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drama institution in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Main atrium of the Purnell Center for the Arts, a building constructed specifically for the School of Drama.

The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama is the first degree-granting drama institution in the United States. Founded in 1914, it is one of five schools within the Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts.

The school's undergraduate BFA programs in acting, musical theatre, directing, design, dramaturgy, and production technology and management majors are considered to be among the top programs in undergraduate conservatory training. Its MFA offerings in directing, design, and production and technology management are also considered to be top graduate programs. The School of Drama offers 18 events every season on campus, and also presents members of its graduating class in produced showcases in New York City and Los Angeles. Many Carnegie Mellon graduates have also gone on to successful careers in Pittsburgh theatre.

The 2017, The Hollywood Reporter best undergraduate drama schools ranked Carnegie Mellon second.[1] In 2014, The Hollywood Reporter ranked the School of Drama number three in the world amongst drama schools.[2] In 2015, the same publication ranked the MFA program at the School of Drama number five in the world.[3] According to Playbill, the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama has the fourth-most alumni represented in the 2015–2016 Broadway season.[4]


A set construction room in the Purnell Center.

Since 2000, the Purnell Center for the Arts, specifically designed for the School of Drama, has been home to the department. The space includes:

As well as two movement/dance studios, three rehearsal studios, four design studios, a lighting lab, a sound lab, a costume shop, a scene shop, and various classrooms.

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