Intertwined (TV series)

2021 Argentinian musical comedy-drama television series

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Created byJorge Edelstein
ComposerSergei Grosny
Country of originArgentina
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producers
  • Fernando Barbosa
  • Leonardo Aranguibel
  • Cecilia Mendonça
  • Gabe Bossi
  • Pol Bossi
Production locationsBuenos Aires, Argentina
CinematographySantiago Guzmán
  • Inti Nieto
  • Julián Garro
  • Luciano Sosa
Running time40–52 minutes
Production companies
  • Pampa Films
  • Gloriamundi Producciones
DistributorDisney Platform Distribution
Original networkDisney+
Picture format2160p (16:9 UHDTV)
Original releaseNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
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Intertwined (Spanish: Entrelazados) is an Argentinian comedy-drama streaming television series for children and adolescents, which is produced by Pampa Films and Gloriamundi Producciones for The Walt Disney Company.[1] The series premiered in Latin America, the UK, the US and other select countries on November 12, 2021 on Disney+. [2][3]


16-year-old Allegra has a great passion for musical comedies and dreams of becoming part of the musical theater group Eleven O'Clock as the leading actress in Freaky Friday. With the same play that made her grandmother Cocó, a living legend of musical theater, famous many years ago. Allegra looks up to her grandmother and wants to be a talented actress one day. But the events of the past that shaped the complicated and troubled relationship between her grandmother Coco and Allegra's mother, Caterina, have had a profound impact on Allegra's life. However, this changes dramatically when Allegra finds a mysterious bracelet in her room, which brings her to 1994. In the year in which Caterina, the same age as Allegra in the present, was just starting her own career with Eleven O'Clock. A career in the shadow of her mother Cocó, who was already a star then and at the height of her career. Allegra uses her time in the past to learn more about her family's history. Allegra will try to heal the wounds and bring her family back together. But will Allegra manage to change the past to make her dream come true?



Role In the year Actor Voice Actor
Allegra Sharp / Laura 2021 Carolina Domenech Zory Kalchev
Caterina Sharp 2021 Clara Alonso Gilli Messer
1994 Manuela Menéndez
Amelia „Cocó“ Sharp 2021 Elena Roger Cindy Robinson
Lucía Sharp 1994 Lucila Gandolfo
Marco Resco 1994 José Giménez Zapiola Ryan Cargill
Greta 2021 Paula Morales
1994 Tatiana Glikman
Félix 2021 Kevsho
Diego 2021 Benjamín Amadeo
1994 Manuel Ramos
Bárbara Diz 2021 Berenice Gandullo
1994 Abril Suliansky
Sofía 2021 Emilia Mernes
Alan 2021 Simón Hempe Jacob Vigil
Franco 2021 Rodrigo Pedreira
Dante 1994 Franco Piffaretti
Mike 2021 Favio Posca
Tomás Diz 1994 Fabio Aste


Role In the year Actor Voice Actor
Miriam 1994 Magela Zanotta
Camilo 1994 Máximo Ruiz
Oliverio Gerard 1994 Fito Yannelli
Theater guard 1994 Curly Jiménez


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
1"The Bracelet"
"El brazalete"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi, Javier Castro Albano & Claudio LacelliNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
Allegra wants to join Eleven O'Clock by auditioning for the Freaky Friday lead role that made her grandmother Cocó a well-respected legend of musical theater, despite her mother Caterina being openly against it. Allegra secretly escapes, with her best friend, next-door neighbor and aspiring filmmaker Félix covering for her until he is caught by Caterina and finds out about her daughter's predicament through a registration paper. Caterina pulls Allegra out of her audition before she can finish; the two argue until they are hit by an oncoming car, with Caterina lying in a comatose state while Allegra only suffers minor injuries. After being picked up by Cocó, Allegra finds a mysterious bracelet that brings her to 1994 where she finds out that Caterina herself used to be part of Eleven O'Clock but her relationship with Cocó was tense, despite Caterina getting along with her grandmother Lucía, also Cocó's mother and Allegra's great-grandmother. Allegra becomes infatuated with Marco and makes enemies with the self-centered and shallow Greta, Caterina's nemesis, who is also Marco's girlfriend in that timeline and a judge of Eleven O'Clock in the present. After watching Caterina dance and accidentally fall, Allegra rushes to aid her and the confused Caterina asks her who she is.
2"Back to the Past"
"Volver al pasado"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
In 1994, Caterina calls security on Allegra to have her detained until the bracelet transports her back to the present. Caterina is still at the hospital but Allegra is told that she will pull through. Allegra wants to know what happened between Caterina and Cocó, who refuses to share the details and encourages Allegra to audition for Eleven O'Clock and make way for the future. Allegra arrives at the theater just as the judges are about to leave. After some hesitation and hearing Allegra sing, they finally agree to give her a chance but Greta makes it clear nonetheless that she has to bring an authorization signed by Caterina if she is to participate (having previously disguised Caterina's sign in it during her failed attempt to audition), due to Allegra being a minor. She explains to Félix the situation about the past timeline and her mother having been part of the company; he doesn't believe her until the bracelet activates and transports her again to 1994, where she meets Lucía for the first time. Sneaking into the theater again, Allegra, going by the name of Laura to hide her true identity, makes more discoveries: Caterina is secretly dating Diego behind Cocó's back, also a member of the company in the past timeline and a judge in the present as well, and hears Greta discussing with her best friend and goon Bárbara her plan to sabotage Caterina so that she gets the lead role for herself and steal the spotlight away from Caterina. Allegra then tries to audition in front of Cocó and the other members, but she is rejected as a result.
3"The Moment"
"El momento"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
Marco comforts Allegra after her failed attempt to impress Cocó. The unlikely pairing bonds over their passion for music as they visit a music store where Diego works at, much to the jealousy of Greta, until the bracelet takes Allegra back to the present just as she tries to get in touch with Caterina. Allegra tells Félix about her plan to foil Greta's plot against Caterina in order to get her to sign the authorization for Allegra to attend Eleven O'Clock, despite him trying to warn Allegra about the consequences that come with changing the past and how it could affect their present. Caterina eventually returns to the house where she, Allegra and Cocó have a quite awkward and tense dinner which results in Caterina grounding Allegra after an unidentified person sends her a video of Allegra impressing the Eleven O'Clock judges, angered that she went there again without permission, and telling Cocó to stay away from her daughter. Despite this, Cocó still encourages Allegra to fulfill her dreams and get her mother to accept that this is her true passion. The bracelet activates once again and Caterina becomes worried when Allegra is nowhere to be seen. Back in 1994, Allegra manages to thwart Greta's trap for Caterina by throwing her aside. Because of this, Caterina gets the lead role instead of Greta and Allegra is welcomed to the company. In addition, Marco is revealed to be leading a double life as he has to attend the company and at the same time unwillingly please and lie to Franco, his stern father, who opposes his son's passion for music and wants him to study medicine at college.
4"CD Room"
"CD Room"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
Despite having achieved Caterina's goal, Allegra senses that she is not actually having a good time due to Cocó's perfectionist behaviour towards her, reinforced by an argument between both of them when Caterina, refusing to be controlled by her mother, chooses to go with Allegra to CD Room and watch Diego and his band, consisting of Marco and Dante, perform over rehearsing for the play. A label producer seemingly loses interest in the band, to Diego's dismay, after Marco uses a recording of Allegra's to try and spice up the song's vibe, though Allegra feels moved by the attempt. Back in the present, Caterina and Cocó are looking for Allegra, first going to Eleven O'Clock where Caterina and the adult Greta have a tense reunion, still treating each other as enemies when they were about Allegra's age. They return home to find Allegra with Félix. Allegra and Félix again try to defend the former's opportunity to join the company, but Caterina still refuses to listen and shows both of them the video of Allegra, which was supposedly sent by Félix; he claims that he did not send it but Allegra doesn't believe him and demands to be left alone, Félix having grown jealous of Marco, who in 1994 breaks up with Greta on account of her trying to sabotage Caterina and begins spending more time with Allegra. Bárbara turns to Greta and tips her off about the blossoming closeness between Allegra and Marco, resulting in Greta publicly making a scene, though Caterina comforts Allegra and tells her she is glad that they met. Allegra and Marco kiss.
5"Three Gardenias"
"Tres gardenias"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
Allegra tries to prevent Caterina from giving up Eleven O'Clock to become a writer instead, which she is in the present, by sabotaging the draft of her ongoing novel, but takes a copy she gave to Lucía of it, and telling Cocó about a literature workshop she intends to join that coincides with the Freaky Friday tour, yet she fails when Caterina announces that she is quitting the company anyway and believes that Allegra betrayed her. Diego is still upset with Marco for supposedly tampering with the demo until they are contacted by the producer who confirms his interest in recording their demo into a song. Lucía deduces Allegra's real identity when she reveals to have used the bracelet before, implying that there is something she has to resolve in the timeline. Meanwhile, Allegra and Marco keep growing closer to each other, even when they open up about the controlling attitudes of their respective parents, but not sharing the whole details behind the circumstances. Félix and Allegra mend their friendship after Sofía and Alan, who happen to be Diego's daughter and Félix's older brother, are revealed as the culprits of sending the video to Caterina. They are jealous of Allegra and have both conspired together in order to keep her out of the auditions. She later joins Caterina and Cocó to visit Lucía's grave and mourn her on the 23rd anniversary of her death. As they leave, Allegra stumbles across another grave and is shocked to find out it is Marco's, who died in exactly the same year the musical premiered.
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
Allegra and Félix turn to Diego to ask him about Marco. He reveals that during the premiere, back in 1994, a fire burnt the theater to the ground, yet Marco was unable to escape unharmed and he hasn't known anything about him ever since as Marco was nowhere to be found. To keep the musical on track, Cocó covers up Caterina's resignation as a whim of hers, using it as an excuse of not wanting to participate as the lead, so she temporarily replaces her with Greta during the rehearsals. Caterina tries to warn Allegra that Cocó is not the person she thinks she is. Now that she knows Cocó's ambitious personality is what had a negative impact on Caterina, Allegra goes back to 1994 and tries to make it up for her, throwing her a birthday party at her house, with every of her friends in attendance, and convincing the literature workshop instructor to give Caterina a chance in her writing skills, which he accepts, before being caught by Cocó who orders everyone out of her house and finds out about Caterina and Diego's relationship, even though Cocó made it clear that she wasn't allowed to date anyone from the company. However, Caterina still refuses to talk to Allegra, who is unable to get Cocó to change her mind about letting Caterina fulfill her true dreams, leading to Allegra finally opening her eyes to so many lies about her. In response, Allegra decides that she will do the lead role in Caterina's place and informs Cocó about it.
7"The Big Leap"
"El gran salto"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
8"Lucía's Secret"
"El secreto de Lucía"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
9"Just One Day"
"Just One day"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
10"Light Years"
"Años luz"
Nicolás Silbert & Leandro MarkLaura Farhi & Javier Castro AlbanoNovember 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)


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