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There have been two Cook Baronetcies. This first was created in the Baronetage of England in 1663 and went extinct in 1708. The second was created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in the 19th century and is extant.

Cook baronets of Brome Hall (1663)

The Cook Baronetcy of Brome or Broome Hall was created on 29 June 1663 for Sir William Cook, 1st Baronet of Norfolk.[1]

Cook baronets of Doughty House, Richmond, Surrey (1886)

The Cook Baronetcy of Doughty House, in the parish of Richmond, in the County of Surrey was created on 10 March 1886 for Francis Cook.[2] He was also the first Visconde de Monserrate (Viscount of Monserrate) in the peerage of Portugal.

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