Doctor Mordrid

1992 film by Charles Band, Albert Band

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Doctor Mordrid
Doctor Mordrid (1992) poster.jpg
Promotional release poster
Directed byAlbert Band
Charles Band
Written byC. Courtney Joyner
Produced byCharles Band
StarringJeffrey Combs
Jay Acovone
Brian Thompson
Yvette Nipar
CinematographyAdolfo Bartoli
Edited byLauren A. Schaffer
Music byRichard Band
Distributed byFull Moon Entertainment
Release date
  • September¬†24,¬†1992¬†(1992-09-24)
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited States

Doctor Mordrid is a 1992 American superhero film directed by the team of Albert and Charles Band and starring Jeffrey Combs.[1]


Anton Mordrid (Combs)[2] is a wizard sent to Earth by a being called the Monitor, to stop the evil wizard Kabal from opening the gate to Hell.[3] Kabal needs the Philosopher's Stone and several alchemical elements to complete the spell and open the gate, unleashing his minions from the Fourth Dimension upon the Earth. Mordrid watches for signs of Kabal's presence for 150 years; as the time of their epic battle approaches, Mordrid assumes the role of a criminal psychologist, and becomes the mysterious landlord to Samantha Hunt, a research consultant to the police.

Dr. Mordrid detects a series of thefts of the elements that Kabal is seeking, and Mordrid begins to search for his nemesis. Samantha is persistent in her attempts to penetrate Mordrid's secretive life. The battle for Earth spills over into the Magic Dimension where the gate is closely guarded by other good wizards. They are no match for Kabal, who defeats all but one of them. This survivor confirms Kabal's plans for Mordrid, and Mordrid returns to Earth to prepare his defenses. When Mordrid is arrested for murder, Samantha attempts to help prove his innocence. Mordrid reveals his true nature and his mission to her, and she agrees to help him escape.

In the final showdown, Kabal and Mordrid do battle within the Cosmopolitan Museum with Kabal animating the Tyrannosaurus skeleton on display to threaten several police officers while he opens the portals to his demonic realm. Mordrid animates a nearby American Mastodon skeleton to battle the dinosaur while he deals with Kabal. Using his wits and his magical power, Mordrid narrowly manages to kill Kabal by having the mastodon impale him on its tusk while he's distracted, preventing the destruction of reality as we know it. His mission accomplished, Mordrid is called by The Monitor to cross over once again into the Magic Dimension and leave the Earth behind. Later that year on Christmas, he returns to Earth and spends time with Samantha, inviting her to come with him should he be called away again.



The film was produced by Charles Band and co-directed by Band and his father, Albert Band. It was written by C. Courtney Joyner and released by Full Moon Features.[4]

The younger Band held an option for an adaptation of the Marvel Comics character Doctor Strange, but the option expired before production could begin.[5] Instead of scrapping the project, the script was rewritten to include original characters not directly adapted from the comics property.[5] The main character may have originally been called "Doctor Mortalis" with early concept art by Jack Kirby.[6]


The film will be featured on Season 13 of the cult TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 on June 10, 2022.[7]


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