JA Vichy

former professional basketball club in Vichy, France

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JA Vichy
JA Vichy logo
HistoryJA Vichy
ArenaPalais des Sports Pierre Coulon
LocationVichy, France
Championships2 French Cups
3 French Pro B

Jeanne d'Arc de Vichy-Clermont Métropole was a professional basketball club based in Vichy, France. The club played their home games at both Maison des Sports de Clermont-Ferrand and Palais des Sports de Vichy. In 2015, JA Vichy and Stade Clermontois Basket Auvergne merged to form a new team called JA Vichy-Clermont for the 2015–16 season.[1]


Domestic competitions

Winners (2): 1969, 1970
Runners-up (1): 2008

European competitions

Runners-up (1): 1969–70


Notable players

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