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Methodist Central Hall Westminster is a Methodist church and conference centre

This is a list of cathedrals, churches and chapels in Greater London, which is divided into 32 London boroughs and the City of London. The list focuses on the more permanent churches and buildings which identify themselves as places of Christian worship. The denominations appended are those by which they self-identify.


Wren and Anglican churches

Before the Great Fire of London in 1666, the City of London had around 100 churches in an area of only one square mile (2.6 km2). Of the 86 destroyed by the Fire, 51 were rebuilt along with St Paul's Cathedral.[1] The majority have traditionally been regarded as the work of Sir Christopher Wren, but although their rebuilding was entrusted primarily to him, the role of his various associates, including Robert Hooke and Nicholas Hawksmoor especially, is currently being reassessed and given greater emphasis.[2][3]

With regard to Anglican churches, as opposed to Catholic churches, nonconformist chapels or meeting houses, the designs of the Wren office provided a new standard for British church architecture ever since,[4] as well as giving a distinctive face to the Anglican church in London.[5] Wren also designed a number of Anglican churches outside the City, including St James's, Piccadilly and St Clement Danes. After the Wren era, Hawksmoor was responsible for six of the great Anglican churches in the East End of London (for example Christ Church, Spitalfields), and other architects such as Hooke, James Gibbs and John James contributed significantly to Anglican church architecture in London.

Metropolitan area

The King's Weigh House building on Duke Street, Mayfair (designed by Alfred Waterhouse and an example of nonconformist church architecture) today serves as the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile.

London's churches and chapels are extraordinarily numerous and diverse. Anglican and nonconformist churches and chapels are most numerous, but there are also many Catholic churches as well as places of worship for non-Christian religions.

Most of the Anglican churches lie within the Anglican dioceses of London to the north and Southwark to the south. For historical reasons, the Anglican churches in London north of the Thames but east of the River Lea fall within the Diocese of Chelmsford, and those in the London Boroughs of Bexley and Bromley fall within the Diocese of Rochester. A few Anglican churches in the Barnet area fall into the Diocese of St Albans, reflecting the historical association of Barnet with Hertfordshire. The Catholic dioceses that cover Greater London are, north of the Thames and west of the Lea, the Diocese of Westminster; south of the Thames the Archdiocese of Southwark; and north of the Thames and east of the Lea, the Diocese of Brentwood. There are still some two thousand Anglican churches alone, across the capital and if nonconformist and other denominations are included, they cover every age and style, in the design and evolution of which at least six hundred different architects have made contributions. As London expanded during the early 19th century, many new churches and chapels were built independently by the growing nonconformist urban population; to match the growth in nonconformist churches and chapels, the Anglican "Waterloo church" building programme saw numerous Anglican churches constructed across south London in the first half of the century.


Although many churches and chapels were entirely or partly lost to 19th-century demolitions and to bombing in the Second World War, many historic, architecturally significant and religiously significant buildings remain, particularly in the City of London and the neighbouring City of Westminster. A number of the churches are mentioned in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons. Churches in this list belong to various denominations, as indicated.

Map of medieval parish churches

This map shows the medieval churches of Greater London. The hundred or so medieval churches in the City of London are shown in a separate map in the City section.

City of London

London boroughs

Barking and Dagenham

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Margaret of Antioch, Barking Barking Margaret the Virgin [6] C13th Anglican Originated as part of Barking Abbey
SS Peter & Paul, Dagenham Dagenham Peter & Paul [7] C13th Rebuilt 1805. Bishop of Maidstone
St Chad, Chadwell Heath Chadwell Heath Chad of Mercia [8] 1884–1886 Daughter church to Dagenham until 1895
St Thomas, Becontree Becontree Thomas 1922 Building 1926–1927
St Patrick, Barking Barking Patrick [9] 1924 Rebuilt 1940; previously Church of the Ascension
St Martin, Becontree Dagenham Martin of Tours [10] 1925 Building 1931–1932. Parish of Becontree South
St Mary, Becontree Becontree Mary [11] 1927 Building 1935
St George, Dagenham Becontree George [12] 1929 Building 1935. Member of Reform and AMiE
St Elisabeth, Becontree Becontree Elizabeth [13] 1932
St Alban, Becontree Becontree Alban [10] 1932–1933 Parish of Becontree South
St Cedd, Becontree Becontree Cedd [14] 1933 Rebuilt 1963. Nearby St Peter's redundant 1997
St Erkenwald, Barking Barking Earconwald [15] 1934 Rebuilt 1954
St John the Divine, Becontree Becontree John the Evangelist [10] 1935 Parish of Becontree South
St Mark, Mark's Gate Mark's Gate Mark 1956 Rebuilt 2016
Christ Church, Thames View Thames View Jesus [16] 1958–1959
Hartley Brook Church Dagenham United with St Mary's Becontree
SS Mary & Ethelburga, Barking Barking Mary & Æthelburh [17] 1858 Roman Catholic Building 1869
St Vincent, Becontree Becontree Vincent? 1923
St Peter, Dagenham Dagenham Peter [18] 1926 Building 1937. Served by Missionaries of Our Lady of Salette
Holy Family, Dagenham Dagenham Holy Family [19] 1931 Building 1934
St Thomas More, Barking Barking Thomas More [20] 1935 Served by Pallottines
St Anne, Becontree Becontree Anne 1937 Rebuilt 1960. Served from St Thomas More, Barking[21]
Marks Gate Baptist Church Mark's Gate Baptist
Barking Baptist Church Barking [22] Baptist
Becontree Avenue Baptist Church Becontree [23] 1929 Baptist Union New building 1964
Dagenham Baptist Church Dagenham [24] 1927 Baptist
Oxlow Lane Baptist Church Dagenham [25] Baptist Union
Upney Baptist Church Barking [26] 1935 Baptist
Wood Lane Baptist Church Becontree [27] 1932 Baptist
Barking Methodist Church Barking Methodist Barking, Dagenham & Ilford Circuit[28]
Beacontree Heath Methodist Church Becontree Methodist Barking, Dagenham & Ilford Circuit[28]
Old Dagenham Methodist Church Dagenham Methodist Barking, Dagenham & Ilford Circuit[28]
Barking Riverside Salvation Army Barking Salvation Army[29]
Dagenham Congregational Church Dagenham EFCC [30]
Osborne Square Church Becontree [31] EFCC-FIEC
Becontree Church Becontree [32] 2014 Co-Mission / AMiE
Elim Christian Centre Barking [33] Elim
Bethel – London's Riverside Church Dagenham Bethel [34] Assemblies of God
Rehoboth Tamil Church of God Dagenham Rehoboth [35] Church of God Tamil. Joined Church of God 2015
RCCG Rivers of Joy Becontree [36] RCCG Meets in St John the Divine, Becontree
RCCG Living Faith Connections Barking [37] 2000 RCCG Planted from RCCG Royal Connections
Potter's House Christian Fellowship Ch. Barking Potter's House[38]
Christ Apostolic Church Kingdom Builders Becontree [39] Christ Apostolic
COPUK Dagenham Central Assembly Dagenham [40] Ch of Pentecost UK
Tree of Life Dagenham Becontree [41] Tree of Life Network
Cornerstone Fountain Church Barking [42]
Victorious Pentecostal Assembly Barking Barking [43] 2000s
Power House International Ministries Dagenham [44] 1996
Kingsley Hall Church Dagenham [45] 1929
Glorious Ministries International Barking [46] 2005
Harmony Christian Centre Dagenham [47] 1997 Current building 2008. Has planted into Harold Wood
LifeLine Church Dagenham [48] 1970s
King's Church Barking Barking [49]



St John the Baptist, Erith
Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints, Foots Cray Foots Cray All Saints [50] C12th Anglican
St James, North Cray North Cray James [51] C12th Rebuilt 1852. United with All Saints, Foots Cray
St John the Baptist, Erith Erith John the Baptist [52] C12th
St Michael, East Wickham East Wickham Michael [53] C12th Current building 1930, old chapel of ease now Gk Orthodox
Christ Church, Bexleyheath Bexleyheath Jesus [54] 1836 Current building 1872–1877
St John the Evangelist, Sidcup Sidcup John the Evangelist [55] 1844 Rebuilt 1900
St John, Welling Welling John the Evangelist [56] 1869 Current building 1926
Christ Church, Sidcup Sidcup Jesus [57] 1879 Building c. 1890
Holy Trinity, Lamorbey Lamorbey Trinity [58] late C19th
St Augustine of Canterbury, Belvedere Belvedere Augustine of C'bury [59] 1884 Building 1915–1916. Bishop of Richborough
Holy Redeemer, Lamorbey Lamorbey Jesus [60] 1909 Current building 1933
St Peter, Bexleyheath Bexleyheath Peter [61] 1930 Building 1956–1957
St Martin, Barnehurst Barnehurst Martin of Tours [62] 1931 Building 1936–1937
St Mary the Virgin, Welling Welling Mary [63] 1934 Building 1954–1955[64]
St James the Great, Blendon Blendon James [65] 1935 Daughter church of St John's Bexley
St Andrew, Sidcup Sidcup Andrew [66] 1944 Current building 1964–1965
Bishop Ridley Church, Falconwood Falconwood Nicholas Ridley [67] 1957–1958 Daughter church to St John's Welling
Church of the Cross, South Thamesmead Thamesmead Cross [68] early 1970s Anglican / Methodist / URC Thamesmead Team inc. St Paul's & Will Temple
St Mary of the Crays Crayford Mary [69] 1842 Roman Catholic
Our Lady of the Angels Church & Friary Erith Mary [70] 1867 served by the Capuchin Franciscans
St Lawrence of Canterbury, Sidcup Sidcup Laurence of C'bury [71] 1911 Building 1930. Formerly served by the Marists
St Stephen, Welling Welling Stephen [72] 1923 Building 1935
St John Vianney, Bexleyheath Bexleyheath John Vianney [73] 1933 Building 1959
St John Fisher, Bexley Bexley John Fisher [74] 1935 Current building 1978
St Thomas More, Bostall Park Bexleyheath Thomas More [75] 1936 Building 1951
Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen Blackfen Mary [76]
St John Fisher, Thamesmead Thamesmead John Fisher Services held at St John Fisher School, Thamesmead[77]
Christ the Saviour, Welling Welling Jesus [78] Greek Orthodox
Foots Cray Baptist Church Foots Cray [79] 1836 Baptist
Sidcup Baptist Church Sidcup [80] 1889 Baptist
Albany Park Baptist Church Albany Park [81] 1941 Baptist Plant from Days Lane Baptist
Baldwyns Baptist Church Bexley [82] 1950 Baptist
Days Lane Baptist Church Blackfen [83] Baptist
Barnehurst Methodist Church Barnehurst Methodist Lesnes Abbey Methodist Circuit[84]
Bexleyheath Methodist Church Bexleyheath [85] 1860 Methodist Lesnes Abbey Methodist Circuit[84]
Pantiles Methodist Church Bexleyheath Methodist Lesnes Abbey Methodist Circuit[84]
Welling Methodist Church Welling Methodist Lesnes Abbey Methodist Circuit[84]
Emmanuel Church Sidcup Sidcup Jesus [86] 1879 Methodist / URC Orpington & Chislehurst Circuit. 1976 merger
Geddes Place United Reformed Church Bexleyheath [87] URC
Welling United Reformed Church Welling URC
Welling Salvation Army Welling Salvation Army[88]
Bethany Gospel Hall, Bexleyheath Bexleyheath Bethany [89] Gospel Hall
Wellspring Pentecostal Church Welling [90] 1939 Assemblies of God Building previously Congregational church
Bexleyheath Community Church Bexleyheath [91] 1990s Newfrontiers
New Community Church, Sidcup Sidcup [92] Newfrontiers
Avery Hill Christian Fellowship Sidcup [93] 1994 Ichthus?
New Generation Church Sidcup [94] Pioneer Network
Welling Gospel Chapel Welling [95] Independent


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Mary, Willesden Willesden Mary [96] C10th Anglican Contains shrine of Our Lady of Willesden
St Michael the Archangel, Tokyngton Tokyngton Michael [97] Medieval Became parish church 1933
St John the Evangelist, Wembley Wembley John the Evangelist [98] 1843–1846
St Anne with Holy Trinity, Brondesbury Brondesbury Anne & Trinity [99] 1867 Shares building with St Andrew's URC West Kilburn since 1997
St Michael & All Angels, Stonebridge Stonebridge Park Michael & Angels 1876 May be closed?
Holy Innocents, Kingsbury Kingsbury Holy Innocents [100] 1884
St Gabriel, Cricklewood Cricklewood Gabriel [101] 1891 Building 1897. New Wine
St Matthew, Willesden Willesden Matthew [102] 1894 Building 1900–1906
St James, Alperton Alperton James [103] 1896 Building 1912, rebuilt 1990. Services in Tamil, Urdu & Hindi
St Martin, Kensal Rise Kensal Rise Martin of Tours [104] 1899
St Catherine, Neasden Neasden Catherine of Alex [105] 1901 Building 1915–1916. (St Saviour's 1883)
St Mark, Kensal Rise Kensal Rise Mark [106] 1903 Building 1914
St Andrew, Sudbury Sudbury Andrew [107] 1905 Building 1926
St Andrew, Kingsbury Kingsbury Andrew [108] 1933 Building (1847) moved from Marylebone. "Replaced" Old St Andrew's
Annunciation, South Kenton Kenton Annunciation [109] 1938
St Cuthbert, North Wembley North Wembley Cuthbert [110] 1938 Building 1958–1959. Began as daughter to St Andrew Sudbury
Ascension, Wembley Park Wembley Ascension 1957 Building 1957
Our Lady of Willesden Willesden Mary [111] 1886 Roman Catholic Building 1931
St Joseph, Wembley Wembley Joseph [112] 1901 served by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate
St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green Willesden Green Mary Magdalene [113] 1902 Building 1906, rebuilt 1938–1939
SS Mary & Andrew, Dollis Hill Dollis Hill Mary & Andrew [114] 1913 Building 1933
St George, Sudbury Sudbury George [115] 1924 Building 1927
Five Precious Wounds, Stonebridge Stonebridge Park Five Holy Wounds [116] 1926 Building 1957, replaced 1967–1968
St Sebastian & Pancras, Kingsbury Green Kingsbury Green Sebastian, Pancras [117] 1926
English Martyrs, Wembley Park Wembley Park 40 English Martyrs [118] 1930 Building 1971. Served by the Order of Augustinian Recollects
All Saints, Kenton Kenton All Saints [119] 1932 Building 1963
St Erconwald, Wembley Wembley Earconwald [120] 1932 Building 1969–1970
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Kilburn West Kilburn Heart of Mary [121] 1948 Former Meth. chapel, served by Miss Oblates of Mary Immaculate
Transfiguration, Kensal Rise Kensal Rise Transfiguration [122] 1960 Moved to current building 1977
St Patrick, Neasden Neasden Patrick [123] 1980–1981
Old St Andrew's, Kingsbury Kingsbury 2008 Romanian Orthodox Building C12th–13th, redundant 1977, given to R Orth 2008
Lindsay Park Baptist Church Wembley [124] 1957 Baptist Union
Kingsbury Free Church (Baptist) Kingsbury [125] Baptist
Kensal Rise Baptist Tabernacle Kensal Rise [126] 1891 Baptist Rebuilt 1995
Sudbury Baptist Church Sudbury [127] 1911 Baptist
Ealing Road Methodist Church Wembley Methodist Wembley Methodist Circuit
Neasden Methodist Church Neasden Wembley Methodist Circuit
Park Lane Methodist Church Wembley [128] 1887 Wembley Circuit. New buildings/sites 1895, 1907, 1925, 1962
Queensbury Methodist Church Queensbury 1936 Building 1938. Barnet Methodist Circuit
Sudbury Methodist Church Sudbury Wembley Methodist Circuit
Harlesden Methodist Church Harlesden
African Methodist Episcopal Church Kensal Rise African Meth Episcopal Shares Kensal Rise Methodist Church
St Andrew's URC West Kilburn Kilburn Andrew [129] URC Shares building with St Anne with Holy Trinity, Brondesbury since 1997
SS Margaret & George URC/Moravian Church Harlesden Margaret & George URC / Moravian[130]
Harlesden Salvation Army Harlesden Salvation Army[131]
Kilburn Salvation Army Kilburn Salvation Army[132]
West Kilburn Baptist Church West Kilburn [133] 1865 FIEC
Church of God in Wembley Wembley Needed Truth[134]
Wembley Gospel Hall Wembley [135] 1894 Gospel Hall Building 1924
Uxendon Gospel Hall Wembley Gospel Hall
Wembley Church of Christ Wembley [136] Churches of Christ
North Wembley Community SDA Church Wembley [137] 7th-Day Adventist
Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship Kingsbury [138] Elim
Church on the High Road, Willesden Willesden [139] Elim
Elim Community Church Centre, Harlesden Harlesden Elim
Wembley Christian Centre Wembley [140] 1992 Elim
New Life Christian Centre International Wembley [141] 1941 Assemblies of God
Willesden New Testament Church of God Willesden [142] NT Church of God
Beulah Apostolic Church, Willesden Willesden [143] 1950s Church of God in Christ Planted 5 churches
Calvary Church of God in Christ Kensal Green
Christ Apostolic Church (Mount Joy) Brondesbury [144] Christ Apostolic Church Plants in Wrexham, Wolverhampton, Luton
Harlesden Church of God (Seventh Day) Harlesden [145] Church of God (7th-Day)
RCCG Majesty Court Wembley [146] 1996 RCCG
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Willesden UCKG[147]
Ruach City Church Kilburn Kilburn [148] Ruach Network
Apostles' Continuation Church International Wembley [149] Apostles' Continuation
Charismatic Renewal Ministries UK Neasden Charis. Renewal[150]
Spirit of Jesus Church in the UK Kingsbury Spirit of Jesus Church
Church of God Evangelism Harlesden [151] Independent
French Christian Community Bethel Harlesden
Harvest Church Wembley [152]
House on the Rock Wembley [153]
Miracle Signs and Wonders Ministries Kingsbury
New Life Tokyngton Church Tokyngton
Oasis Church Neasden Neasden
True Vine Pentecostal Church Kilburn



Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Pancras Old Church King's Cross Pancras of Rome [154] C7th Anglican Old St Pancras Team. Derelict by 1847 but restored 1850s
St John-at-Hampstead Hampstead John the Evangelist [155] Medieval Rebuilt 1747, extended 1843, 1878
St Giles-in-the-Fields St Giles Giles [156] C12th Originally a leper hospital chapel. Rebuilt 1630, 1730–1734
St George the Martyr, Holborn Holborn George [157] 1703–1706 Parish church 1723
St George, Bloomsbury Bloomsbury George [158] 1716–1731
St Pancras New Church King's Cross Pancras of Rome [159] 1819–1822
St John, Downshire Hill Hampstead John the Evangelist [160] 1823 Only remaining proprietary chapel in the Diocese of London
St Mary, Somers Town Somers Town Mary [154] 1824–1827 Old St Pancras Team
St Saviour Hampstead Jesus [161] 1848 Building 1856
St Paul, Camden Square Camden Town Paul [154] 1849 Old St Pancras Team. Rebuilt 1950s following war damage
Holy Trinity, Kentish Town Kentish Town Trinity [162] 1849–1850
Holy Trinity, Swiss Cottage Swiss Cottage Trinity [163] mid-C19th HTB plant 2006
Christ Church, Hampstead Hampstead Jesus 1850–1852
St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square Regent's Park Mary Magdalene [164] 1852
St Anne, Highgate Highgate Anne [165] 1853
St Mark, Regents Park Regent's Park Mark [166] 1853 Rebuilt 1957
St Luke, Kentish Town Kentish Town Luke [167] 1856 Rebuilt 1867. Redundant 1991–2011, reopened as HTB plant
St Peter, Belsize Park Belsize Park Peter [168] 1859
St Mary with All Souls, Kilburn Kilburn Mary & All Souls [169] 1857–1862 United with St James' West Hampstead
St Alban, Holborn Holborn Alban [170] 1861–1862 Bishop of Fulham
St Martin, Gospel Oak Gospel Oak Martin of Tours 1865
St Mary, Primrose Hill Primrose Hill Mary [171] 1867 Building 1870–1872
Emmanuel, West Hampstead West Hampstead Jesus [172] 1875 Current building 1897–1903
St Mary Brookfield, Dartmouth Park Dartmouth Park Mary [173] 1875
St Cuthbert, West Hampstead West Hampstead Cuthbert [174] 1870s Building 1882, rebuilt 1886, 1988
St Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town Kentish Town Silas [162] 1877 Building 1884, rebuilt 1911–1912
St Benet & All Saints, Kentish Town Kentish Town Benedict & All Sts [175] 1881 Building 1885, mostly rebuilt 1928
St Michael, Camden Town Camden Town Michael [154] 1881 Old St Pancras Team
St James, West Hampstead West Hampstead James [169] 1882 Building 1887–1888. Also hosts a post office and play centre
Holy Cross, St Pancras King's Cross Cross [176] 1888
All Hallows, Gospel Oak Gospel Oak All Saints [177] 1883–1892
St Luke, Hampstead Hampstead Luke [178] 1896
Euston Church Bloomsbury [179] 2010 Plant from St Helen's Bishopsgate, meets in Christ the King
King's Cross Church King's Cross [180] 2010 Plant from St Mary's Bryanston Square
Gray's Inn Chapel Holborn [181] C14th Services approximately twice a month
Lincoln's Inn Chapel Lincoln's Inn Fields [182] C15th Weekly services. Current building 1623
SS Anselm & Cecilia, Lincoln's Inn Fields Lincoln's Inn Fields Anselm & Cecilia [183] c. 1720 Roman Catholic Rebuilt c. 1910
St Mary's Chapel, Hampstead Hampstead Mary [184] 1796 Building 1816
St Aloysius, Somers Town Somers Town Aloysius Gonzaga [185] 1798 Building 1808, rebuilt mid-1960s
Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn Kilburn Sacred Heart [186] 1826? served by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
Our Lady Help of Christians, Kentish Town Kentish Town Mary [187] 1847 First building 1859, moved into old Methodist church 1970
Our Lady of the Rosary & St Dominic Belsize Park Mary & Dominic [188] 1861 Building 1883. AKA St Dominic's Priory. Served by Dominicans
St Peter's Italian Church Clerkenwell Peter [189] 1863 Italian church, served by the Pallottines
St Etheldreda, Ely Place Holborn Æthelthryth [190] 1874 Served by the Rosminians. Building CoE church from C13th
Our Lady of Hal, Camden Town Camden Town Mary [191] 1922 Building 1933. Established by Belgians
St Thomas More, Swiss Cottage Swiss Cottage Thomas More [192] 1938 Rebuilt 1968. Served by Opus Dei
All Saints Greek Orthodox Cathedral Camden Town All Saints [193] 1948 Greek Orthodox Building originally CoE church
St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Cathedral Kentish Town Andrew [194] 1960s Building previously St Barnabas' CoE church
SS Cosmas & Damian the Anargyre Gospel Oak Cosmas & Damian [195] 1967
St Archangel Michael & All Angels Kilburn Michael & Angels [196] Macedonian Orthodox No address found
St George's Cathedral Camden Town George [197] 1989 Antiochian Orthodox Building erected as Christ Church CoE 1837
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church Bloomsbury [198] 1848 Baptist
Chalk Farm Baptist Church Chalk Farm [199] Baptist
King's Cross Methodist Church King's Cross [200] Methodist Part of West London Methodist Mission. Mandarin/Cantonese
Camden Town Methodist Church Camden Town Methodist[201]
Lumen United Reformed Church Bloomsbury [202] 1808 URC formerly Ch. of Scotland (Gaelic), then Regent Square URC
Trinity United Reformed Church Kentish Town Trinity [203] 1834 Rebuilt 1910. Also hosts North London Metropolitan Church
St Andrew's URC, Hampstead Hampstead Andrew [204]
American International Church Fitzrovia [205] Meet in Whitefield's Tabernacle (1756; rebuilt 1890, 1957)
St Mary-le-Savoy Bloomsbury German Lutheran[206]
Luther-Tyndale Memorial Church Kentish Town [207] 1896 Evangelical Lutheran Current building 1938
Danish Church of St Katharine Regent's Park [208] Church of Denmark
Friends House, Euston Euston Quakers[209]
Hampstead Quaker Meeting Hampstead Quakers[209]
King's Cross Church of Christ King's Cross [210] Churches of Christ
Intl Christian Ministries Kings Cross King's Cross [211] c. 1997 Elim
Hillsong Church London Tottenham Court Rd [212] 1992 Assemblies of God Meets in Dominion Theatre
Revelation Church London Camden Town [213] 2006 Newfrontiers
Christ Apostolic Church Kentish Town Christ Apostolic Nigerian. Meets in old St John the Baptist, Kentish Town
London Community Church Swiss Cottage [214] 1984 Lifelink International
C3 Church King's Cross King's Cross [215] 2010s C3 Global
Dynamic Faith Euston [216] Independent
Chinese Church in London – Soho St Giles [217] Independent Meets in old Soho Baptist Chapel
London Chinese Lutheran Church Fitzrovia [218] Independent Meet in Whitefield's Tabernacle (1756; rebuilt 1890, 1957)
Radiant City Church London South Hampstead [219] 2004 Independent Formerly known as Relentless Church until 2018 [220]
Defunct churches
Church name Location Dedication Founded Ended Denomination Notes
All Saints, Camden Town Camden Town All Saints 1822–1824 1948 Anglican Originally called St Stephen's. Now used by Greek Orthodox
St Stephen, Rosslyn Hill Belsize Park Stephen 1869 1977 Restored and preserved
St Anne, Laxton Place
St John's Chapel, Bedford Row
St John the Baptist, Kentish Town
Christ the King, Bloomsbury Bloomsbury 1850–1854 1963 Catholic Apostolic Building now used by Euston Church (CoE), also Forward in Faith masses


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Croydon Minster Croydon John the Baptist [221] C10th Anglican
St John the Evangelist, Coulsdon Coulsdon John the Evangelist [222] C11th
St Mary the Virgin, Addington Addington Mary [223] C11th
All Saints, Sanderstead Sanderstead All Saints [224] C12th Sanderstead Parish; current building 1230;
St John the Evangelist, Shirley Shirley John the Evangelist [225] 1836 Current building 1856
Christ Church, Croydon Croydon Jesus [226] 1851 Rebuilt 1991
St Peter, South Croydon South Croydon Peter [227] 1851 South Croydon Benefice
St Andrew, Croydon Croydon Andrew 1857
St Matthew, Croydon Croydon Matthew [228] 1865 Rebuilt 1965
Holy Saviour, Croydon Croydon Jesus [229] 1867
St Mary Magdalene, Addiscombe Addiscombe Mary Magdalene [230] 1868 St Martin's demolished 1990s
All Saints, Kenley Kenley All Saints [231] 1870–1872 United with St Barnabas Purley
St Michael, Croydon Croydon Michael & Angels [232] 1871 Bishop of Fulham
St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood Upper Norwood John the Evangelist [233] 1875 Current building 1881–1887
Christ Church, Purley Purley Jesus [234] 1877–1878
St Augustine, South Croydon South Croydon Augustine? [227] 1881 South Croydon Benefice
St Stephen, Norbury & Thornton Heath Norbury Stephen [235] 1889 Current building 1909
Holy Innocents, South Norwood South Norwood Holy Innocents 1894–1895
Emmanuel, South Croydon South Croydon Jesus [236] 1899
St Mark, Woodcote Woodcote Mark [237] 1904 Current building 1910
St Andrew, Coulsdon Coulsdon Andrew [238] 1911–1914
St James, Riddlesdown Riddlesdown James [239] 1915?
St Mary, Sanderstead Sanderstead Mary [224] 1925–1926 Sanderstead Parish
St Swithun, Purley Purley Swithun [240] 1929 Current building 1939–1954
St George the Martyr, Shirley Shirley George [241] 1937 Rebuilt 1951–1952
All Saints, Shirley Shirley All Saints 1950s
St Edmund, Riddlesdown Riddlesdown Edmund? [224] 1955 Sanderstead Parish
St Antony, Hamsey Green Hamsey Green Antony? [224] 1957 Sanderstead Parish
St Barnabas, Purley Purley Barnabas [231] 1958 United with Al Saints Kenley
St Edward, King & Confessor, New Addington New Addington Edward the Confessor [242] 1958
Our Lady of Reparation, West Croydon Croydon Mary [243] 1837 Roman Catholic First building 1841, current building 1863
Faithful Virgin, Upper Norwood Upper Norwood Mary 1842 Building 1870. Convent chapel at first
St Andrew, Thornton Heath Thornton Heath Andrew [244] 1903 Building 1905, current building 1968–1969
St Gertrude, South Croydon South Croydon Gertrude? [245] 1903
St Aidan, Coulsdon Coulsdon Aidan of Lindisfarne [246] 1907 First building 1916, rebuilt 1922, 1931
St Chad, South Norwood South Norwood Chad of Mercia [247] 1907 Building 1932–1933. Served by the Holy Ghost Fathers
Our Lady of the Annunciation, Addiscombe Addiscombe Mary [248] 1925
St Columba, Selsdon Selsdon Columba 1927 Current building 1960–1962
St John the Baptist, Purley Purley John the Baptist [249] 1931 Building 1938
St Dominic, Waddon Waddon Dominic [250] 1933 Building 1948, current 1959–1961
St Mary, Help of Christians, Old Coulsdon Old Coulsdon Mary [251] 1941 Building 1955, rebuilt 1966
Holy Family, Sanderstead Sanderstead Holy Family 1942 Building 1957
Good Shepherd, New Addington New Addington Jesus [252] 1945 Building 1962
SS Mary & Shenouda, Croydon Coulsdon Mary & Shenouda? [253] 1995 Coptic Orthodox Established from St Mark's Kensington
West Croydon Baptist Church Croydon [254] Baptist
Selsdon Baptist Church Selsdon [255]
West Croydon Methodist Church Croydon Methodist Croydon Circuit
Christ Church Methodist Addiscombe Addiscombe Jesus [256] 1869 Methodist 1979 union of two Methodist churches
Coulsdon Methodist Church Coulsdon Methodist
East Croydon United Reformed Church Croydon [257] URC
Clifton Hall South Norwood [258] c. 1890 Gospel Hall Building 1897
Denmark Road Gospel Hall South Norwood Gospel Hall
Croydon Quaker Meeting Croydon [259] Quakers
Purley Quaker Meeting Purley [260] Quakers Building 1909
Elim Pentecostal Church Croydon Croydon [261] Elim
Everyday Church Croydon Croydon [262] 2012 Newfrontiers
Croydon Vineyard Church Croydon [263] Vineyard
New Life Croydon Croydon [264] c. 1950 Independent
Redeemer Croydon Croydon Jesus [265] 2013 Independent Plant from St Helen's Bishopsgate
Woodside Green Christian Centre Addiscombe [266] Independent
Rhema Church London Croydon [267] 1991 Independent
Life City Church Croydon Croydon [268] Independent


The west front of St Peter's Church, Ealing – amongst "the noblest churches we possess" – John Betjeman
The west front of St Peter's Church, Ealing – amongst "the noblest churches we possess" (John Betjeman)
Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Alban's Acton Green Alban Anglican
Abbey Church of St Benedict (Ealing Abbey) Ealing [1] Roman Catholic
Acton Hill United Reformed Church Acton United Reformed Church
All Hallows Greenford All Saints [2] Anglican
All Saints South Acton All Saints
All Saints Ealing All Saints
Ascension (Church of the) Hanger Hill Ascension [3]
Assyrian Church of the East Hanwell Assyrian Church of the East
Berrymead Evangelical Church Acton [4] Christian Brethren
Cathedral of the Dormition & Holy Royal Martyrs Gunnersbury Russian Orthodox
Christ the Redeemer Southall Jesus Anglican
Christ the Saviour Ealing Jesus [5] Anglican
Ealing Green United Reformed Church Ealing United Reformed Church
Emmanuel Church Southall Jesus Anglican
Friends Meeting House Ealing Quakers
Grace Church Ealing Anglican
Haven Green Baptist Church Ealing Broadway [6] Baptist
Holy Cross Greenford Magna Cross [7] Anglican
Holy Family West Acton Holy Family [8] Roman Catholic
Holy Trinity Perivale Trinity United Reformed Church
Holy Trinity Southall Trinity Anglican
International Presbyterian Church Ealing [9] Presbyterian
Japanese Anglican Church for London West Acton Anglican
Liberal Catholic Church Ealing [10] Liberal Catholic
Living Water Arabic Church West Ealing Anglican
London International church of Christ Ealing [11] Intl Church of Christ
Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship Acton [12] Anglican
Our Lady & St Joseph Hanwell Mary & Joseph Roman Catholic
Our Lady Mother of the Church Ealing Mary [13] Roman Catholic (Polish church)
Our Lady of Hungary Ealing Mary [14] Roman Catholic (Hungarian church)
Our Lady of Lourdes Acton Mary [15] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of the Visitation Greenford Mary [16] Roman Catholic
Redeemer Ealing Jesus [17] Newfrontiers
St Aidan of Lindisfarne East Acton Aidan of Lindisfarne [18] Roman Catholic (Latin and Ge'ez rites)
St Andrew Ealing Andrew United Reformed Church
St Anselm Southall Anselm of Canterbury [19] Roman Catholic
St Barnabas Ealing Barnabas [20] Anglican
St Barnabas Northolt Park Barnabas
St Christopher Hanwell Christopher
St Dunstan (with St Thomas) East Acton Dunstan [21]
St Gabriel North Acton Gabriel [22]
St George Southall George [23]
St Hugh Northolt Hugh?
St James West Ealing James [24]
St John, Ealing West Ealing [25]
St John Fisher Perivale John Fisher [26] Roman Catholic
St John Southall Green [27] Anglican
St Joseph the Worker Northolt Joseph [28]
St Martin West Acton Martin of Tours
St Mary Acton Mary
St Mary Ealing Mary [29]
St Mary Hanwell Mary [30]
St Mary Northolt Mary [31]
St Mary Perivale Mary [32] Disused
St Mary West Twyford Mary Anglican
St Mary the Virgin Norwood Mary
St Matthew Ealing Common Matthew
St Mellitus (with St Mark) Hanwell Mellitus [33]
St Nicholas (with St Mary) Perivale [34]
St Nicholas Shepherd's Bush Greek Orthodox
St Paul Northfields [35] Anglican
St Peter Acton Green Anglican
St Peter Ealing [36] Anglican
St Peter and St Paul Northfields [37] Roman Catholic
St Richard Northolt Anglican
St Saviour Acton [38] Anglican London Diocesan Church for the Deaf
St Stephen West Ealing [39] Anglican
St Thomas the Apostle Hanwell [40] Anglican
The Grove Gospel Hall Ealing non-denominational



Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints New Eltham [41] Anglican also used by Roman Catholic
Ascension Blackheath Anglican
Charlton United Reformed Church Charlton URC
Christ Faith Tabernacle Cathedral Woolwich [42] 1989 Independent Moved into current premises in 2013
Christchurch Priory Eltham [43] Roman Catholic served by the Canons Regular of the Lateran
Christian Gospel Hall Greenwich Plymouth Brethren
Church Army Chapel Blackheath Church Army now part of Blackheath High School
Congregational Church Woolwich Congregational
Eltham Green Community Church Eltham [44] Independent
Eltham United Reformed Church Eltham URC
Greenwich United Church & The Forum at Greenwich Greenwich URC
Holy Cross Plumstead Common  – Roman Catholic
Meeting House Blackheath Quakers
Potters House Church Woolwich [45] Pentecostal
London International church of Christ Greenwich [46] Intl Church of Christ
New Wine Church Woolwich [47] Pentecostal
Our Lady Help of Christians Blackheath  – Roman Catholic
Our Lady Help of Christians Mottingham  –
Our Lady of Grace Charlton  –
Our Ladye Star of the Sea Greenwich [48]
Royal Naval College Chapel Greenwich Anglican
St Alfege Greenwich Anglican
St Barnabas Eltham Anglican
St Benet Abbey Wood [49] Roman Catholic served by the Congregation of the Mission
St Catherine Labouré Woolwich Roman Catholic
St David Abbey Wood  – Roman Catholic
St George's Garrison Church Woolwich  –
St John Fisher Kidbrooke  – Roman Catholic
St Joseph East Greenwich [50] Roman Catholic
St Joseph Shooters Hill webmail Roman Catholic originally Bible Christian Church
St Mary Magdalene Woolwich Anglican
St Patrick Plumstead [51] Roman Catholic
St Paul Deptford Anglican
St Paul's Ecumenical Centre Thamesmead  – R Catholic / URC etc.
St Peter Lee [52] Anglican
St Peter Woolwich Roman Catholic
St Thomas the Apostle Charlton [53] British Orthodox
SS John Fisher & Thomas More Eltham  – Roman Catholic
The Redeemed Christian Church of God Mottingham [54] Pentecostal
Titmuss Avenue Baptist Church Thamesmead [55] Reformed Baptist
Woolwich Evangelical Church Woolwich [56] Reformed Baptist


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Abney Park Chapel Stoke Newington Cemetery chapel Abney Park Cemetery
All Saints Haggerston Haggerston [57] Anglican
Church of Good Shepherd Upper Clapton Georgian Orthodox, formerly Agapemonite and Ancient Catholic
Clapton Park & Dalston United Reformed Church Lower Clapton URC
Homerton Baptist Church Homerton [58] 1817 Grace Baptist formerly Homerton Row Chapel (1821–1861), and Barnabas Road Baptist Church (1862–1996)
Hope City Church Stoke Newington [59] C3 Movement
Immaculate Heart of Mary & St Dominic Homerton [60] Roman Catholic
Little Sisters Of Jesus Open House Chapel Haggerston [61] Roman Catholic
Manor Road United Reformed Church Stoke Newington URC
Our Lady & St Joseph Kingsland Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Good Counsel Stoke Newington [62] Roman Catholic
Potter's House Christian Centre London Fields Potter's House
Rectory Road United Reformed Church Stoke Newington URC
St Andrew, Stoke Newington Stoke Newington Anglican
St Augustine Hackney Central Anglican Knights Templar. Tower only remains
St John-at-Hackney Hackney Central Anglican
St John's Hoxton Hoxton [63] Anglican
St John the Baptist Hackney Central [64] Roman Catholic
St John the Theologian Hackney Central Greek Orthodox
St Jude Clapton Park [65] Roman Catholic
St Leonard Shoreditch Anglican
St Matthias Stoke Newington Anglican
St Monica Hoxton [66] Roman Catholic Augustinian Priory
St Scholastica Upper Clapton [67] Roman Catholic
St Thomas More Manor House [68] Roman Catholic
Stamford Hill United Reformed Church Stamford Hill URC
Stoke Newingon Quakers Stoke Newington Quakers
Newington Green Unitarian Church Newington Green Unitarians
Stoke Newington Society Stoke Newington [69] Moravian
Upper Clapton United Reformed Church Upper Clapton URC

Hammersmith and Fulham

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Fulham [70] Anglican
Every Nation Church London Hammersmith [71] Evangelical
Friends Meeting House Hammersmith Quakers
Fulham United Reformed Church Fulham [72] URC
Holy Cross Parsons Green [73] Roman Catholic
Holy Ghost & St Stephen Shepherd's Bush [74] Roman Catholic
Holy Innocents & St John Ravenscourt Park [75] Anglican
Holy Trinity Brook Green [76] Roman Catholic also used by Syriac Catholic Church
Hungarian Reformed Church Hammersmith [77] Hungarian Reformed
Our Lady of Fatima White City [78] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Fulham [79] Roman Catholic
RCCG Fulham Fulham [80] RCCG
St Andrew Fulham [81] Anglican
St Andrew Bobola Shepherd's Bush [82] Roman Catholic Polish church
St Augustine Hammersmith [83] Roman Catholic
St Dionis Parsons Green [84] Anglican
St Etheldreda with St Clement Fulham [85] Anglican
St. Euphrosynia of Polotsk Ravenscourt Park Belarusian Orthodox
St Katherine East Acton [86] Anglican
St Michael and St George White City [87]
St Paul Hammersmith [88]
St Peter Hammersmith [89]
St Simon Shepherd's Bush [90]
St Stephen Shepherd's Bush [91]
St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Fulham Fulham 1847 [92] Roman Catholic Only complete A. W. Pugin church in London
Shepherd's Bush United Reformed Church Shepherd's Bush URC
Twynholm Baptist Church Fulham [93] FIEC


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Alexandra Park Parish Church Muswell Hill Anglican
All Hallows Tottenham Anglican
All Saints Highgate Anglican
Braemar Avenue Baptist Church Wood Green Baptist
Brook Street Chapel Tottenham [94]
Calvary Church of God in Christ Northumberland Park [95] Pentecostal
Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God Wood Green Greek Orthodox
Chapel of the Resurrection Muswell Hill Greek Orthodox
Christ Church Crouch End Anglican
Christ Church West Green Anglican
Derby Hall Christian Assembly West Green Assemblies of God
Eldon Road Baptist Church Wood Green Baptist
Eritrean Bethel Church Wood Green
Freedom's Ark Tottenham
Friends Meeting House Tottenham Quakers
Kingdom Life Ministries Tottenham [96]
Grace Baptist Chapel Tottenham Strict Baptist
Grace Church Muswell Hill Anglican
Grace Evangelical Church London Crouch End [97] Tamil Church
Highgate International Church Highgate [98]
Highgate United Reformed Church Highgate URC
High Cross United Reformed Church Tottenham URC
Holy Innocents Hornsey Anglican
Holy Trinity Stroud Green Anglican
Holy Trinity Tottenham Anglican
Holy Trinity Tottenham Lutheran
Hornsey Moravian Church Hornsey [99] Moravian Church
Hornsey Parish Church Hornsey Anglican
Jubilee Church Wood Green Wood Green [100] Newfrontiers
La Bergerie Christian Church Tottenham [101]
London International church of Christ Alexandra Park [102] Intl Church of Christ
London Miracle Centre, Mt Zion Restoration Mins Tottenham [103]
Middle Lane Methodist Church Hornsey Methodist
Miller Memorial Church Tottenham Methodist
Millyard Seventh Day Baptist Church Tottenham [104] Seventh Day Baptist
Muswell Hill & Alexandra Park URC Muswell Hill URC
Muswell Hill Baptist Church Muswell Hill Baptist
Muswell Hill Methodist Church Muswell Hill Methodist
New River Community Church Muswell Hill Evangelical
New Testament Ch of God Cathedral of Praise Wood Green [105] New Test Church of God
North London Vineyard Alexandra Park Vineyard
Our Lady of Muswell Muswell Hill [106] Roman Catholic
Potter's House Tottenham Potter's House
Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park UCKG
Salvation Army Tottenham Corps Tottenham Salvation Army
St Andrew Muswell Hill Anglican
St Ann South Tottenham Anglican
St Augustine Highgate Anglican
St Barnabas Wood Green Greek Orthodox
St Benet Fink Tottenham [107] Anglican
St Cuthbert Wood Green Anglican
St Francis de Sales Tottenham [108] Roman Catholic
St George Stamford Hill [109] Georgian Orthodox
St Ignatius Stamford Hill [110] Roman Catholic served by the Society of Jesus
St James Muswell Hill [111] Anglican
St John & St James Tottenham Anglican
St John the Baptist Harringay Greek Orthodox
St John Vianney West Green [112] Roman Catholic
St Mark Methodist Church Tottenham Methodist
St Mark Noel Park Anglican
St Mary Tottenham
St Michael Highgate
St Michael Wood Green
St Olave Finsbury Park
St Paul Harringay [113]
St Paul Tottenham [114]
St Paul the Apostle Wood Green [115] Roman Catholic
St Peter-in-Chains Stroud Green [116] Roman Catholic
St Philip the Apostle Tottenham Anglican
St Thomas the Apostle Finsbury Park Anglican
St Augustine Highgate Anglican
Stroud Green Baptist Church Stroud Green Baptist
The Gospel Centre Harringay [117] Harvest Comm Network
The People's Christian Fellowship Tottenham [118] Evangelical
Tollington Park Baptist Church Finsbury Park Baptist
Tottenham Baptist Church Tottenham Baptist
Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist Church Tottenham 7th-day Adventist Church
Union Church & Community Centre Crouch End URC
Westbury Avenue Baptist Church Wood Green Baptist
Willoughby Methodist Church Hornsey Methodist
Wilton Community Church Muswell Hill [119] Evangelical
Wood Green Mennonite Church Wood Green Mennonite
Wood Green Salvation Army Centre Wood Green Salvation Army
Wood Green UCKG HelpCentre Wood Green UCKG
Woodberry Down Baptist Church South Tottenham Baptist


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Harrow Weald [120] Anglican
Belmont Gospel Hall Harrow [121] Non-denominational
Cannon Lane Methodist Church Pinner [122] Methodist
Culver Evangelical Church Belmont
Elmfield Evangelical Church North Harrow [123]
Friends Meeting House Harrow Quakers
Good News Church Harrow Weald [124]
Harrow Baptist Church Harrow [125] Baptist
Hatch End Free Church Hatch End [126] Baptist
Holy Trinity Church Wealdstone [127] Anglican
Kenton Baptist Church Kenton [128] Baptist
Kenton Evangelical Church Kenton Evangelical
Kenton Methodist Church Kenton Methodist
King's Church West Harrow [129] Newfrontiers
Little Stanmore Baptist Church Queensbury Baptist
London International Church of Christ Harrow [130] Intl Church of Christ
New Life Bible Church Wealdstone [131] Charismatic
North Harrow Methodist Church North Harrow [132] Methodist
Our Lady & St Thomas of Canterbury Harrow-on-the-Hill [133] Roman Catholic
Pinner Free Church Pinner [134] Baptist
Pinner Methodist Church Pinner [135] Methodist
Rayners Lane Baptist Church Rayners Lane [136] Baptist
Roxeth Green Free Church Roxeth [137]
South Harrow Methodist Church Harrow Methodist
South Harrow Baptist Church South Harrow Baptist
St Alban North Harrow [138] Anglican
St Andrew Eastcote URC
St Andrew Roxbourne [139] Anglican
St Anselm Belmont Harrow [140] Anglican
St Gabriel South Harrow [141] Roman Catholic
St George Headstone [142] Anglican
St John Kenton URC
St John Fisher North Harrow [143] Roman Catholic
St John the Baptist, Pinner Pinner [144] Anglican
St John the Evangelist Stanmore [145] Anglican
St Joseph Wealdstone [146] Roman Catholic
St Lawrence Little Stanmore [147] Anglican
St Luke Pinner [148] Roman Catholic
St Mary Harrow-on-the-Hill [149] Anglican
St Mary the Virgin Kenton [150] Anglican
St. Panteleimon Harrow Greek Orthodox
St Paul South Harrow [151] Anglican
St Peter West Harrow [152] Anglican
St Teresa of the Child Jesus Hatch End [153] Roman Catholic
St William of York Stanmore [154] Roman Catholic
Stanmore Baptist Church Stanmore [155] Baptist
Trinity United Reformed Church Harrow URC
Wealdstone Baptist Church Wealdstone Baptist


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Cranham Anglican
All Saints Squirrels Heath, Gidea Park Anglican
Christ the Eternal High Priest Gidea Park Roman Catholic
Church on Sutton's Farm Hornchurch [156] Anglican closed 26 September 2010
Collier Row Gospel Hall Collier Row Non-denominational
Corpus Christi Collier Row [157] Roman Catholic
English Martyrs Hornchurch Roman Catholic
Friends Meeting House Gidea Park Quakers
Holy Cross Hornchurch Anglican
Moor Lane Church Cranham Anglican
Most Holy Redeemer Harold Hill Roman Catholic
New Apostolic Church Romford New Apostolic Church
Our Lady of La Salette Rainham Roman Catholic
St Agnes Romford [158] Anglican
St Alban Elm Park Roman Catholic
St Alban Romford Anglican
St Andrew Hornchurch [159] Anglican
St Andrew Romford [160] Anglican
St Augustine of Canterbury Rush Green Anglican
St Dominic Harold Hill Roman Catholic
St Edward the Confessor Romford Blessed Virgin Mary & Edward the Confessor [161] 1410 Anglican Parish church since 1848; rebuilt 1850
St Edward the Confessor R.C. Romford [162] Roman Catholic
St George Harold Hill [163] Anglican
St George Hornchurch [164]
St Helen & St Giles Rainham
St James Collier Row
St John Havering-atte-Bower
St John & St Matthew South Hornchurch [165]
St Joseph Upminster Roman Catholic
St Laurence Upminster [166] Anglican
St Luke Cranham
St Mary & St Peter Wennington
St Mary Magdalene North Ockendon
St Mary Mother of God Hornchurch [167] Roman Catholic
St Matthew Hornchurch [168] Anglican
St Michael & All Angels Gidea Park [169]
St Nicholas Elm Park [170]
St Paul Harold Hill [171]
St Peter Harold Wood [172]
St Peter's Mass Centre Cranham Roman Catholic
St Thomas Noak Hill [173] Anglican
The Ascension Collier Row
The Good Shepherd Collier Row


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Christ Church Uxbridge Methodist/URC
Friends Meeting House Uxbridge Quakers
Harlington Baptist Church Harlington [174] Baptist
Hayes Town Chapel Hayes Congregational
Holy Trinity Northwood [175] Anglican
Ickenham United Reformed Church Ickenham [176] URC
Immaculate Heart of Mary Hayes [177] Roman Catholic served by the Claretians
Most Sacred Heart Ruislip [178] Roman Catholic
Northwood Hills United Reformed Church Northwood [179] URC
Our Lady of Lourdes & St Michael Uxbridge [180] Roman Catholic
St Andrew South Ruislip Evangelical Lutheran
St Andrew Uxbridge [181] Anglican
St Bernadette Hillingdon [182] Roman Catholic
St Catherine West Drayton [183] Roman Catholic
St George Heathrow Airport [184] Interdenominational
St Giles Ickenham [185] Anglican
St Gregory the Great South Ruislip [186] Roman Catholic
St John Northwood URC
St John the Baptist Hillingdon [187] Anglican
St Laurence Cowley [188]
St Margaret Uxbridge [189]
St Martin Ruislip [190]
St Martin West Drayton [191]
St Mary Harefield [192]
St Mary Harmondsworth [193]
St Mary Hayes [194]
St Matthew Northwood [195] Roman Catholic
St Matthew Yiewsley [196] Anglican
St Raphael Yeading [197] Roman Catholic
St Thomas More Eastcote [198] Roman Catholic
SS Peter and Paul Harlington [199] Anglican
St Paul Harefield [200] Roman Catholic
Waterloo Road Church Uxbridge Evangelical


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Hanworth [201] Anglican
All Saints Isleworth [202] Anglican
Brentford & Isleworth Friends Meeting House Isleworth  – Quakers
Brentford Free Church Brentford  – URC
Cathedral of the Dormition & the Holy Royal Martyrs Gunnersbury [203] Russian Orthodox
Chiswick Baptist Church Chiswick High Road [204] Baptist
Christ Church Turnham Green [205] Anglican
Hanworth Gospel Hall Hanworth non-denominational
Heston United Reformed Church Heston  – URC
Holy Trinity Hounslow [206] Anglican
Hounslow Methodist Church Hounslow [207] Anglican
Hounslow United Reformed Church Hounslow URC
Our Lady & St Christopher Cranford [208] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Grace & St Edward Chiswick [209]
Our Lady of Sorrows & St Bridget Isleworth [210]
Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Heston [211]
Redeemed Christian Church of God London [212] Pentecostal
St Dunstan Cranford [213] Anglican
St Dunstan Feltham [214] Anglican
St Dunstan Gunnersbury [215] Roman Catholic
St Faith Brentford [216] Anglican
St Francis of Assisi Isleworth [217] Anglican
St George Hanworth [218] Anglican
St John the Baptist Isleworth [219] Anglican
St John the Evangelist Brentford [220] Roman Catholic
St Joseph Grove Park, Chiswick [221] Roman Catholic
St Lawrence Feltham [222] Roman Catholic
St Leonard Heston [223] Anglican
St Mary Osterley [224]
St Mary the Virgin Bedfont [225]
St Michael Chiswick [226]
St Michael and All Angels Bedford Park [227]
St Nicholas Chiswick [228]
St Paul Brentford [229]
St Paul Hounslow [230]
St Vincent de Paul Osterley [231] Roman Catholic
SS Michael & Martin Hounslow [232] Roman Catholic
United Free Church Feltham  – United Reformed Church


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church Highbury Congregational
Spanish Congregation of North London Highbury Evangelical
Blessed Sacrament Barnsbury [233] Roman Catholic
Bunhill Fields Friends Meeting House Bunhill Fields Quakers
Chapel of St John the Baptist Finsbury Park Latvian Orthodox
Christ Church Highbury Highbury [234] Anglican
Claremont United Reformed Church Pentonville URC
Harecourt United Reformed Church Islington URC
New River Baptist Church Essex Road [235] Baptist
Our Lady of Czestochowa & St Casimir Islington [236] Roman Catholic Polish Church
Our Most Holy Redeemer Exmouth Market [237] Anglican
Sacred Heart of Jesus Holloway [238] Roman Catholic
St Anthony the Great & St John the Baptist Holloway Greek Orthodox
St Gabriel Upper Holloway [239] Roman Catholic
St James Clerkenwell Anglican
St James Islington [240] Anglican
St Joan of Arc Highbury [241] Roman Catholic
St John Clerkenwell Anglican
St John the Evangelist Islington [242] Roman Catholic
St Joseph Finsbury [243] Roman Catholic
St Joseph and Padarn Holloway [244] Roman Catholic Served by Society of Saint Pius X and offering exclusively the traditional mass and sacraments
St Joseph Highgate [245] Roman Catholic served by the Passionist order
St Luke Old Street, Finsbury Deconsecrated
St Mary Islington [246] Anglican
St Mary Magdelene Holloway Anglican
St Mellitus Finsbury Park [247] Roman Catholic
St Thomas the Apostle Finsbury Park Anglican
SS Peter & Paul Clerkenwell [248] Roman Catholic
Union Chapel Islington [249] Congregational
Unity Church Islington [250] Unitarian
Wesley's Chapel Clerkenwell [251] Methodist
St Augustine's Church Highbury [252]
King's Cross Baptist Church King's Cross [269] Baptist

Kensington and Chelsea

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints (Chelsea Old Church) Chelsea All Saints [270] C12th Anglican Restored 1958
St Mary Abbots Kensington Mary [271] 1262 Rebuilt 1370, c. 1700, 1872
St Luke, Chelsea Chelsea Luke [272] 1820–1824 Commissioners' church. Single parish with Christ Church
Holy Trinity, Brompton Brompton Trinity 1826–1829 Founder of HTB church planting network
Holy Trinity & St Jude, Sloane Street Chelsea Trinity & Jude [273] 1828–1830 Rebuilt 1888–1890
Christ Church, Chelsea Chelsea Jesus [272] 1839 Single parish with St Luke's
St John, Notting Hill Notting Hill John the Evangelist [274] 1844–1845
St James, Norlands Notting Hill James [275] 1845
St Mary the Boltons The Boltons Mary [276] 1849–1850
St Barnabas, Kensington Kensington Barnabas [277] mid C19th HTB church plant
St Peter, Notting Hill Notting Hill Peter [278] 1855–1857
St Paul, Onslow Square South Kensington Paul 1860 Redundant 1970s but reopened by HTB c. 1990
All Saints, Notting Hill Notting Hill All Saints [279] 1852–1861 Restored 1951
St George, Campden Hill Kensington George [280] 1864
St Stephen, Gloucester Road South Kensington Stephen [281] 1866–1867 Bishop of Fulham
St Clement, Notting Dale Notting Hill Pope Clement I [275] 1867 United with St James Norlands
St Jude, Kensington South Kensington Jude 1867–1870 Run directly by HTB. Now occupied by St Mellitus College
St Michael & All Angels, Ladbroke Grove Ladbroke Grove Michael & Angels


St John the Baptist, Holland Road Kensington John the Baptist [283] 1872 Rebuilt 1885–1910. United with St George Campden Hill 2006
St Luke, Redcliffe Gardens Earls Court Luke [284] 1872–1873
St Augustine, Queen's Gate Queen's Gate Augustine of C 1868–1876 Run directly by HTB since 2010
St Cuthbert, Earls Court Earls Court Cuthbert [285] 1884–1887 Bishop of Fulham
St Helen, North Kensington North Kensington Helena [286]
St Mary, Cadogan Street Chelsea Mary [287] 1812 Roman Catholic Rebuilt 1877–1879
St Francis of Assisi, Notting Hill Notting Hill Francis of Assisi [288] 1860
Our Lady of Victories, Kensington Kensington High St Mary [289] 1869 Pro-Cathedral 1869–1903. Rebuilt 1959 following Blitz
Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kensal New Town Kensal Town Mary [290] 1872 Current building 1880–1882
Our Lady of Dolours, Chelsea Chelsea Mary [291] 1874–1875 served by the Servite Order
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Brompton Oratory) Brompton Imm Heart of Mary [292] 1880–1884 served by the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri
Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More Chelsea Jesus & Thomas M [293] 1894–1895
St Pius X, St Charles Square North Kensington Pope Pius X [294] 1908 Chapel to teacher training college until parished 1937
Our Lady of Mt Carmel & St Simon Stock Kensington Mary, Simon Stock [295] 1954–1959 served by Carmelites
St John of Rila Kensington John of Rila [296] Bulgarian Orthodox
St Sava Ladbroke Grove Sava [297] Serbian Orthodox
St Mark Kensington Mark [298] 1975 Coptic Orthodox Building erected 1863 as St John's Presbyterian church
St Sarkis, Kensington Kensington Sarkis


1922–1923 Armenian Apostolic
St Yeghiche, South Kensington South Kensington Yeghiche [300] 1973 Armenian Apostolic Building erected 1867 as St Peter's CoE church
Chelsea Methodist Church Chelsea [301] 1812 Methodist Current building 1903, rebuilt 1983
Chelsea Community Church Chelsea URC
Kensington United Reformed Church Kensington [302] 1854–1855 URC Began as Kensington Congregational
Chelsea Community Baptist Church Chelsea [303] 1854 ? Rebuilt 1960
Fetter Lane Moravian Church Chelsea [304] 1742 Moravian Church Rebuilt 1960s
St Columba, Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Columba [305] 1884 Church of Scotland Rebuilt 1950–1955
Kensington Temple Kensington [306] 1965 Elim Building erected 1849 as Congregational chapel
Westbourne Grove Church Westbourne Grove [307] 1823 Salt and Light Originally Baptist
RCCG – Faith Outreach Christian Centre Kensington [308] RCCG

Kingston upon Thames

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Kingston upon Thames [253] Anglican
BFGC New Malden Church New Malden [254] Pentecostal, Assemblies of God
Christ Church New Malden [255] Anglican
Christ Church Surbiton [256] Anglican
Friends Meeting House Kingston upon Thames [257] Quakers
Kings Church Kingston Kingston upon Thames [258] Evangelical, Newfrontiers
Kingsgate Church Kingston upon Thames [259]
Kingston upon Thames United Reformed Church Kingston upon Thames  – United Reformed Church
Korean Church New Malden
New Malden Baptist Church New Malden [260] Baptist Church
New Malden United Reformed Church New Malden [261] United Reformed Church
Our Lady Immaculate Tolworth [262] Roman Catholic
St Agatha Kingston upon Thames [263] Roman Catholic
St Andrew Surbiton [264] Anglican
St Ann Kingston Hill [265] Roman Catholic
St Catherine of Siena Chessington [266] Roman Catholic
St George Kingston upon Thames Greek Orthodox
St George Tolworth [267] Anglican
St James New Malden [268] Anglican
St John Kingston upon Thames [269] Anglican
St John the Baptist Old Malden [270] Anglican
St Joseph New Malden [271] Roman Catholic
St Luke Kingston upon Thames [272] Anglican
St Mark Surbiton [273]
St Mary the Virgin Chessington [274]
St Matthew Surbiton [275]
St Paul Hook [276]
St Peter Norbiton [277]
St Pius X Norbiton [278] Roman Catholic (served by the Paulist Fathers)
St Raphael Surbiton [279] Roman Catholic
Tolworth United Reformed Church Tolworth  – United Reformed Church


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints West Dulwich [280] Anglican
Brixton Hill United Reformed Church Brixton Hill  – URC
Christ Church Brixton Road North Brixton  – 1902 Anglican
Christ Church & Upton Chapel Lambeth [281] Baptist, United Reformed, with Lincoln Memorial Tower; affiliated with Oasis Trust
Corpus Christi Brixton Hill  – Roman Catholic
Effra Road Chapel Brixton [282] Unitarian
English Martyrs Streatham  – Roman Catholic
Friends Meeting House Streatham  – Quakers
Grace London Waterloo Grace London Newfrontiers
Holy Redeemer Italian Mission Brixton  – Roman Catholic served by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Our Immaculate Lady of Victories Clapham [283] served by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer
Our Lady of the Rosary Brixton  –
St Anne Vauxhall  – served by the Order of Augustinian Recollects
St Bartholomew Norbury  –
St Bede Clapham Park [284] including a Traditional Latin Mass community
St Francis de Sales & St Gertrude Stockwell  –
St John Waterloo [285] Anglican
St John the Divine Kennington [286]
St Leonard Streatham  –
St Luke West Norwood [287]
St Mark Kennington [288]
St Mary-at-Lambeth Lambeth Deconsecrated, now the Garden Museum
St Matthew Brixton [289] Anglican
St Matthew West Norwood  – Roman Catholic served by the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, Pilar
St Patrick's Priory Waterloo [290] Roman Catholic served by the Conventual Franciscans
St Thomas with St Stephen Telford Park, Streatham  – Anglican
St Philip & St James Herne Hill [291] Roman Catholic
SS Constantine & Helen Upper Norwood Greek Orthodox
SS Simon and Jude Streatham Hill [292] Roman Catholic
Stockwell Green United Reformed Church Stockwell  – URC
Streatham United Reformed Church Streatham URC


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
Annunciation & St Augustine Beckenham [293] Roman Catholic served by the Paulist Fathers
Assumption Deptford [294] Roman Catholic served by the Paulist Fathers
Christ Church Catford URC
Church of the Good Shepherd Lee [295] Anglican
City of Faith Church Chinbrook, Grove Park Assemblies of God
Friends Meeting House Forest Hill


Good Shepherd Downham Roman Catholic
Grove Centre Church Sydenham [297] Baptist, URC
Holy Cross Catford [298] Roman Catholic
Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre Honor Oak [299] FIEC
Jubilee International Church Chinbrook, Grove Park [300] Assemblies of God
King's Church Catford [301] Newfrontiers
Lee Green United Reformed Church Lee Green URC
Lewisham High Street United Reformed Church Lewisham
Living Word Christian Fellowship Lee Green Pentecostal
Loampit Gospel Hall Lewisham [302] non-denominational
London International church of Christ Lewisham [303]
Our Lady & St Philip Neri Sydenham [304] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Lourdes Lee [305]
Resurrection of Our Lord Sydenham [306]
St Andrew Brockley [307] URC
St Bartholomew's Sydenham [308] Anglican
St Gregorios Brockley [309] Malankara Orthodox Syrian
St Mary Magdalen Brockley Roman Catholic
St Michael New Cross URC
St Paul Deptford Anglican
St Peter's Brockley Brockley [310] Anglican
St Saviour's, Brockley Rise Forest Hill [311] Anglican
St Saviour & Saints John the Baptists and Evangelist Lewisham [312] Roman Catholic
St William of York Forest Hill [313] Roman Catholic
Trinity United Reformed Church Catford URC


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Mary, Wimbledon Wimbledon Mary [309] C11th Anglican Parish of Wimbledon.[310] Rebuilt C13th, 1780s, 1843
St Mark, Wimbledon Wimbledon Mark Parish of Wimbledon[310] Plant from St Mary, Wimbledon
St John, Wimbledon Wimbledon John Parish of Wimbledon[310] Plant from St Mary, Wimbledon
St Matthew, Wimbledon Wimbledon Matthew Parish of Wimbledon[310] Plant from St Mary, Wimbledon
Emmanuel, Wimbledon Wimbledon [311] 1879 Parish of Wimbledon[310] Rebuilt 1888
St Luke, Wimbledon Park Wimbledon Park Luke [312] 1908–1909[313] Plant from Emmanuel, Wimbledon
Holy Trinity, South Wimbledon Wimbledon Park Holy Trinity 1872 Built 1862
St Andrew, Wimbledon Wimbledon St Andrew [314] 1883 Plant from Holy Trinity, South Wimbledon. Rebuilt 1908-9
St Lawrence, Morden Morden Lawrence [315] 1636 Morden Parish.[316] Probably replaced earlier building
St John's, Colliers Wood Colliers Wood [317] c. 1994 Church of England (continuing)
Christ the King, Wimbledon Park Wimbledon Park Jesus [318] 1913 Roman Catholic Building 1926–1928
Our Lady of the Assumption Tooting [314]
Sacred Heart Wimbledon [315] served by the Society of Jesus
Sacred Heart Mass Centre New Malden served by the Society of Jesus
St John Fisher South Merton
St Joseph Colliers Wood [316]
St Michael Pollards Hill served by the Salvatorians
St Teresa of the Child Jesus Morden [317]
St Winefride, South Wimbledon South Wimbledon [318]
SS Peter & Paul Mitcham [319] served by the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, Pilar
Morden Baptist Church Morden [319] 1885 Baptist Union Building 1935
Dundonald Church Raynes Park [320] 1990 Co-Mission Plant from Emmanuel, Wimbledon. Founder of Co-Mission planting network
Friends Meeting House Wimbledon Quakers[321]
Elim Pentecostal Church Mitcham Mitcham [322] Elim
Elim Wimbledon Church Wimbledon [323] Elim
Gospel Hall Mitcham Junction Mitcham Junction [324] Gospel Hall


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints (West Ham Parish Church) West Ham [320] Anglican
All Saints Forest Gate
Ascension Victoria Docks [321]
Bonny Downs Baptist Church East Ham [322] Baptist
Bryant Street Methodist Church Stratford [323] Methodist
Central Baptist Church Stratford [324] Baptist
Christ Church, Newham Plaistow [325] United Reformed Church
Christadelphian Hall East Ham [326] Christadelphianism
City Chapel Beckton [327] Evangelical, Evangelical Alliance
Custom House Baptist Church Custom House [328] Baptist
East Ham Baptist Church East Ham [329] Baptist
Emmanuel Forest Gate [330] Anglican
Every Nation Church Stratford Stratford [331] Evangelical
Full Gospel Hall East Ham [332] Pentecostal
Harold Road Moravian Church Stratford [333] Moravian
Highway Church Stratford [334] Evangelical
Major Road Baptist Church Stratford [335] Baptist
Manor Park Christian Centre Manor Park [336] Evangelical, Evangelical Alliance
Our Lady of Compassion Upton Park Roman Catholic
Shalom United Reformed Church Manor Park United Reformed Church
St Alban Upton Park [337] Anglican
St Anne Custom House [338] Roman Catholic
St Antony of Padua Forest Gate [339] Roman Catholic
St Barnabas Manor Park [340] Anglican
St Bartholomew East Ham [341] Anglican
St Edmund Forest Gate [342] Anglican
St Francis of Assisi Stratford Roman Catholic
St George & St Ethelbert East Ham [343] Anglican
St John The Evangelist North Woolwich Anglican
St John The Evangelist Stratford [344] Anglican
St Lazarus and St Andrew the Apostle Forest Gate Greek Orthodox
St Luke Victoria Docks [345] Anglican
St Margaret & All Saints Canning Town [346] Roman Catholic
St Margaret Convent Chapel Canning Town Roman Catholic
St Mark Beckton [347] Anglican
St Mark Forest Gate [348] Anglican
St Mark's Ecumenical Church and Community Centre Beckton [349] Ecumenical use building, Church of England, Roman Catholic
St Martin Plaistow [350] Anglican
St Mary & St Edward with St John Silvertown [351] Roman Catholic, also used by Church of England
St Mary Magdalene East Ham [352] Anglican
St Mary the Virgin Little Ilford [353]
St Mary Plaistow [354]
St Matthew West Ham [355]
St Matthias Canning Town [356]
St Michael & All Angels Manor Park [357]
St Michael East Ham [358] Roman Catholic
St Nicholas Manor Park [359] Roman Catholic
St Paul East Ham [360] Anglican
St Paul & St James Stratford [361]
St Philip & St James Plaistow [362]
St Saviour Forest Gate [363]
St Stephen Manor Park [364] Roman Catholic
Stratford Unitarian & Free Christian Church Stratford [365] Unitarian


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Nations Church Ilford Ilford [366] International Presbyterian Church
All Saints Goodmayes Anglican
All Saints Woodford Wells Anglican
Assumption Hainault [367] Roman Catholic
Christ Church Wanstead Anglican
City Gates Ilford Elim Pentecostal
Fairlop Evangelical Church Barkingside Evangelical
Friends Meeting House Wanstead Quakers
Grace Church Goodmayes Newfrontiers
Hainault Baptist Church Hainault Baptist
Hainault Evangelical Church Hainault [368] non-denominational
Holy Trinity Barkingside Anglican
Holy Trinity South Woodford Anglican
Ilford High Road Baptist Ilford Baptist
Ilford Hospital Chapel Ilford Anglican
Jubilee Church Ilford Ilford [369] Newfrontiers
Our Lady of Lourdes Wanstead [370] Roman Catholic
London International church of Christ Redbridge [371] Intl church of Christ
St Alban Ilford Anglican
St Andrew Ilford Anglican
St Andrew Woodford Wells Anglican
St Anne Line South Woodford Roman Catholic
St Augustine of Canterbury Barkingside [372] Roman Catholic
St Barnabas Woodford Green Anglican
St Bede Chadwell Heath [373] Roman Catholic
St Cedd Barkingside Anglican
St Cedd Goodmayes Roman Catholic
St Clement Ilford Anglican
St Francis of Assisi Barkingside [374] Anglican
St Gabriel Aldersbrook Anglican
St George Barkingside Anglican
St John the Baptist Cranbrook Roman Catholic
St John the Evangelist Ilford Anglican
St John Vianney Clayhall Roman Catholic
St Laurence Becontree Anglican
St Luke Ilford
St Margaret of Antioch Ilford
St Mary Ilford [375]
St Mary South Woodford
St Mary Wanstead
St Mary & St Erconwald Ilford
St Paul Goodmayes
St Paul Hainault
St Paul Woodford Bridge
St Peter Aldborough Hatch
St Teresa Newbury Park Roman Catholic
St Thomas of Canterbury Woodford Green [376] Roman Catholic
SS Peter & Paul Ilford - Roman Catholic
The Bridge Church Woodford [377] Assemblies of God
The Drive Methodist Church Ilford Methodist
Tree of Life Fellowship Barkingside [378] non-denominational

Richmond upon Thames

The Barn Church, Kew, the first barn church to be consecrated in England
Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
St Mary, Barnes Barnes Mary [325] 12th century Anglican Barnes Team Ministry
St Mary Magdalene, Richmond Richmond Mary Magdalene [326] 13th century Rebuilt c. 1500, mostly rebuilt 1903. Richmond Team Ministry
St Mary with St Alban, Teddington Teddington Mary & Alban [327] 13th century Teddington Parish. Rebuilt C16th. St Mary's only until St Alban's closed
St Mary, Hampton Hampton Mary [328] Medieval Rebuilt 1830–1831
St Mary, Twickenham Twickenham Mary [329] Medieval Rebuilt 1714
St Peter, Petersham Petersham Peter Medieval Rebuilt 1505
St Mary the Virgin, Mortlake Mortlake Mary [330] 1348 Mortlake Parish. Rebuilt 1543
St Anne, Kew Kew Anne [331] 1714
St John, Hampton Wick Hampton Wick John? [332] 1829–1830
St Andrew, Ham Ham Andrew [333] 1830–1831 German Lutheran church also uses the building
St Francis, Hickey's Almshouses Richmond Francis of Assisi 1834
St John the Divine, Richmond Richmond John the Evangelist [326] 1831–1836 Richmond Team Ministry
Holy Trinity, Twickenham Twickenham Trinity [334] 1841
St Matthias, Richmond Richmond Matthias [335] 1857 Richmond Team Ministry[326]
SS Philip & James, Whitton Whitton Philip & James the L [336] 1862
St James, Hampton Hill Hampton Hill James [337] 1863
Christ Church, East Sheen East Sheen Jesus [338] 1862–1864 Mortlake Parish
SS Peter & Paul, Teddington Teddington Peter & Paul [327] 1865 Teddington Parish. Rebuilt 1970s
St Michael and All Angels, Barnes Barnes Michael & Angels [339] 1867 Barnes Team Ministry. Building 1878, rebuilt 1891–1893
Holy Trinity, Barnes Barnes Trinity [340] 1868 Barnes Team Ministry
Holy Trinity, Richmond Richmond Trinity [341] 1870
St Stephen, Twickenham Twickenham Stephen [342] 1874
St Mark, Teddington Teddington Mark [343] 1875 Rebuilt 1888, 1915, 1939
St Luke, Kew Kew Luke [344] c. 1880 Permanent building 1889
St Philip & All Saints (The Barn Church) Kew Philip & All Saints [345] 1910 Current building (converted barn) 1928–1929
St Michael, Fulwell Fulwell Michael [346] 1913 Anglican / Co-Mission Part of Co-Mission. Redundant 2006 but re-planted 2015
All Hallows, Twickenham Twickenham All Saints [347] 1914 Anglican Current building came from All Hallows Lombard Street, 1939–1940
All Saints, East Sheen East Sheen All Saints [348] 1928–1929 Mortlake Parish
All Saints, Hampton Hampton All Saints [349] 1929
St Augustine of Canterbury, Whitton Whitton Augustine of C'bury [350] 1935 Building 1958
St Richard, Ham Ham Richard of Chichester [351] 1964
All Saints, Twickenham Twickenham All Saints [352] Bishop of Fulham
All Souls, St Margarets St Margarets All Souls [353]
St Elizabeth of Portugal, Richmond Richmond Elizabeth of Aragon [354] 1790s Roman Catholic Current building 1824
St Mary Magdalen, Mortlake Mortlake Mary Magdalene [355] 1846 Building 1852
Sacred Heart, Teddington Teddington Sacred Heart [356] 1882 Building 1893
St James, Twickenham Twickenham James [357] 1885
St Theodore of Canterbury, Hampton Hampton Theodore of Tarsus [358] 1897 First building 1927, rebuilt 1987
Our Lady of Loreto & St Winefride, Kew Kew Mary & Winifred [359] 1898 Building 1905
St Francis de Sales, Hampton Hill Hampton Hill Francis de Sales [360] 1920 Building 1928, reb 1966. Served by Mission of St Francis de Sales
St Margaret of Scotland, St Margarets St Margarets Margaret of Scotland [361] 1930 Building 1937, rebuilt 1969
St Edmund of Canterbury, Whitton Whitton Edmund of Abingdon [362] 1934 Building 1935, rebuilt 1961–1963
St Thomas Aquinas, Ham Ham Thomas Aquinas [363] 1952 Current building 1974 (was previously school)
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Richmond Richmond Mary [364] 1953–1954
St Osmund, Barnes Barnes Osmund [365] 1956–1958
Barnes Baptist Church Barnes [366] 1866 Baptist Current building 1934
East Sheen Baptist Church East Sheen [367] Baptist
Hampton Baptist Church Hampton [368] 1992 Baptist Union Planted from Teddington Baptist
Ham Christian Centre Ham 1928 Baptist Union[369]
Teddington Baptist Church Teddington [370] 1881 Baptist Building 1895, rebuilt 1956
Whitton Baptist Church Whitton [371] 1881 Baptist Rebuilt in Whitton 1935
Barnes Methodist Church Barnes [372] 1868 Methodist Current building 1906. Richmond & Hounslow Circuit[373]
Teddington Methodist Church Teddington [374] 1859 Rebuilt 1879, 1952
Hampton Methodist Church Hampton [375] 1861 Rebuilt 1926, 1963
Whitton Methodist Church Whitton 1938 Richmond & Hounslow Circuit[373]
Raleigh Road United Church Richmond 1868 Methodist / URC Methodist (reb. 1937) & URC (1898, reb. 1956) united 1995
Twickenham United Reformed Church Twickenham [376] c. 1835 URC Building 1844. Originally Congregational
Hampton Hill United Reformed Church Hampton Hill [377] 1867 URC Originally Congregational
Teddington Salvation Army Teddington Salvation Army[378]
Twickenham Salvation Army Twickenham Salvation Army[379]
Vineyard Life Church, Richmond Richmond [380] CF / Newground Building 1831, rebuilt 1851. 2013 merger of two churches
Christ Church Teddington Teddington [381] 1864 EFCC
Free Grace Baptist Church, Twickenham Twickenham [382] 1965 Grace Baptist SE
Amyand Park Chapel Twickenham [383] 1888 FIEC Current building 1952
Ebenezer Strict Baptist Chapel, Richmond Richmond 1829 Strict Baptist
Richmond Friends Meeting Richmond [384] Quakers
Parkside Community Church East Sheen Elim
Church of the Living God Richmond [385] 1989 Independent
Bethlehem Chapel, Richmond Richmond [386] 1797 Independent
Christian Fellowship in Richmond Richmond [387] 1951 Independent
Duke Street Church, Richmond Richmond [388] 1870 Independent Building 1881, rebuilt 1962
Defunct churches
Church name Location Dedication Founded Ended Denomination Notes
former church of All Saints Petersham All Saints 1899 1986; sold c.1996 Anglican Built 1899–1909
former Christ Church Richmond Jesus Christ 1864 1986 Anglican
former Kew Baptist Church Kew 1861 2020 GBSE / Co-Mission The congregation began in Richmond Green. It was revitalised in the 2010s by Co-Mission but closed in 2020.
former Richmond Green United Reformed Richmond 1877 URC The church's building on Little Green (opened in 1885 and closed in 2006) has been converted into residential flats.[389] Its subsequent building on Quadrant Road, opened in 2006 and closed in 2015, is now a Council library building.
former church of St Alban Teddington Saint Alban 1887 1977 Anglican Now the Landmark Arts Centre [379]
former Twickenham Methodist Church Twickenham 1880 2016 Methodist Current building 1899


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Peckham [380] Anglican
former All Saints Rotherhithe Anglican Demolished in 1952
Bermondsey Gospel Hall Bermondsey  –
Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel Borough [381] Welsh Congregational
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Elephant and Castle  –
Camberwell Green United Reformed Church Camberwell  – URC
Canada Water Church Rotherhithe [382] Presbyterian
Christ Church East Dulwich  – URC
Christ Church Southwark [383] 1957 Anglican Patron – Trustees of Marshall's Charity
Copleston Centre Church Peckham [384] 1880 Anglican / URC Joint space of C of E and URC.
Crossway United Reformed Church Elephant and Castle [385] URC
Dulwich Grove United Reformed Church East Dulwich [386] URC
English Martyrs' Priory Walworth [387] Roman Catholic served by Carmelites
Finnish Church and Seamen's Mission Rotherhithe  – Lutheran
Friends Meeting House Peckham  – Quakers
Grove Chapel Camberwell  – Reformed Evangelical
Haddon Hall Baptist Church Southwark  – Baptist
Heaton Road Church (The Gospel Hall) Peckham  – non-denominational
Herne Hill United Reformed Church Herne Hill  – URC
Loughborough Gospel Hall Camberwell  – non-denominational
Metropolitan Cathedral of St George Southwark [388] Roman Catholic
Metropolitan Tabernacle Elephant and Castle [389] Reformed Baptist
Most Holy Trinity Bermondsey [390] Roman Catholic
Nativity of the Mother of God Camberwell Greek Orthodox
Our Lady of La Salette & St Joseph Bermondsey  – Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Sorrows Peckham [391]
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Rotherhithe [392]
Precious Blood Borough  – served by the Salvatorians
Sacred Heart Camberwell [393]
St George the Martyr Southwark [394] Anglican
St Gertrude South Bermondsey  – Roman Catholic
St Giles Camberwell [395] 1844 Anglican
St James Bermondsey [396] 1827 Anglican
St James the Great Peckham Rye  – Roman Catholic
St John the Evangelist East Dulwich [397] 1865 Anglican Partially rebuilt in 1951 following enemy action
St John Horsleydown (only plinth remaining) Bermondsey  – Anglican
St Luke Peckham Camberwell [398] 1953 Anglican
St Margaret Clitherow Dulwich Wood  – Roman Catholic
St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey [399] 1675–79 Anglican
St Mary Rotherhithe [400] 1714 Anglican
St Olav's Norwegian Church Rotherhithe 1927 [401] Lutheran
St Peter Walworth [402] Anglican
St Peter & the Guardian Angels Rotherhithe  – Roman Catholic
St Stephen South Dulwich [403] 1868 Anglican
St Thomas Southwark  – Anglican
St Thomas More Dulwich  – Roman Catholic
St Thomas the Apostle Nunhead [404]- Roman Catholic
St Wilfrid Kennington Park  – Roman Catholic
Southwark Cathedral (St Saviour & St Mary Overie) Southwark c.606 [405] 1212 Anglican
The Globe Church Southwark [390] 2015 FIEC / Co-Mission Meets in Guy's Campus
The Wellspring Community Peckham 2015 [406] 2015 New Monastic Community Meets at St Luke's North Peckham and Copleston Church West Peckham


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Benhilton [407] Anglican
All Saints Hackbridge [408] Anglican
All Saints Carshalton [409] Anglican
Carshalton Beeches Free Baptist Church Carshalton [410] Free Baptist
Carshalton Methodist Church Carshalton [411] Methodist
Christ Church Sutton Anglican
Friends Meeting House Sutton Quakers
Holy Cross Carshalton [412] Roman Catholic
Holy Family Sutton Green [413] Roman Catholic
Holy Trinity Wallington [414] Anglican
London International church of Christ Sutton [415] International church of Christ
Our Lady of the Rosary Sutton [416] Roman Catholic
St Alban Cheam [417] Anglican
St Andrew Cheam [418] United Reformed
St Barnabas Sutton [419] Anglican
St Cecilia North Cheam [420] Roman Catholic
St Christopher Cheam [421] Roman Catholic
St Dunstan Cheam [422] Anglican
St Elphege Wallington [423] Roman Catholic
St Elphege's School Chapel Roundshaw Roman Catholic
St John the Baptist Belmont [424] Anglican and Methodist
St Margaret Carshalton [425] Roman Catholic
St Mary Beddington [426] Anglican
St Matthias Worcester Park [427] Roman Catholic
St Michael and All Angels South Beddington [428] Anglican
St Nicholas Sutton Anglican
St Patrick Wallington [429] Anglican
St Paul Roundshaw [430] Anglican
Sts Raphael & Basil the Great Sutton Greek Orthodox
Sutton Baptist Church Sutton [431] Baptist
Trinity Church Sutton [432] United Reformed and Methodist
Wallington Baptist Church Wallington [433] Baptist
Wallington Methodist Church Wallington [434] Methodist

Tower Hamlets

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Hallows, Bow Bow [435] Anglican
All Saints Poplar [436] Anglican
Bethnal Green Meeting House Bethnal Green  – URC
Bethnal Green Methodist Church Bethnal Green [437] Methodist
Bow Road Methodist Church Bow [438] Methodist
Bromley-by-Bow United Reformed Church Bromley-by-Bow URC
Christ Church Spitalfields [439] Anglican
East London Tabernacle Mile End [440] Baptist
English Martyrs Tower Hill [441] Roman Catholic served by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
Guardian Angels Mile End [442] Roman Catholic
Great Light Connections Canary Wharf [443] RCCG
Holy Name & Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Bow [444] Roman Catholic
Old Ford Methodist Church Old Ford [445] Methodist
Our Lady & St Catherine of Siena Bow [446] Roman Catholic
Our Lady Immaculate Limehouse [447] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of the Assumption Priory Bethnal Green [448] Roman Catholic served by the Assumptionists
Poplar Methodist Church Poplar [449] Methodist
Ratcliff Friends Meeting House Bethnal Green  – Quakers
Simple Churches in East London Poplar, Isle of Dogs  – Simple Church
St Anne Limehouse [450] Anglican
St Anne Whitechapel [451] Roman Catholic
St Barnabas Bethnal Green Bow [452] Anglican
St Boniface Aldgate [453] Roman Catholic German church
St. Casimir's Lithuanian Church Bethnal Green [454] Roman Catholic Lithuanian church
St Dunstan Stepney [455] Anglican
St Edmund Millwall [456] Roman Catholic
St George's German Lutheran Church Whitechapel  – 1762–1995 Lutheran Oldest surviving German Lutheran church in the UK
St George in the East Wapping  – Anglican
St Mary & Holy Trinity (Bow Church) Bow  –
St James-the-Less Bethnal Green website
St John on Bethnal Green Bethnal Green [457]
St John's Chapel Tower of London 1080; oldest church structure in London
St Mary & St Joseph Poplar [458] Roman Catholic
St Mary & St Michael Shadwell [459] Roman Catholic
St Matthew Bethnal Green [460] Anglican
St Matthias Old Church Poplar  – Anglican
St Nicholas Poplar [461] Anglican
St Patrick Wapping [462] Roman Catholic
St Paul Cubitt Town  – URC
St Paul Shadwell [463] Anglican
St Paul's Bow Common Bow [464]
St Paul Old Ford Bow [465]
St. Peter's Barge Canary Wharf [466] Evangelical, plant from St Helen's Bishopsgate
St Peter ad Vincula Tower of London Royal Peculiar
St Peter's Bethnal Green Bethnal Green [467]
St Peter's London Docks Wapping [468]
Stepney Meeting House Stepney [469] URC
Tower Hamlets Community Church Bow [470] Assemblies of God
Trinity Independent Chapel Poplar  – Methodist (formerly Congregational)
Whitechapel Mission Whitechapel [471] Methodist
Zoar Chapel Whitechapel [472] Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Waltham Forest

Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Chingford All Saints Day [473] before 1181 Anglican Grade II* listed
All Saints Highams Park  – Anglican
All Saints Leyton  – Anglican
Chingford United Reformed Church Chingford [474] 1888 URC Grade II listed
Christ Church Leyton [475] Anglican
Christ the King Chingford  – Roman Catholic
Congregational Church Chingford Congregational
Emmanuel Leyton [476] 1902 Anglican Grade II listed
Grange Park United Reformed Church Leyton URC
Highams Park United Reformed Church Highams Park  –
Holy Trinity & St Augustine of Hippo Leytonstone [477] Anglican also used by Roman Catholic and Pentecostal
Kingsway International Christian Centre Walthamstow
Leytonstone United Free Church Leytonstone [478] Baptist / URC
North Chingford Methodist Church Chingford Methodist
Our Lady & St George Walthamstow [479] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa of Avila Chingford  – Roman Catholic Grade II listed
Our Lady of the Rosary & St Patrick Walthamstow  – Roman Catholic
Potter's House Leytonstone  – Potter's House
Potter's House Walthamstow  – Potter's House
St Andrew Leytonstone [480] 1882 Anglican Grade II listed
St Andrew's Christian Centre Walthamstow  –
St Anne Chingford  –
St Barnabas Walthamstow [481] Grade II listed
The Cornerstone Leyton [482]
St Edmund Chingford  –
SS Eleutherius, Anthia & Luke the Evan Leyton Greek Orthodox
St Francis Chingford  – Anglican
St Gabriel Walthamstow  –
St John Walthamstow  –
St John the Baptist, Leytonstone Leytonstone [483] 1833 Grade II Listed
St Joseph Leyton [484] Roman Catholic
St Luke Walthamstow  – Anglican
St Margaret with St Columba Leytonstone  –
St Mary the Virgin Walthamstow  –
St Mary with St Edward & St Luke Leyton  – before 1200 Grade II* listed
St Michael & All Angels Walthamstow  –
St Peter & St Paul Chingford [485] Grade II listed
St Peter-in-the-Forest Walthamstow  – Grade II listed
St Saviour Walthamstow  –
St Stephen Walthamstow  –
South Grove Free Presbyterian Church Walthamstow [486] Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster the church's only London building
Trinity Walthamstow URC Walthamstow [487] URC
United Free Church Leytonstone [488] URC
Walthamstow Meeting House Walthamstow  – Quakers
Walthamstow U. R. Asian Christian Church Leyton URC


Church name Location Dedication Web Founded Denomination Notes
All Saints Putney Common [489] Anglican Liberal Catholic churchmanship; also used by Roman Catholic
All Saints Tooting  –
All Saints Wandsworth [490]
Ascension of the Lord Lavender Hill [491] Anglo-Catholic
Christ Church Balham [492] Evangelical
Croatian National Chaplaincy Clapham [493] Roman Catholic served by the Order of Friars Minor
Holy Trinity Wandsworth [494] Anglican
Holy Ghost Balham [495] Roman Catholic
Longley Road Gospel Hall Tooting  – non-denominational
Our Lady & St Peter Wimbledon Common [496] Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St Joseph Battersea Park [497] Roman Catholic served by the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of Pity & St Simon Stock Putney [498] Roman Catholic
Redeemed Christian Church of God FOCC Fulham and Chelsea [499] Pentecostal
Sacred Heart West Battersea [500] Roman Catholic
Shaftesbury Christian Centre Battersea [501]
St Anne Wandsworth Anglican
St Andrew Balham URC
St Andrew Battersea URC
St Anselm Tooting Bec [502] Roman Catholic
St Boniface Tooting [503]
St Gregory Earlsfield  –
St John the Evangelist (Polish Church) Putney [504] served by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart
St Joseph Roehampton  –
St Mark Balham [505] URC
St Mark's, Battersea Rise Clapham Junction [506] Anglican
St Mary Battersea [507] Anglican
St Mary Putney [508] Anglican Liberal Catholic churchmanship
St Mary Magdalen Wandsworth [509] Roman Catholic
St Nectarius Battersea [510] Greek Orthodox
St Nicholas Tooting  – Anglican
St Thomas a Becket Wandsworth [511] Roman Catholic
St Vincent de Paul Clapham Common [512] Roman Catholic
The Bridge Battersea [513]
Tooting United Reformed Church Tooting  – URC
Trinity Road Chapel Upper Tooting [514] FIEC
Wandsworth Meeting House Wandsworth  – Quakers
Werter Road Baptist Church Putney  – Baptist
West Side Church Wandsworth [515]

City of Westminster

Non-English speaking churches

There are many examples throughout Greater London of English-speaking churches which also provide regular worship in one or more secondary languages,[391] particularly amongst the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. Numerous English-speaking Roman Catholic churches in London provide worship in assorted non-English languages, including Arabic, Aramaic, Cantonese, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latin, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Syriac, Tamil and Tigrinya. The Eastern Orthodox churches in London also provide worship in many non-English languages, including Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

The following table lists churches which conduct their worship in modern languages other than English, or English-speaking churches which have notable non-Anglophone congregations based in the same building.

Church name Denomination (if any) Location Language
Assembléia de Deus Stamford Hill Portuguese
Assembléia de Deus de Londres Park Royal Portuguese
Beckton Chinese Gospel Church Beckton Chinese
Bendiciendo a las Naciones, Iglesia Cristiana de Newham Canning Town Spanish
Bethany Church of God Southall Tamil
Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs Russian Orthodox Gunnersbury Russian, Old Church Slavonic
Chinese Church in London Worship and Ministry Centre Hammersmith Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Chinese Church in London Colindale Congregation Colindale Chinese
Chinese Church in London Croydon Congregation Croydon Chinese
Chinese Church in London Hounslow Congregation Hounslow Chinese
Chinese Church in London New Soho Congregation Soho Chinese
Chinese Congregation of the Methodist Church Methodist Epsom Chinese
Chinese Student and Scholar Christian Fellowship Fulham Chinese
Church of the Good Shepherd Georgian Orthodox Upper Clapton Georgian
Comunidad Cristiana de Londres Elephant and Castle Spanish
Confraternidad Bautista de Londres Tulse Hill Spanish
Divine Christian Church Wembley Tamil
Dutch Church, Austin Friars Reformed City of London Dutch
East London Chinese Christian Church Poplar Chinese
East London Christian Fellowship Centre Newbury Park Chinese
East London Portuguese Speaking Seventh-day Adventist Church 7th-day Adventist Little Ilford Portuguese
Eglwys Gymraeg Canol Llundain (The Welsh Church of Central London) Baptist Westminster (Eastcastle Street) Welsh
Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Manor Park, Ilford, Barnet, Walthamstow, Newbury Park Tamil
Emmanuel Evangelical Church Westminster Chinese
Faith Church of God Morden, Wembley, East Ham, North Harrow Tamil
Finnish Seamen's Church Lutheran Rotherhithe Finnish
Grace Church Mitcham Tamil
Grace Evangelical Church Crouch End Tamil
Holy Trinity, Brook Green (Syriac Catholic congregation) Roman Catholic/Syriac Catholic Hammersmith Arabic, Aramaic
Japanese ECC Japanese Church nondenominational Ealing Japanese
Japanese Anglican Church Anglican Ealing Japanese
Japanese Reformed Church Anglican/Lutheran St Botolph's Aldersgate, City of London Japanese
Korean Church New Malden Korean
London Chinese Alliance Church Harrow Chinese
London Chinese Fellowship Elephant and Castle Chinese
London Chinese Lutheran Church Lutheran Fitzrovia Chinese
London Chinese Scholar Christian Fellowship Kings Cross Chinese
London Spanish Speaking Charasmic Baptist Church Baptist West Norwood Spanish
Notre Dame de France Roman Catholic Leicester Square French
Our Lady of Hungary Roman Catholic Ealing Hungarian
Our Lady Mother of the Church Roman Catholic Ealing Polish
Our Lady of Czestochowa and Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Islington Polish
Polish Church of the Evangelist Roman Catholic Putney Polish
Rhenish Church Covent Garden Chinese
Russian Speaking Adventist Church 7th-day Adventist Furzedown Russian
South London Alliance Church Colliers Wood Chinese
St Anne's Lutheran Church Lutheran City of London Swahili
St Andrew Bobola Polish Church Roman Catholic Shepherd's Bush Polish
St Benet's Metropolitan Welsh Church Anglican City of London (London EC4) Welsh
St Boniface's German Church Roman Catholic Whitechapel German
St Casimir's Lithuanian Church Roman Catholic Cambridge Heath Lithuanian
St Catherine's Danish Church Lutheran Camden Town Danish
St David's Welsh Church Anglican Paddington Green Welsh
St Dunstan-in-the-West (Romanian Orthodox congregation) Romanian Orthodox City of London Romanian
St Martin-in-the-Fields (Anglican Chinese Congregation) Anglican Trafalgar Square Mandarin & Cantonese
St Olav's Norwegian Church Lutheran Rotherhithe Norwegian
St Peter's Italian Church Roman Catholic Clerkenwell Italian
St Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Kensington Armenian
St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Serbian Orthodox Notting Hill Serbian
St Sophia's Cathedral Greek Orthodox Bayswater Greek
St Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Ham German
Tamil Church of God Palmers Green Tamil
Ulrika Eleonora Church Lutheran Marylebone Swedish

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