2018 China Championship snooker tournament

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China Championship
Tournament information
Dates24–30 September 2018
VenueGuangzhou Tianhe Sports Centre
FormatRanking event
Total prize fund£725,000
Winner's share£150,000
Highest breakEngland Ali Carter (144)
ChampionEngland Mark Selby
Runner-upScotland John Higgins

The 2018 Evergrande China Championship was professional ranking snooker tournament, that took place between 24–30 September 2018 in Guangzhou, China, with qualifying took place from 19 to 22 August 2018 in Preston, England.[1] It was the fourth ranking event of the 2018/2019 season.[2]

Luca Brecel was the defending champion, but he lost to Martin O'Donnell 3–5 in the first round. Mark Selby won the event, defeating John Higgins in the final 10–9. Selby's win was his 15th professional ranking event win.

Prize fund

The event had a prize pool of £725,000, with the following breakdown for the player's reaching the following positions.[3]

  • Winner: £150,000
  • Runner-up: £75,000
  • Semi-final: £32,000
  • Quarter-final: £20,000
  • Last 16: £13,000
  • Last 32: £7,500
  • Last 64: £4,000
  • Televised highest break: £4,000

The event also had a "rolling 147 prize" for a maximum break, which stood as £5,000.[3]

Main draw

Last 64
Best of 9 frames
Last 32
Best of 9 frames
Last 16
Best of 9 frames
Best of 9 frames
Best of 11 frames
Best of 19 frames
Belgium Luca Brecel3
England Martin O'Donnell5
England Martin O'Donnell5
England Tom Ford4
England Tom Ford5
England Nigel Bond0
England Martin O'Donnell5
China Liang Wenbo2
Hong Kong Marco Fu3
China Zhang Anda5
China Zhang Anda2
China Liang Wenbo5
China Liang Wenbo5
England John Astley3
England Martin O'Donnell1
China Lyu Haotian5
England Mark Joyce 1
England Joe Perry5
England Joe Perry3
China Lyu Haotian5
China Lyu Haotianw/o
England Kyren Wilsonw/d[4]
China Lyu Haotian5
England Shaun Murphy3
England Mark Davis0
China Xiao Guodong5
China Xiao Guodong2
England Shaun Murphy5
England Liam Highfield1
England Shaun Murphy5
China Lyu Haotian3
Scotland John Higgins6
England Judd Trump5
Scotland Rhys Clark0
England Judd Trump5
Wales Jamie Jones2
England Anthony Hamilton4
Wales Jamie Jones5
England Judd Trump5
China Yan Bingtao1
England Stuart Bingham5
England Peter Ebdon3
England Stuart Bingham2
China Yan Bingtao5
China Yan Bingtao5
England Chris Wakelin4
England Judd Trump3
Scotland John Higgins5
Norway Kurt Maflin3
England Jack Lisowski5
England Jack Lisowski3
Scotland Scott Donaldson5
Scotland Scott Donaldson5
Scotland Stephen Maguire2
Scotland Scott Donaldson3
Scotland John Higgins5
China Mei Xiwen 5
Wales Michael White4
China Mei Xiwen4
Scotland John Higgins5
England Allan Taylor3
Scotland John Higgins5
Scotland John Higgins9
England Mark Selby10
England Mark Selby 5
Thailand Sunny Akani3
England Mark Selby5
China Chang Bingyu1
England Robert Milkins3
China Chang Bingyu5
England Mark Selby5
Iran Hossein Vafaei3
Wales Ryan Day5
England Mike Dunn1
Wales Ryan Day3
Iran Hossein Vafaei5
England David Gilbert3
Iran Hossein Vafaei5
England Mark Selby5
China Yuan Sijun2
England Sam Craigie3
England Mark King5
England Mark King5
Northern Ireland Mark Allen1
England Matthew Selt1
Northern Ireland Mark Allen5
England Mark King3
China Yuan Sijun5
Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher 2
China Yuan Sijun5
China Yuan Sijun5
China Ding Junhui4
Wales Daniel Wells1
China Ding Junhui5
England Mark Selby6
China Zhao Xintong4
England Barry Hawkins5
England Ashley Carty3
England Barry Hawkins5
Thailand Noppon Saengkham4
China Xu Si2
Thailand Noppon Saengkham5
England Barry Hawkins5
Scotland Graeme Dott2
Australia Neil Robertson5
Northern Ireland Gerard Greene2
Australia Neil Robertson2
Scotland Graeme Dott5
Scotland Graeme Dott5
England Stuart Carrington4
England Barry Hawkins4
China Zhao Xintong5
Republic of Ireland Fergal O'Brien5
England Ali Carter1
Republic of Ireland Fergal O'Brien2
China Zhao Xintong5
China Zhao Xintong5
Scotland Anthony McGill4
China Zhao Xintong5
Wales Mark Williams3
England Gary Wilson5
China Luo Honghao2
England Gary Wilson2
Wales Mark Williams5
Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty 0
Wales Mark Williams5


Final: Best of 19 frames. Referee: China Zhu Ying.
Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Centre, Guangzhou, China, 30 September 2018.
John Higgins
9–10 Mark Selby
Afternoon: 65–17, 6–83 (82), 21–60, 0–70 (70), 75–7 (52), 58–1, 67–5 (65), 0–119 (118), 85–14 (85)
Evening: 4–70 (70), 71–39, 25–66, 26–77 (60), 65–38, 86–34 (61), 49–86, 68–60, 52–74, 12–72
85 Highest break 118
0 Century breaks 1
4 50+ breaks 5


These matches were held between 19 and 22 August 2018 at the Preston Guild Hall in Preston, England. All matches were best of 9 frames.

Belgium Luca Brecel 5–1[nb 1] England Joe O'Connor
England Martin O'Donnell 5–3 England Elliot Slessor
England Tom Ford 5–0 England Paul Davison
England Michael Holt 3–5 England Nigel Bond
Hong Kong Marco Fu 5–2 England Sam Baird
England Andrew Higginson 3–5 China Zhang Anda
China Liang Wenbo 5–4[nb 1] England Alfie Burden
Cyprus Michael Georgiou 4–5 England John Astley
England Mark Joyce 5–1 Thailand James Wattana
England Joe Perry 5–2 England Ashley Hugill
China Lyu Haotian 5–4 China Li Yuan
England Kyren Wilson 5–1 Germany Lukas Kleckers
England Mark Davis 5–1 Pakistan Hamza Akbar
China Xiao Guodong 5–1 China Zhang Yong
England Liam Highfield 5–2 England Hammad Miah
England Shaun Murphy 5–2 Northern Ireland Jordan Brown
England Judd Trump 5–3 Scotland Eden Sharav
Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4–5 Scotland Rhys Clark
England Anthony Hamilton 5–0 Iran Soheil Vahedi
Wales Jamie Jones 5–2 Poland Adam Stefanow
England Stuart Bingham 5–4 England Craig Steadman
England Peter Ebdon 5–3 England Harvey Chandler
China Yan Bingtao 5–3 China Niu Zhuang
England Chris Wakelin 5–4 Malaysia Thor Chuan Leong
Norway Kurt Maflin 5–1 England Sanderson Lam
England Jack Lisowski 5–4 England Ian Burns
Scotland Scott Donaldson 5–0 Egypt Basem Eltahhan
Scotland Stephen Maguire 5–1 China Chen Feilong
China Li Hang 2–5 China Mei Xiwen
Wales Michael White 5–3 England Oliver Lines
Scotland Alan McManus 1–5 England Allan Taylor
Scotland John Higgins 5–1 Wales Duane Jones
England Mark Selby 5–2 England Jimmy White
Thailand Sunny Akani 5–2 Finland Robin Hull
England Robert Milkins 5–2 Scotland Chris Totten
England Jimmy Robertson 3–5[nb 1] China Chang Bingyu
Wales Ryan Day 5–2 Wales Jak Jones
England Mike Dunn 5–1[nb 1] China Luo Zetao
England David Gilbert 5–0 Wales Kishan Hirani
Iran Hossein Vafaei 5–2 China Chen Zifan
Wales Dominic Dale 2–5 England Sam Craigie
England Mark King 5–1 China Zhang Jiankang
England Matthew Selt 5–2 Wales Jamie Clarke
Northern Ireland Mark Allen 5–2 England Sean O'Sullivan
England Ben Woollaston 0–5 Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher
England Ricky Walden 2–5 China Yuan Sijun
Wales Daniel Wells 5–4 England Billy Joe Castle
China Ding Junhui 5–3[nb 1] Wales Lee Walker
England Barry Hawkins 5–0 Germany Simon Lichtenberg
England Rory McLeod 3–5 England Ashley Carty
England Martin Gould 4–5 China Xu Si
Thailand Noppon Saengkham 5–1 China Lu Ning
Australia Neil Robertson 5–3 Scotland Ross Muir
England Robbie Williams 0–5 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene
Scotland Graeme Dott 5–2[nb 1] China Bai Langning
England Stuart Carrington 5–3[nb 1] China He Guoqiang
Republic of Ireland Fergal O'Brien 5–2 England Peter Lines
England Ali Carter 5–1 Hong Kong Andy Lee
Wales Matthew Stevens 3–5 China Zhao Xintong
Scotland Anthony McGill 5–3 Northern Ireland Joe Swail
England Gary Wilson 5–3 China Fan Zhengyi
China Zhou Yuelong 1–5 China Luo Honghao
Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty 5–3 China Tian Pengfei
Wales Mark Williams 5–0[nb 1] England Rod Lawler
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Century breaks

Main stage centuries

Total: 29

Qualifying stage centuries

Total: 31


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