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IndustryInformation technology
Business services
FounderBill Gates
Kirkland, WA
Key people
Larry Cohen, Managing Partner
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Formerly Carillon Holdings[1]

bgC3 LLC[2] is an American research company established by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates[3] in 2008.


The name is an acronym for Bill Gates Catalyst 3, with the appended number pointing to a third endeavor beyond Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.[4]

According to the company's federal trademark registration, it is a think-tank, covering:

  • Scientific and technological services.
  • Industrial analysis and research.
  • Design and development of computer hardware and software to combat poverty.

The company has been described as a cross between a think tank, incubator and venture capital firm. bgC3 is managed by Larry Cohen, a former Microsoft executive, who serves as its managing partner.


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