Geographical centre of Ireland

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Farm at Carnagh East
Geographical centre of Ireland is located in island of Ireland
Geographical centre of Ireland
Geographical centre of Ireland

The geographical centre of Ireland, according to the Irish Ordnance Survey, is in the townland of Carnagh East (Irish: An Charnach Thoir), County Roscommon on the western shore of Lough Ree, where the 8° Meridian West meets the 53°30' North Latitude. It is opposite the Cribby Islands and 8.85 kilometres NNW of Athlone Town.[1] Lecarrow is the closest population centre.

An alternative location for the centre of Ireland has been placed, at a point 3km (2 miles) south of Athlone town in eastern county Roscommon.[2] This point is close to the average of the extreme points in Ireland: Malin Head at 55°23'N, Brow Head (near Mizen Head) at 51°28'N, Burr Point on the Ards Peninsula at 5°25'W, and Slea Head at 10°30'W, placing the centre of Ireland at approximately 53°24'N, 8°W.

In Irish mythology, The Hill of Uisneach (which is on the road from Mullingar to Athlone, about 17.7 kilometres west of Mullingar and two kilometres from the village of Loughanavally) was generally considered to be the ceremonial centre of Ireland, though at times the Hill of Tara was also regarded in a similar manner.


Coordinates: 53°30′N 8°00′W / 53.500°N 8.000°W / 53.500; -8.000

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