Coolidge Corner Theatre

movie theater in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States

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Coolidge Corner Theatre
Coolidge theater 2005.jpg
Coolidge Corner Theatre marquee
Address290 Harvard Street
Brookline, Massachusetts
United States
Coordinates42°20′33″N 71°07′21″W / 42.34250°N 71.12250°W / 42.34250; -71.12250Coordinates: 42°20′33″N 71°07′21″W / 42.34250°N 71.12250°W / 42.34250; -71.12250
OperatorCoolidge Corner Theatre Foundation
Current useIn Operation
Opened30 December 1933 (1933-12-30)

Coolidge Corner Theatre is a nonprofit, independent cinema and community cultural center in the Coolidge Corner section of Brookline, Massachusetts specializing in international, documentary, animated, and independent film selections, series, classes, and seminars.[1][2]


Coolidge Corner Theatre was built as a Universalist church in 1906 and was redesigned as an Art Deco movie palace in 1933 as the community's first movie theatre.[1][3][4] The theatre opened on December 30, 1933 with its first film being a Disney short film.[4] Originally the theatre only had one screen but was later divided into two and then four.[5]

In the 1980s, owner and operator Justin Freed thought that he could no longer compete with rising video sales and competition from other art houses.[3] In 1986, the theatre was sold to a developer due to financial trouble and planned to be torn down or converted to commercial business.[3][5] Harold Brown, a Boston real estate magnate living in Brookline, bought the whole building and leased the theatre to the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation in November 1989 for 99 years.[3][5]

Comedian and Brookline, Massachusetts native John Hodgman worked at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in his youth.[6]

Julianne Moore once saw Eraserhead at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.[7]

Coolidge Award

The Coolidge Award annually recognizes a film artist who “advances the spirit of original and challenging cinema.’’[8] Among recipients of this venue's annual Coolidge Award are include:[9]



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