Great Raid of 2014

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Great Raid of 2014
Raid of the 95th Brigade
Part of War in Donbass
East Ukraine conflict (English language version).png
Date19 July 2014 – 10 August 2014
Result Ukrainian victory

 Luhansk People's Republic
 Donetsk People's Republic

 Russia (per Ukraine)
Commanders and leaders
Ukraine Mykhaylo Zabrodsky Unknown
Units involved

95 ОДШБр.png 95th Air Assault Brigade

25 ОПДБр.png 25th Airborne Brigade
30 OMBr ZSU.png 30th Mechanized Brigade
51-а механізована дивізія.jpg 51st Mechanized Brigade

Separatist forces

Per Ukraine:
Russia Russian Armed Forces
Casualties and losses
13 paratroopers killed
74 wounded
60% of equipment lost[1]
3 checkpoints destroyed
Unknown killed and wounded

The Great Raid of 2014, also known as the Raid of the 95th Brigade, took place from July 19 to August 10, 2014 during the war in eastern Ukraine. According to official information, the units of the 95th Air Assault Brigade, reinforced with assets from the 25th Airborne and 30th and 51st Mechanized Brigades, conducted a 470 km raid, of which 170 km were behind enemy lines. During the raid, the 95th Brigade paratroopers entered into armed clashes with the Russian Army.


In June 2014, the country's leadership developed a strategic plan that foresees blocking of the Russian-Ukrainian border by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the surroundings of the cities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.[2] In July, the units blocking the border came into the southeast vicinity of Luhansk and in the east of Donetsk regions. ATO command has developed a plan for the release of units at the border. According to the plan, the units of the 95th Air Assault Brigade, 30th Mechanized Brigade, 51st Mechanized Brigade, 25th Airborne were to occupy Savur Mohil, Stepanivka, Marinovka, to establish control over the ferries on the Mius River and to relieve the units of the 24th and 72nd Mechanized, and 79th Air Assault Brigades.[3]

The main strike for of the operation was the 400 paratroopers of the 95th Air Assault Brigade and tanks of the 30th Mechanized Brigade. All taking part in the operation were volunteers.[4][3]


According to official information, the paratroopers carried out a 470-kilometer raid on the rear of the separatists, and at the same time destroyed three hostile checkpoints.[5] However, the most important achievement was the creation of a corridor for units trapped at the border to retreat. Thanks to the skillful actions of paratroopers and infantrymen, 3,000 people and more than 250 pieces of equipment were able to be evacuated safely.[6]


The raid is noteworthy because of its length and the fact that it was the first time Ukrainian and Russian forces clashed in the War in Donbas. According to Phillip Karber, it was one of the longest armored raids in military history.[7]

The raid was also a significant morale booster for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, especially the Air Assault forces. The skill and conduct of the 95th Air Assault Brigade was praised by American military expert Dr. Phillip Karber.[8]

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