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This is a list of the client rulers of Ancient Rome, sectioned by the kingdom, giving the years the ruler was on the throne, and separating Kings and Queens.

Rome's foreign clients were called amici populi Romani (friends of the Roman people) and listed on the tabula amicorum (table of friends). They did not sign treaties or have formal obligations, but entered into alliance (societas) and friendship (amicitia) with Rome, generally in a dependent state.[1]

Client Kings


Bosporan Kingdom

Odrysian Kingdom/Sapaeans

Kingdom of Pontus

Kingdom of Emesa

Kingdom of Judea

Kingdom of Mauretania

Kingdom of Numidia

Kingdom of Chalcis

Kingdom of Armenia

Kingdom of Cilicia

Kingdom of Cappadocia


British Tribes


Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus


Cunobeline 9-35 AD

Client Queens

This is a list of the client queens of ancient Rome, sectioned by the kingdom, and giving the years the queen was on the throne.

Bosporan Kingdom


Kingdom of Pontus

Odrysian Kingdom

Kingdom of Judea

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