Boldklubben af 1893

association football club in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Full nameBoldklubben af 1893
Short nameB.93
GroundØsterbro Stadion, Copenhagen
ChairmanHenrik Engel
ManagerThomas Nørgaard
LeagueDanish 2nd Division, G1
2018–19Danish 2nd Division G2, 4th
Promotion group, 8th

Boldklubben af 1893 is a Danish football club currently playing in the Danish 2nd Division. They play at the 7,000 seat Østerbro Stadion in Østerbro, Copenhagen.


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Current squad

As of 4 September 2020

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
2 DF Denmark DEN Daniel Soidik
3 DF Denmark DEN Simon Wæver
4 DF Denmark DEN Morten Fraysse
5 DF Denmark DEN Adam Emme
6 MF Denmark DEN Hamid El Idrissi
7 FW Denmark DEN Magnus Krogh Hansen
8 MF Denmark DEN Mikkel Mourtiz
9 FW Denmark DEN Daniel Stückler
10 MF Denmark DEN Daniel Barir Jensen
11 MF Denmark DEN Jeppe Erenbjerg
12 MF Denmark DEN Søren Nørgaard
14 MF Denmark DEN Niels Morberg
15 DF Denmark DEN Søren Sørensen
No. Pos. Nation Player
16 MF Denmark DEN Malthe Weisdorf
17 FW Denmark DEN Hassan Elsayed
18 FW Denmark DEN Mican Atıcı
19 DF Denmark DEN Morten Hegaard
20 DF Denmark DEN Benjamin Lund
21 MF Denmark DEN Lauge Persson
22 MF Denmark DEN Milan Rasmussen
23 MF Denmark DEN Oliver Basse
24 FW Denmark DEN Oliver Carrara
25 GK Denmark DEN Aris Vaporakis
26 GK Denmark DEN Simon Rossil
FW Denmark DEN Souheib Dhaflaoui

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