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Martes flavigula, yellow-throated marten.jpg
Yellow-throated marten (M. flavigula)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Subfamily: Guloninae
J.E.Gray, 1825[1]

Guloninae[2][3] is a subfamily of the mammal family Mustelidae distributed across Eurasia and the Americas. It includes martens and the fisher, tayra and wolverine.[2][3] These genera were formerly included within a paraphyletic definition of the mustelid subfamily Mustelinae.[4]

Most gulonine species are arboreal to a degree. Some of the fashion furs come from this subfamily, e.g. sable, marten.[5]


Extant species

Tribe Image Genus Living species
Gulonini Eira barbara male 2.jpg Eira Hamilton Smith, 1842
Росомаха III.jpg Gulo Linnaeus, 1758
Martini Martes americana Yellowstone 2.jpg Martes Pinel, 1792 (martens)
Fishers (14791070753).jpg Pekania Gray, 1865

Extinct genera

  • Aragonictis Valenciano et al., 2022[6] - Middle Miocene Europe
    • A. araid
  • Circamustela Petter, 1967[6] - Middle to Late Miocene Europe
    • C. dechaseauxi
    • C. peignei
    • C.? laevidens
  • Dehmictis Ginsburg and Morales, 1992[6] - Early Miocene Europe
  • Eiricitis [7] - Early Pliocene Asia
    • E. pachygnatha
  • Laphictis Viret, 1933[6]
  • Ischyrictis Helbing, 1930[6]
  • Plesiogulo? Zdansky, 1924[8][7] - Middle Miocene to Pliocene
    • P. brachygnathus (Schlosser, 1903)
    • P. botori Haile-Selassie, Hlusko & Howell, 2004
    • P. crassa Teilhard de Chardin, 1945
    • P. marshalli (Martin, 1928)
    • P. lindsayi Harrison, 1981
    • P. monspessulanus Viret, 1939
    • P. praecocidens Kurtén, 1970
  • Sinictis Zdansky, 1924[6]
    • S. dolichognathus
  • Sminthosinis Bjork, 1970[7] - Middle Miocene North America
    • S. bowleri


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