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Eurovision Young Musicians contest

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Eurovision Young Musicians 2022
Final23 July 2022
VenueMontpellier, France
Host broadcasterRadio France and France Télévisions Edit this at Wikidata
Number of entries8
Debuting countriesNone
Returning countries Austria
Non-returning countries Albania
 San Marino
 United Kingdom
  • Spain in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSan Marino in the Eurovision Young MusiciansGermany in the Eurovision Young MusiciansPoland in the Eurovision Young MusiciansArmenia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansKosovo in the Eurovision Young MusiciansBelarus in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSlovenia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansNorway in the Eurovision Young MusiciansNetherlands in the Eurovision Young MusiciansCzech Republic in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSweden in the Eurovision Young MusiciansUkraine in the Eurovision Young MusiciansPortugal in the Eurovision Young MusiciansFrance in the Eurovision Young MusiciansItaly in the Eurovision Young MusiciansBelgium in the Eurovision Young MusiciansUnited Kingdom in the Eurovision Young MusiciansDenmark in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSwitzerland in the Eurovision Young MusiciansAustria in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSlovakia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansCroatia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansRomania in the Eurovision Young MusiciansGreece in the Eurovision Young MusiciansBulgaria in the Eurovision Young MusiciansHungary in the Eurovision Young MusiciansCyprus in the Eurovision Young MusiciansRussia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansFinland in the Eurovision Young MusiciansLatvia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansEstonia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansBosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Young MusiciansAlbania in the Eurovision Young MusiciansMacedonia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansGeorgia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansIreland in the Eurovision Young MusiciansLithuania in the Eurovision Young MusiciansSerbia in the Eurovision Young MusiciansMalta in the Eurovision Young MusiciansMoldova in the Eurovision Young MusiciansIsrael in the Eurovision Young Musiciansframeless}}
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         Confirmed countries that have selected their song and/or performer     Confirmed countries that have not yet selected their song and/or performer     Countries that participated in the past but not in 2022
Voting systemEach juror awards a mark from 1–10 to each performer based on specific criteria
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The Eurovision Young Musicians 2022 is the upcoming 20th edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians. Initially planned to take place in Zagreb, Croatia on 21 June 2020 to coincide with World Music Day,[1] it was postponed indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.[2] The future of the contest remained uncertain until 3 February 2022 when the Norwegian broadcaster NRK confirmed that the upcoming edition would be held in Montpellier, France on 23 July 2022.[3][4]


Eurovision Young Musicians 2022 will take place on 23 July 2022 in Montpellier, France during the annual summer festival, Festival Radio France Occitanie Montpellier.[3][4]

Confirmed participants

The final list of participants were annouced on 21 February 2022, with eight countries confirming their participation, the lowest number since 1984.[5]

Confirmed participants
Country[5] Performer(s) Instrument Piece(s) Result
 Austria TBD
 Belgium TBD
 Czech Republic TBD
 France TBD
 Germany TBD
 Norway TBD 3 April 2022[6]
 Poland TBD May 2022[7]
 Sweden TBD

Other countries

For a country to be eligible for potential participation in the Eurovision Young Musicians, it needs to be an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).[8] It is unknown whether the EBU issue invitations of participation to all 56 active members like they do for the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest.[8]

Active EBU members

  •  Slovenia  – On 5 February 2022, RTSLO confirmed that they would not participate in the contest due to financial issues.[9]
  •  Spain  – While there has not yet been an official confirmation for 2022, in April 2020 RTVE confirmed their intention to participate in future edition of Eurovision Young Musicians after being unable to confirm their participation in time for the 2020 edition.[10] Spain did not appear on the final list released on 21 February.

The following countries' broadcasters confirmed their non-participation without providing further explanation:

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