Greek Basket League Most Spectacular Player

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The Greek Basket League Most Spectacular Player, or Greek Basket League MSP, is an annual award for the "most spectacular player" of each season of Greece's top-tier level professional basketball club league, the Greek Basket League. The award is given to the player that is deemed to have the most impressive highlight plays of the season, and that tend to be slam dunk plays.

Most spectacular players

Most Spectacular Player
Season Player Team Ref.
2012–13 United States Brent Petway Rethymno
2013–14 No award
2014–15 No award
2015–16 United States Okaro White Aris
2016–17 United States Mike James Panathinaikos
2017–18 Greece Thanasis Antetokounmpo Panathinaikos
2018–19 Greece Thanasis Antetokounmpo (2×) Panathinaikos


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