Geographical centre of Switzerland

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Marker symbolizing the geographical centre of Switzerland
Stone with the "Swiss of the Year" plaque at the centre of Switzerland

The geographical centre of Switzerland has the coordinates 46°48′4″N 8°13′36″E / 46.80111°N 8.22667°E / 46.80111; 8.22667Coordinates: 46°48′4″N 8°13′36″E / 46.80111°N 8.22667°E / 46.80111; 8.22667 (Swiss Grid: 660158/183641). It is located at Älggi-Alp in the municipality of Sachseln, Obwalden. The point is the centre of mass determined in 1988 by Swisstopo.

As the point is difficult to access, a stone was set 500 m further south-east on Älggi Alp (1645 m). This symbolizes the centre of Switzerland and is located at 46°47′54″N 8°13′55″E / 46.79833°N 8.23194°E / 46.79833; 8.23194 (Marker for the geographic centre of Switzerland) (Swiss Grid: 660557/183338). A plaque on the stone commemorates the winner of the "Swiss of the Year" award.

Älggi Alp

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