Bostall Heath and Woods

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Coordinates: 51°28′55″N 0°06′46″E / 51.4819°N 0.1129°E / 51.4819; 0.1129

Gorse alongside the Green Chain Walk on Bostall Heath
A path through the eastern side of the woods

Bostall Heath and Woods is an area of 159.1 hectares of woodland with areas of heathland located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich ward of Abbey Wood and adjacent to Lesnes Abbey Woods. The area to the south of the A206 (Bostall Hill) is Bostall Woods and to the north is Bostall Heath. The wood is owned and maintained by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, with the exception of the Cooperative Woods, in the north east corner of the site which are owned by the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society.[1]

Sport and recreation facilities

On Bostall Heath there are a bowling green, cricket nets and casual soccer facilities. It is part of the Green Chain Walk network.[1]


Bostall Heath and Woods is located within a mostly residential area and is accessible to the public from a number of points at all times. There are also public transport links. The nearest railway station is Abbey Wood railway station, the heath is served by buses B11 and 99 and the wood by B11, 99, 177, 180, 96, and 422.[1]


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