2005 Pot Black snooker tournament

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Pot Black
Tournament information
Dates29 October 2005
VenueRoyal Automobile Club
FormatNon-ranking event
Highest break111 – Shaun Murphy[1]
ChampionWales Matthew Stevens
Runner-upEngland Shaun Murphy
Score1–0 (53–27)

The 2005 Pot Black was a professional non-ranking snooker tournament that took place on 29 October 2005 at the Royal Automobile Club in London, England. All matches were played over one frame.[2]

Pot Black returned after a 12-year absence (or 8 including Senior Pot Black) and unlike the original TV series of matches being recorded in 2 days and transmitted months later, this new format was shown on BBC1's Grandstand showing highlights of the matches during the programme before showing the final live. Presented by the usual BBC snooker team of Hazel Irvine, Steve Davis and John Parrott and commentary by Clive Everton. Referees include Jan Verhass and Michaela Tabb who refereed the final.

Out of this year's players, only Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan had previously played in Pot Black in its old form while the latter two and Matthew Stevens played in Junior Pot Black and White being the only former champion competing.

Matthew Stevens won the final 1–0 (53–27) against Shaun Murphy.[3]

Main draw

Players in bold indicate match winners.[4][5]

Best of 1 frame
Best of 1 frame
Best of 1 frame
Scotland John Higgins 64
Scotland Stephen Maguire 5
Scotland John Higgins 49
England Shaun Murphy 71
England Shaun Murphy 120
England Jimmy White 2
England Shaun Murphy 27
Wales Matthew Stevens 53
Scotland Stephen Hendry 40
Wales Matthew Stevens 73
Wales Matthew Stevens 96
England Paul Hunter 7
England Ronnie O'Sullivan 44
England Paul Hunter 56


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