LRT Radijas

Lithuanian radio station

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LRT Radijas
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Broadcast areaLithuania FM
Vilnius DAB
Worldwide Satellite Radio, Internet Radio
FrequencyFM: Alytus 104,6 MHz
Anykščiai 101,9 MHz
Biržai 100,8 MHz
Dieveniškės 107,2 MHz
Druskininkai 102,3 MHz
Ignalina 104,2 MHz
Kalvarija 104,8 MHz
Kaunas 102,1 MHz
Klaipėda 102.8 MHz
Mažeikiai 93.3 MHz
Nida 106.8 MHz
Panevėžys 107.5 MHz
Plungė 88 MHz
Rokiškis 96.3 MHz
Skuodas 99.3 MHz
Šiauliai 100.9 MHz
Tauragė 98.8 MHz
Telšiai 93 MHz
Ukmergė 102.8 MHz
Utena 107.4 MHz
Varėna 100.7 MHz
Vilnius 89.0 MHz
Visaginas 102.9
DAB Vilnius 230.784
FormatNews, talk, music
OwnerLithuanian National Radio and Television
LRT Klasika
LRT Opus
First air date
June 12, 1926 (1926-06-12)
Former call signs
Lietuvos radijas
Former frequencies
666 kHz
1557 kHz
9.7 kHz
Technical information
Transmitter coordinates
54°40′42″N 25°14′59″E / 54.67833°N 25.24972°E / 54.67833; 25.24972Coordinates: 54°40′42″N 25°14′59″E / 54.67833°N 25.24972°E / 54.67833; 25.24972

LRT Radijas is the public-owned Lithuanian radio station.

LRT Radijas

Lithuanian Radio has been on air now for more than 80 years, and today it operates 3 radio channels – LRT Radijas, LRT Klasika and LRT Opus.

LRT Radijas is being transmitted on the FM waves.

The station offers news, current affairs, culture, religious, sport, entertainment and music programmes. The LRT Radijas News has its correspondents not only in the largest cities of Lithuania, but also in regions. It is the only radio news service with such an extensive network of associates abroad – from the United States to Moscow.

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