penn State 16
Temple 4
Penn State 7
Ithaca 3
Ithaca 4
Pittsburgh 311

District 3

Games played at Gastonia, North Carolina.

Upper round 1Upper finalFinal
4Georgia Tech6
Florida State2
2Florida State3
3George Washington210
Florida State0
Lower round 1Lower final
Florida State16
Georgia Tech7Georgia Tech9
George Washington2

District 4

Games played at Notre Dame, Indiana.

Upper round 1Upper finalFinal
Western Michigan4
Notre Dame12
Notre Dame10
Notre Dame0106
Western Michigan29
Lower round 1Lower final
Western Michigan4Western Michigan5

District 5

Games played at Peoria, Illinois.

Oklahoma State 7 6
Bradley 6 2

District 6

Games played at Bryan, Texas.

Arizona 1 1
Texas A&M 0 0

District 7

Games played at Greeley, Colorado.

Colorado State 17 8 12
Utah 8 13 8

District 8

Games played at Fresno, California.

Fresno, California
Seattle, Washington
Fresno State 3 4 10
Washington 2 5 5
Santa Clara 11 3
Fresno State 23 15

College World Series


School Conference Record (conference) Head coach CWS appearances CWS best finish CWS record
Arizona Border 36–8 (6–1) Frank Sancet 4
(last: 1958)
Clemson ACC 23 –6 (11–5) Bill Wilhelm 1
(last: 1958)
Colorado State[a] RMC 24–5 (10–1) Pete Butler 5
(last: 1958)
Connecticut Yankee 20–1 (10–0) J. Orlean Christian 1
(last: 1957)
Fresno State CCAA 38–11 (11–4) Pete Beiden 0
(last: none)
none 0–0
Oklahoma State Big 8 22–4 (17–3) Toby Greene 2
(last: 1955)
Penn State Independent 15–4 Joe Bedenk 2
(last: 1957)
Western Michigan MAC 24–7 (8–2) Charlie Maher 3
(last: 1958)

Bracket and results

1959 College World Series bracket
First roundSecond roundThird roundSemifinalsPreliminary finalFinal
Oklahoma State10
Western Michigan2
Oklahoma State8
Penn State6
Penn State5
Oklahoma State3
Oklahoma State4
Arizona5Penn State3
Fresno State1
Fresno State6
Oklahoma State5
Colorado State5
Oklahoma State4Arizona3
Lower first roundLower second round
Fresno State0
Penn State7
Fresno State2
Colorado State1
Fresno State7
Western Michigan14Western Michigan2
Game results
Date Game Winner Score Loser Notes
June 12 Game 1 Oklahoma State 10–2 Western Michigan
June 13 Game 2 Penn State 5–3 Connecticut
Game 3 Arizona 3–2 (12 innings) Clemson
Game 4 Fresno State 6–5 Colorado State
June 14 Game 5 Western Michigan 14–6 Connecticut Connecticut eliminated
Game 6 Clemson 7–1 Colorado State Colorado State eliminated
Game 7 Oklahoma State 8–6 Penn State
Game 8 Arizona 5–1 Fresno State
June 15 Game 9 Penn State 7–0 Clemson Clemson eliminated
Game 10 Fresno State 7–2 Western Michigan Western Michigan eliminated
Game 11 Arizona 5–3 Oklahoma State
June 16 Game 12 Oklahoma State 4–3 Penn State Penn State eliminated
Game 13 Fresno State 2–0 Arizona
June 17 Game 14 Oklahoma State 4–0 Fresno State Fresno State eliminated
June 18 Final Oklahoma State 5–3 Arizona Oklahoma State wins CWS

All-Tournament Team

The following players were members of the All-Tournament Team.

Position Player School
P Joel Horlen Oklahoma State
Hal Stowe Clemson
C Alan Hall Arizona
1B Bob Wilson Arizona
2B Bruce Andrew Oklahoma State
3B Jim Dobson (MOP) Oklahoma State
SS Charles Shoemaker Arizona
OF Bailey Hendley Clemson
Doug Hoffman Clemson
Connie McIlvoy Oklahoma State

Quick facts

  • In 1996, coach Rod Dedeaux of Southern California was named to the College World Series All-Time Team (1947–95) by the Omaha World-Herald as part of the 50th CWS celebration.
  • In 1971, Ron Fairly (OF) of Southern California was named to the College World Series All-Time Team (1947–70) by the blue-ribbon committee chaired by Abe Chanin as part of the 25th CWS celebration.
  • In 1996, Alan Hall (C) of Arizona and Charles Shoemaker (SS) of Arizona were named to the 1940s–50s All-Decade Team by a panel of 60 voters representing CWS head coaches, media, and chairs of the Division I Baseball Committee.
  • Fresno State's team included Augie Garrido, who went on to win five CWS titles as a coach at Cal State Fullerton and Texas.
  • Dave Baldwin of Arizona pitched a two-hitter in a 5–1 victory over Fresno State.
  • 33,607 fans watched the CWS (10 sessions).
  • The championship game was umpired by Bob Stewart, Jack Tobin, Don Carrothers, and Ed Sudol.
  • The following records were set or tied:
    • Most Balks, Individual, Single Game – 2, Frank Carbajal, Colorado State, vs Clemson, L 7–1, tied (2 others)
    • Most Passed Balls, Individual, Single Game – 3, Jim Garrett, Fresno St, vs Arizona, L 5–1, tied (2 others)
    • Most Balks, Team, Single Game – 2, Colorado State, vs Clemson, L 7–1, tied (4 others)
    • Most Passed Balls, Team, Single Game – 5, Fresno St, vs Arizona, L 5–1
    • Most Passed Balls, Both Teams, Single Game – 5, Fresno St (5) vs Arizona (0), Arizona 5–1
    • Most Balks, Individual, CWS – 2, Frank Carbajal, 1 game, tied (6 others)
    • Most Sacrifice Bunts, Both Teams, Championship Game – 5, Oklahoma St (3) vs Arizona (2), Oklahoma St 5–3
    • Most Runs by Team, Clemson- 24


  1. ^ Colorado State College is currently known as the University of Northern Colorado. Not to be confused with Colorado State University, then known as Colorado A&M.

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