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This article is a chart of mascots of all National Basketball Association (NBA) teams. Two mascots, Go the Gorilla and Rocky the Mountain Lion were ranked fourth[1] and ninth[2] respectively on's top 10 sports mascots.

Current mascots

Team Mascot(s) Photo
Atlanta Hawks Harry the Hawk Harry The Hawk.jpg
Boston Celtics Lucky the Leprechaun
Brooklyn Nets None
Charlotte Hornets Hugo the Hornet US Navy 091104-N-9319B-099 Rear Adm. Victor G. Guillory watches the mascot for the New Orleans Hornets.jpg
Chicago Bulls Benny the Bull 20180206 UM-NW Benny The Bull 7DM27126.jpg
Cleveland Cavaliers Moon Dog, Sir CC Cleveland Cavaliers masocts.jpg
Dallas Mavericks Champ, Mavs Man
Denver Nuggets Rocky the Mountain Lion
Detroit Pistons Hooper Hooper, the official mascot of the Detroit Pistons.jpg
Golden State Warriors None
Houston Rockets Clutch the Bear Clutch-Halloween-2005.jpg
Indiana Pacers Boomer Boomer Backwards dunk.jpg
Los Angeles Clippers Chuck the Condor
Los Angeles Lakers None
Memphis Grizzlies Grizz
Miami Heat Burnie
Milwaukee Bucks Bango the Buck
Minnesota Timberwolves Crunch the Wolf Crunch the Wolf at Target Center.jpg
New Orleans Pelicans Pierre the Pelican Pierre The Pelican.jpg
New York Knicks None
Oklahoma City Thunder Rumble the Bison Rumble the bison.png
Orlando Magic Stuff the Magic Dragon US Navy 071127-N-6936D-265 Members of the Orlando Magic Dancers and STUFF the Magic Dragon sign autographs for Sasebo Sailors and their families during the Pacific-leg of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour.jpg
Philadelphia 76ers Franklin the Dog
Phoenix Suns Go the Gorilla
Portland Trail Blazers Blaze the Trail Cat
Sacramento Kings Slamson the Lion Slamson Cropped.jpg
San Antonio Spurs The Coyote Spurs Coyote sign.JPG
Toronto Raptors The Raptor Raptor dancing.jpg
Utah Jazz Jazz Bear
Washington Wizards G-Wiz Washington Wizards G-Wiz.jpg

Past mascots

Team Mascot(s) Photo
Brooklyn Nets Brooklyknight
Charlotte Bobcats Rufus D. Lynx Malik Rose and the Sacramento Kings dancers and the Bobcats mascot WTF.jpg
Cleveland Cavaliers Whammer, The Wizard
Denver Nuggets Maxie Miner[3]
Detroit Pistons Sir Slam A Lot
Houston Rockets Booster, Turbo
Golden State Warriors Thunder, Berserker
Indiana Pacers Bowser – Boomer's counterpart
Los Angeles Clippers Sam Dunk
New Jersey Nets Duncan the Dragon
Sly the Silver Fox
Mini Sly
New Orleans Hornets Hugo
(Current mascot of the Charlotte Hornets)
US Navy 091104-N-9319B-099 Rear Adm. Victor G. Guillory watches the mascot for the New Orleans Hornets.jpg
Philadelphia 76ers Hip Hop[a]
Big Shot[b]
Portland Trail Blazers Sparky
Sacramento Kings The Gorilla
Seattle SuperSonics Squatch,
The Wheedle
Washington Bullets Hoops

Mascot of the Year

In 1997, the mascots started having an annual meeting at the NBA Mascot Conference. Since 2005, the conference also selects an individual to be honored as the top professional in the league, the Mascot of the Year.[4]

Year Mascot Team
2005 Clutch[5] Houston Rockets
2006 Jazz Bear[6] Utah Jazz
2007 Hugo the Hornet[7] New Orleans Hornets
2008 Jazz Bear[6] Utah Jazz
2009 Rumble the Bison[8] Oklahoma City Thunder
2010 Bango[8] Milwaukee Bucks
2011 Grizz[9] Memphis Grizzlies
2012 Crunch the Wolf[10] Minnesota Timberwolves
2013 Clutch[11] Houston Rockets
2014 The Coyote[12] San Antonio Spurs
2015 Benny the Bull[13] Chicago Bulls
2016 Stuff the Magic Dragon[14] Orlando Magic
2017 Stuff the Magic Dragon Orlando Magic
2018 Jazz Bear[15] Utah Jazz
2019 Rocky the Mountain Lion Denver Nuggets
2020 The Coyote San Antonio Spurs


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