Barabani (Vidhan Sabha constituency) West Bengal Legislative Assembly constituency

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Vidhan Sabha constituency
Barabani is located in West Bengal
Location in West Bengal
Barabani is located in India
Barabani (India)
Coordinates: Coordinates:
Country India
StateWest Bengal
DistrictPaschim Bardhaman
Constituency No.283
Lok Sabha constituency40. Asansol
Electorate (year)184,970

Barabani (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is an assembly constituency in Paschim Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal.


As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 283 Barabani assembly constituency covers Barabani and Salanpur community development blocks.[1] It covers such towns as Chittaranjan and Rupnarainpur

Barabani assembly segment is part of No. 40 Asansol (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]

Election results


In the 2011 election, Bidhan Upadhyay of Trinamool Congress defeated his nearest rival Abhas Raychaudhuri of CPI(M).

West Bengal assembly elections, 2011: Barabani [2][3][4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
AITC Bidhan Upadhyay 78,628 52.92 +8.03#
CPI (M) Abhas Raychaudhuri 58,051 39.07 -12.95
BJP Biswanath Roy 4,980 3.35
Independent Dinesh Karmakar 3,332
JMM Amal Mondal 2,623
JD(U) Abhishek Kumar Singh 964
Turnout 148,578 80.33
AITC gain from CPI (M) Swing +20.98#

.# Swing calculated on Congress+Trinamool Congress vote percentages in 2006 taken together.

West Bengal Legislative Assembly elections, 2011
Bardhaman district summary
Party Seats won Seat change
Trinamool Congress 15 Increase13
Indian National Congress 1 Increase0
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 8 Decrease13
Forward bloc 1 Decrease0
Marxist Forward Bloc 0 Decrease1

Note: New constituencies – 4, constituencies abolished – 5 (See template talk page for details)


In the 2006 state assembly elections, Dilip Sarkar of CPI (M) won the Barabani assembly seat defeating Manik Upadhyay of Trinamool Congress. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned. Manik Upadhyay representing Trinamool Congress in 2001 and Congress in 1996, won the seat twice defeating Rudranath Mukherjee and Paresh Maji, both of CPI (M), respectively. In 1991, S.R.Das of CPI (M) defeated Manik Upadhyay of Congress. In 1989, Manik Upadhyay of Congress won the Barabani seat in a bye election. In 1987 and 1982, Ajit Chakraborty of CPI (M) defeated Manik Upadhyay and Dhiraj Sain, both of Congress, respectively. In 1977, Sunil Basu Roy of CPI (M) defeated Sukumar Bandopadhyay of Congress.[5]


Prior to that those who won the Barabani seat were Sukumar Banerjee of Congress in 1972, Sunil Basu Roy of CPI (M) in 1971 and 1969, Mihir Upadhyay of Congress in 1967, and Haridas Chakraborty of CPI in 1962. In 1957, Barabani was part of Jamuria (Vidhan Sabha constituency) and it was won by Amarendranath Mondal of Praja Socialist Party.[6]


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