36th Combined Arms Army

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36th Combined Arms Army
Great emblem of the 36th Combined Arms Army.svg
BranchRussian Ground Forces
TypeField army
Major General Valery Solodchuk
Alexander Kolmakov

Vladimir Chirkin

Vladimir Zarudnitsky
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The 36th Combined Arms Army is a combined arms (field) army of the Russian Ground Forces, part of the Eastern Military District.


The army was formed in 1997 from the 55th Army Corps at Borzya in the Siberian Military District, which had been formed from the previous Soviet 36th Army. The army participated in exercises "Baikal-2006", "Vostok-2007", and "Vostok-2010".[1] In February 2009, the army headquarters was relocated to Ulan-Ude.[2]

In February 2013, Major General Mikhail Teplinsky became army commander.[3]

Major General Dmitry Kovalenko took command of the army on 25 May 2015.[4]


Role in 2022 Ukraine crisis

In 2022, it was reported that, in the context of the Ukraine crisis, elements of the 36th Army (including units from the 5th Tank Brigade, 37th Motor Rifle Brigade and 103rd Rocket Brigade) had been deployed to Belarus.[5]


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