Eastern Military District

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Eastern Military District
Восточный военный округ
Great emblem of the Eastern Military District.svg
Emblem of the Eastern Military District
Founded21 October 2010
Country Russian Federation
TypeMilitary district
Part ofBanner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (obverse).svg Russian Armed Forces
HeadquartersUlitsa Serysheva 15, Khabarovsk
DecorationsOrder of the Red Banner
Order of Lenin
Order of Suvorov
Colonel General Aleksandr Chaiko
FlagFlag of the Eastern Military District.svg

The Eastern Military District (Russian: Восточный военный округ) is a military district of Russia.

It is one of the five military districts of the Russian Armed Forces, with its jurisdiction within the Far Eastern Federal District of the country. The Eastern Military District was created as part of the 2008 military reforms, and founded by Presidential Decree №1144 signed on September 20, 2010, to replace the Far East Military District with the addition of the Transbaikal section of the Siberian Military District.[1] The district began operation on October 21, 2010, under the command of Admiral Konstantin Sidenko.

The Eastern Military District is the second largest military district in Russia by geographic size at 7,000,000 square kilometers (2,700,000 sq mi). The district contains 12 federal subjects of Russia: Amur Oblast, Buryatia, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Kamchatka Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Magadan Oblast, Primorsky Krai, Sakha Republic, Sakhalin Oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai.[1]

The Commander of the Air Defense Forces is subordinate to all formations of the Armed Forces and combat arms of the Armed Forces deployed on the territory of the district, with the exception of the Strategic Missile Forces and Aerospace Forces. In addition, operational subordination of the formations of the National Guard Troops, the Border Service of the FSB, as well as units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other ministries and departments performing tasks in the district.[2]

The Eastern Military District is headquartered in Khabarovsk, and its current district commander is Colonel General Aleksandr Chaiko, who has held the position since November 2021.[3]


31 July 1918 is considered to be the date of foundation of the Far Eastern Military District. On this day, regular units of the Red Army defeated the troops of the White Guards and interventionists in the area of the Kaul Heights, Shmakovka and Spassk. This date is widely celebrated by the military personnel of the Eastern Military District.

On 22 February 2018, at the National Defense Management Center awarded the Eastern Military District a banner as symbols of honor, valor and military glory.[4]

From 11 to 17 September 2018, the Vostok 2018 military exercise took place in the district.

Component units

The Khabarovsk Honour Guard.
District Headquarters, 2013

This listing of formation and units is not complete. A Command, control, and communications (C3) brigade is synonymous with a headquarters brigade.

29th Army (Chita)

5th Red Banner Army (Ussuriysk)

68th Army Corps (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)[12]

35th Army (Belogorsk)

36th Army (Ulan Ude)

Air and Air Defence Forces

Russian Naval Forces

  • Pacific Fleet
    • Pacific Coast Flotilla
    • Kamchatka Flotilla/Northeastern Group of Troops and Forces
    • Other naval units, ships and submarines
    • 155th Guards Red Banner Naval Infantry Brigade
    • 3rd Naval Infantry Regiment
    • 55th Air Defense Division (Coastal Operations)
    • 165th Independent Naval Infantry Brigade (to be raised in 2018)


Lt Gen. Alexander Chaiko (2019)


Chiefs of Staff - First Deputy Commanders

  • Lieutenant General Sergey Surovikin (October 2012 – 2013)
  • Lieutenant General Aleksandr Lapin (2014 – April 2017)
  • Lieutenant General Alexander Chaiko (April 2017 – November 2018)
  • Colonel General Sergey Kuralenko (October 2018 – February 2020)
  • Lieutenant General Evgeny Nikiforov (February 2020 – present)

Deputy Commanders

  • Vice Admiral Alekminsky Gavrilovich (2014 – July 2019)
  • Lieutenant General Sergei Sevryukov (July 2019 – present)
  • Lieutenant General Mikhail Nosulev (January 2020 – present)


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