Battle of Trostianets

battle in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Battle of Trostianets
Part of the Northeastern Ukraine offensive and the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Cleanup of Trostianets by SESU, 29.03.2022 (2).jpg
Aftermath of fighting in the town
Date24 February – 26 March 2022
(1 month and 2 days)
Result Ukrainian victory
 Russia  Ukraine
Units involved

 Russian Armed Forces

 Ukrainian Armed Forces

Casualties and losses
At least 3 soldiers killed,[2] 10 soldiers captured[3] Unknown
At least 50 civilians killed[4]

The Battle of Trostianets was a military engagement during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The city of Trostianets, in Sumy Oblast, was attacked by Russian forces in late February as part of the Northeastern Ukraine offensive. Occupied for just over a month, it was re-captured by Ukrainian forces in late March.


Trostianets was attacked on the first day of the invasion, 24 February.[5][2] Ukrainian territorial defense forces felled trees on the main routes into town, slowing the Russian advance.[4] After fighting, the city was captured by Russian forces on 1 March 2022.[1][6][5] The Russian military headquarters was established at the town's main train station.[7][8] In mid-March, some Russian troops were replaced with Russian-supported separatist forces.[2]

Approximately 800 Russian troops occupied the city.[2] During the occupation, Ukrainian police officers remained in the city incognito, supporting both local civilians and partisan forces operating in the area.[2] Ukrainian forces destroyed a bridge to the south of the city, stalling the Russian advance deeper into Ukraine.[4] The town's mayor, Yuriy Bova, hid in nearby villages, receiving some criticism for his decision not to stay in town, but continued to coordinate Ukrainian resistance, including shelling of Russian positions.[4] Reports of executions of civilians by Russian troops began in early March.[4]

A Ukrainian counter-offensive beginning on 23 March recaptured the city by 26 March.[9][2] During the fighting, the town's hospital was shelled, with residents blaming Russian forces.[2] After combat and shelling around the outskirts of the city, Russian troops largely withdrew overnight before the arrival of Ukrainian forces.[10] An AFP report recorded "a dozen" destroyed or damaged tanks and armored vehicles.[8] The New York Times reported that food had grown scarce by the time the city was recaptured by Ukraine.[2]

After the fighting ceased, regional governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyi stated that some parts of the town remained mined, and that inflows of humanitarian aid were being arranged.[11][12] Mayor Bova stated that at least 50 civilians had been killed by Russian occupiers.[4]


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