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Fun Size Horror is a collective of filmmakers, led by Zeke Pinheiro, Mali Elfman, and Michael May.[1] The collective's purpose is to create short films that will "explore horror from every angle."[2][3]

Pinheiro first came up with the idea after realizing that he knew several filmmakers that wanted to "create their own thing and all love horror, but were never given a platform".[4] The collective's initial goal was to create thirty-one horror films by Halloween 2015, but has since expanded to include the creation of additional short horror films.[5] In March 2016 the collective launched an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign, with the goal to use the funding to change the collective and website's infrastructure and produce more content.[6][7] To date two volumes of the shorts have been released for live-streaming through online outlets such as Amazon and Hulu.[8] Shorts have been directed by a wide range of directors and have starred actors such as Keir Gilchrist.[9]

Dread Central rated the first thirty-one shorts favorably, as they felt that the amount of offerings would help ensure that viewers would have a short that they enjoyed.[10]

Selected shorts

Fun Size Horror: Volume One (2015)

  • "When They Say You're Alone" (2014, 4 min.) – directed by Grant Olin
  • "Knock Knock" (2014, 4 min.) – directed by Anthony Lund
  • "Happy Birthday" (2014, 3 min.) – directed by Erin Stegeman
  • "Entity" (2014, 4 min.) – directed by Michael May
  • "Bad Eggs"(2014, 3 min.) – directed by Max Isaacson
  • "The Screaming"(2014, 2 min.) – directed by Dick Grunert
  • "Persephone" (2014, 3 min.) – directed by Lisa J. Dooley
  • "Voice" (2014, 4 min.) – directed by Mali Elfman
  • "Somebody's Watching You" (4.5 min.) – directed by Ben Rekhi
  • "Trust" (2015, 2 min.) – directed by Jerry Pyle
  • "The Lover" (2014, 5 min.) – directed by Nat Dinga
  • "The Creepy F*cking Kid in Apartment B" (2014, 4 min.) – directed by Eric Pereira
  • "A Dog and His Boy" (5 min.) – directed by Zeke Pinheiro
  • "Quad" (2014, 5 min.) – directed by Nick Bragg
  • "Let Me Go" (2.75 min.) – directed by Glen Murakami
  • "Mother" (3 min.) – directed by Zeke Pinheiro
  • "Evil Voices Lie" (2014, 3 min.) – directed by Grant Olin
  • "Paramnesia" (2014, 5 min.) – directed by Rachel Noll
  • "Bitter" (2014, 3 min.) – directed by Ned Ehrbar
  • "Mr. Hendrix" (4 min.) – directed by Zeke Pinheiro
  • "The Collection" (10 min.) – directed by Josh C. Waller

Fun Size Horror: Volume Two (2015)

  • "Prey", directed by Stephen Boyer
  • "Playing Dead", directed by Ned Ehrbar
  • "Conventional", directed by Karen Gillan
  • "And They Watched", directed by Vivian Lin
  • "Initiation", directed by Michael May
  • "The Great Corben", directed by Mark Alan Miller
  • "Perfect", directed by Taylor Phillips
  • "Pillow Fright", directed by Patrick Rea
  • "Pinned", directed by Andrew Wesman
  • "Kill Them Mommy", directed by Peter Chun Mao Wu
  • "Last Laugh", directed by Zeke Pinheiro

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