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media distribution arm of The Walt Disney Company

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Disney Platform Distribution
  • Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises, Inc.
  • ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group, Inc.
  • Disney–ABC International Television, Inc.
  • Disney Media Distribution
PredecessorBuena Vista International Television
FoundedJanuary 27, 1987; 34 years ago (1987-01-27)
Area served
Key people
Justin Connolly (President)
ServicesFilm distribution, film promotion, music recording, music publishing
ParentDisney Media and Entertainment Distribution
DivisionsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Disney Music Group
SubsidiariesDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Disney Platform Distribution is a business unit within Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED) that manages all third-party media sales efforts for distribution, affiliate marketing and affiliate-related business operations for all of the Company's direct-to-consumer services and linear media networks; content sales agreements for General Entertainment, Studios and Sports; as well as global theatrical film distribution; management of the El Capitan Theatre and the Disney Music Group.[1][2]

The company was originally established in 1987 under the Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises, Inc. name and later renamed to ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group, Inc., Disney–ABC International Television, Inc. and Disney Media Distribution. On October 12, 2020, the company was renamed to its current name.


Buena Vista International Television

Buena Vista International Television (BVIT) was the international television distribution arm of the original Walt Disney Television. BVIT was established in 1985 to produce non-American series and distribute all Disney-owned libraries around the world.


Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises

Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises (CAVE) was incorporated on January 27, 1987.[3] as an ancillary production, video and distribution company owned by Capital Cities/ABC. In December 1992, CAVE realigned its upper management by adding a president position to Capital Cities/ABC Video Productions for overseas control of its production units Ultra Entertainment, the Hemisphere Group and Capital Cities/ABC Video Productions and bringing in Archie C. Purvis to fill the position. Joseph Y. Abrams was promoted to replace Purvis as president of ABC Distribution Co. Both have reported to president of CAVE International, John T. Healy.[4]

On July 25, 1993, CAVE and DIC Animation City formed a production joint venture called DIC Entertainment L.P., to provide material for CAVE to distribute in the international market.[5]

ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group

In early October 1993, CAVE became part of the newly-formed ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group (ACIBG), moving out of the broadcasting group to directly report to the CEO of CC/ABC, with Herb Granath continuing as president. The group continued oversiting its stakes in cable companies ESPN, A&E and Lifetime, international program sales, co-production and interests in foreign program services Eurosport, Germany's RTL-2, Japan Sport Network and animation company DIC.[6] On October 12, Ambroco Media Group, Inc. was formed[7] under Purvis to work with foreign partners for the development and production of programs.[8] On October 21, Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises changed its legal name to Capital Cities/ABC Cable and International Broadcasting, Inc., then on December 15, it changed once again to ABC Cable and International Broadcast, Inc.[3] In January 1994, ABC Network announced Purvis' retirement and the closure of Ambroco's operations.[8]

Disney–ABC International Television

When the Disney-CC/ABC merger led Disney Television and Telecommunications to be split up in April 1996, Walt Disney Television International was transferred to Capital Cities/ABC.[9] CC/ABC combined the international units, Walt Disney Television International and ACIBG, into Disney–ABC International Television (DAIT) in July 1996.[10] On October 19, 1999, ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group was renamed Disney–ABC International Television, Inc.[3] By February 1999, DAIT began operating under the Buena Vista International Television name.[11]

On May 14, 2007, Buena Vista International Television was renamed to Disney–ABC International Television, due to Disney semi-retired the Buena Vista name.[12] In April 2008, the Asia Pacific office renewed its multi-year movie agreement with Zee Studio, an Indian basic-cable movie channel.[13] In October 2015, at Mipcom in Cannes, Disney Media Distribution France extended its film and TV agreement with Canal Plus Group, adding first-run rights to films including those from Lucasfilm and SVOD rights for CanalPlay, which is effective on January 2016.[14]

With the March 14, 2018 strategic reorganization in anticipation of integrating 21st Century Fox's assets, Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International was formed with distribution units being moved over from Disney-ABC Television Group.[15] In July 2019, Marinelli announced her resignation, ending a 34-year long tenure with the company.[16] Janice Marinelli, president of global content sales and distribution, would report to Mayer.[17] Disney announced it would combine all the company's media sales and channel distribution into one organization. ESPN's executive vice president Justin Connolly was promoted to the newly created role of president of media distribution, reporting to Mayer.[18] With a leadership change in this new segment in May 2020, the media distribution group was moved to Disney Media Networks.[19]

Disney Platform Distribution

On October 12, 2020, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced a strategic reorganization that created a new division of the company, Media and Entertainment Distribution, that is being led by Kareem Daniel. Under the new structure, Disney created a group responsible for both the dissemination and ad sales for all of its content, including across streaming services including Disney+. Effectively, that makes Disney Platform Distribution responsible for Disney–ABC Domestic Television, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Disney Music Group.[1][2]

Ultra Entertainment

Ultra Entertainment was a TV production division of Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises for cable, network home video and foreign outlets. Ultra was expected to development and produce for cable channels Arts & Entertainment and Lifetime, both of which has a stake owned by CAVE, but also for other cable channels.[20]


On May 8, 1989, the formation of Ultra Entertainment was announced CC/ABC Video Enterprises (CAVE) to produce programs for cable, home video and foreign markets. A staff of three employees was assembled to get the unit off the ground, with Bob Rubin as executive director.[20] It first work was the telefilm Death Dream, produced for Lifetime with Dick Clark Film Group and Roni Weisberg Productions, which premiered on June 25, 1991.[21]

  • Death Dream (June 25, 1991) for Lifetime with Dick Clark Film Group and Roni Weisberg Productions[21]
  • Elvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story (1993) NBC with Dick Clark Film Group[22]
  • Secret Sins of the Father[23]
  • Spenser: Ceremony movie (July 22, 1993) Lifetime with Norstar Entertainment and Broadwalk Entertainment[22]

Ambroco Media Group filmography

  • In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride and Madness (January 16 & 18, 1994) for CBS network in association with Dan Wigutow Productions[23]

Distribution library


The company distributes movies from Disney units including:

The company distributes TV programs from other Disney units including:

The company used to distribute movies from former Disney units including:

DPD currently distributes the 2011–2016 DreamWorks live-action library to select international television audiences.



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