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AltspaceVR is a social VR platform that was founded in 2013 and launched its initial product in May 2015. The company is credited with having created the first social platform for virtual reality.[1] In 2017 it was acquired by Microsoft[2] and is now part of the Mixed Reality division (alongside notable products like HoloLens and HoloLens 2) within the Cloud and AI group. Some elements of the platform appear in Microsoft Mesh.[3]

Today the platform is considered a place for live virtual events and boasts a robust and diverse content calendar. In addition to a wide variety of events, AltspaceVR is an active social platform where individuals can gather, talk, collaborate, and be co-present in small to large groups. Currently, AltspaceVR is the only social VR platform that allows for large groups of individuals to be co-present in a single space. The platform has also introduced a technology called FrontRow will allows for audience-scaling into the thousands.

AltspaceVR's userbase is a diverse group of people from all over the world. The platform is regularly home to a wide variety of events from VR church[4] and LGBTQI+ meetups to large business conferences and even magic shows.[5]

Notable Events

To date AltspaceVR has been the virtual venue of choice for many major events, including:

  • several live shows with comedian and musician, Reggie Watts
  • virtual music video with rapper Pitbull
  • a virtual fashion show for 2020 Paris Fashion week[6]
  • a red carpet premiere with celebrities Jennifer Hudson and Daisy Ridley[7]
  • a live conversation with celebrity meteorologist, Al Roker
  • several keynote conversations with Microsoft's Head of Mixed Reality, Alex Kipman
  • Formed in early 2021, VR Forward is a virtual reality event production company. Events are hosted almost daily- such as Open Mic at the Coffee House on Sundays, alternating Music Mondays between Jano Live and Oswin Sings, hilarious audience participation game shows, Crime Time and Loco's Talking Hour!

In 2019 AltspaceVR was home to a recognized universe of the Burning Man multiverse.[8]

Supported Hardware

AltspaceVR is currently available on most major VR headsets including:

The platform is also available in 2D mode on PCs and Mac for those without VR headsets.


AltspaceVR is currently available for download in the Windows Store, Steam Store, and Oculus Store. For more details on how to get AltspaceVR visit

The platform is free to download and use. It has an ESRB rating of "Teen (13+)".


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