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Chief Minister of Nagaland
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The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Shri Neiphiu Rio addressing at the inauguration of the World Bamboo Day function, at Kisama Heritage Village, in Kohima, Nagaland on September 18, 2010.jpg
Neiphiu Rio

since 8 March 2018
StyleThe Honourable (Formal)
Mr. Chief Minister (Informal)
StatusHead of Government
Member ofNagaland Legislative Assembly
Reports toGovernor of Nagaland
AppointerGovernor of Nagaland
Term lengthAt the confidence of the assembly
Chief minister's term is for five years and is subject to no term limits.[1]
Inaugural holderP. Shilu Ao
Formation1 December 1963
(57 years ago)
DeputyYanthungo Patton

The Chief Minister of Nagaland is the chief executive of the Indian state of Nagaland. As per the Constitution of India, the governor is a state's de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the chief minister. Following elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the state's governor usually invites the party (or coalition) with a majority of seats to form the government. The governor appoints the chief minister, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly. Given that he has the confidence of the assembly, the chief minister's term is for five years and is subject to no term limits.[1]

Since 1963, ten people belonging to seven parties have served as Chief Minister of Nagaland. The first three belonged to the Naga Nationalist Organisation, including the inaugural officeholder P. Shilu Ao. The current incumbent is Neiphiu Rio of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party, in office since 8 March 2018.


No[a] Name Constituency Term of office[2] Party[b] Days in office
1 P. Shilu Ao Impur 1 December 1963 14 August 1966 Naga Nationalist Organisation 987 days
2 T. N. Angami Western Angami 14 August 1966 22 February 1969 924 days
3 Hokishe Sema Akuluto 22 February 1969 26 February 1974 1831 days
4 Vizol Angami Southern Angami-II 26 February 1974 10 March 1975 United Democratic Front 378 days
5 John Bosco Jasokie Kohima Town 10 March 1975 20 March 1975 Naga National Democratic Party 11 days
(President's rule)
N/A 20 March 1975 25 November 1977 N/A
(4) Vizol Angami Southern Angami-II 25 November 1977 18 April 1980 United Democratic Front 876 days [Total 1254 days]
6 S. C. Jamir Aonglenden 18 April 1980 5 June 1980 United Democratic Front—Progressive 49 days
(5) John Bosco Jasokie Kohima Town 5 June 1980 18 November 1982 Naga National Democratic Party 897 days [Total 908 days]
(6) S. C. Jamir Aonglenden 18 November 1982 28 October 1986 United Democratic Front—Progressive 1440 days
(3) Hokishe Sema 29 October 1986 7 August 1988 Indian National Congress 648 days [Total 2479 days]
(President's rule)
N/A 7 August 1988 25 January 1989 N/A
(6) S. C. Jamir Mokokchung Town 25 January 1989 10 May 1990 Indian National Congress 471 days
7 K. L. Chishi Atoizu 16 May 1990 19 June 1990 Indian National Congress 36 days
8 Vamuzo Phesao 19 June 1990 2 April 1992 Nagaland People's Council 653 days
(President's rule)
N/A 2 April 1992 22 February 1993 N/A
(6) S. C. Jamir Aonglenden 22 February 1993 6 March 2003 Indian National Congress 3665 days [Total 5625 days]
9 Neiphiu Rio Northern Angami-II 6 March 2003 3 January 2008 Nagaland People's Front 1767 days
(President's rule)
N/A 3 January 2008 12 March 2008 N/A
(9) Neiphiu Rio Northern Angami-II 12 March 2008 24 May 2014 Nagaland People's Front 2264
10 T. R. Zeliang Peren 24 May 2014 22 February 2017 1005
11 Shurhozelie Liezietsu 22 February 2017 19 July 2017 147
(10) T. R. Zeliang Peren 19 July 2017 8 March 2018 232
[Total 1237 days]
(9) Neiphiu Rio Northern Angami-II 8 March 2018 Incumbent Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party 1156


  1. ^ A number inside brackets indicates that the incumbent has previously held office.
  2. ^ This column only names the chief minister's party. The state government he headed may have been a complex coalition of several parties and independents; these are not listed here.
  3. ^ a b c d President's rule may be imposed when the "government in a state is not able to function as per the Constitution", which often happens because no party or coalition has a majority in the assembly. When President's rule is in force in a state, its council of ministers stands dissolved. The office of chief minister thus lies vacant, and the administration is taken over by the governor, who functions on behalf of the central government. At times, the legislative assembly also stands dissolved.[3]
  1. ^ a b Durga Das Basu. Introduction to the Constitution of India. 1960. 20th Edition, 2011 Reprint. pp. 241, 245. LexisNexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagpur. ISBN 978-81-8038-559-9. Note: although the text talks about Indian state governments in general, it applies for the specific case of Nagaland as well.
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  3. ^ Amberish K. Diwanji. "A dummy's guide to President's rule". 15 March 2005.

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