Bless This House (song)

1927 song

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"Bless This House"
Song by John McCormack
Composer(s)May Brahe
Lyricist(s)Helen Taylor

"Bless This House" is a song published in 1927. The words were written by Englishwoman Helen Taylor, under the original title "Bless the House". The music was composed by Australian May Brahe, a friend of Taylor's.

One of the first artists to record the song was tenor John McCormack who recorded it on September 16, 1932 in London with Edwin Schneider on piano.[1]

In the United States, this song is strongly associated with Thanksgiving and is often sung around this time. It is frequently found in spiritual/inspirational collections, such as the Doris Day album You'll Never Walk Alone and the Perry Como album I Believe,[2] as well as in many Hymnals. It was a favourite of Vera Lynn, British WW2 "Forces Sweetheart" and appears on her album Favourite Sacred Songs (1972).[3] Australian duo Generation Gap (Australian tenor Jim Hopkin and pianist Stephen Lightbody) also recorded a version of the song which appears on their 2009 album A New Beginning.

Other singers to record it include Gracie Fields,[4] Peter Dawson, Jan Peerce, Beniamino Gigli,[5] Josef Locke,[6] Benjamin Luxon, Leontyne Price, Steve Conway,[7] Harry Secombe (for his album Sacred Songs),[8] Rosemary Clooney,[9] Lesley Garrett and Bryn Terfel.


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