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This is a list of common land in London, England. Most common land in England is registered for the purposes of the Commons Act 2006, but some commons are protected under separate local acts, such as Wimbledon and Putney Commons, which are protected under the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Act 1871.

Registered land

The following are common lands registered for the purposes of the Commons Act 2006.[1][2]

Name Borough Area (hectares)
Acton Green Ealing 5.9
Back Green Kingston upon Thames 0.7
Barnes Common and Barnes Green Richmond upon Thames 49.55
Biggin Hill Green Bromley 0.17
Blackheath Lewisham/Greenwich 85.58
Bostall Heath Greenwich 29.88
Bradmore Green Croydon 1.5
Broadstreet Green Bromley 1.65
Brook Green Hammersmith and Fulham 2.05
Broomhill Common Bromley 0.71
Castlebar Green Ealing 0.1
Chiswick Common Hounslow 3.2
Cholmondeley Walk Richmond upon Thames 0.24
Clapham Common Wandsworth/Lambeth 78.01
Clapham Common (part) Wandsworth 0.16
Clapton Common Hackney 2.58
Cuckoo Green Ealing 0.1
Darrick Common Bromley 0.9
Drayton Green Ealing 1.2
Ealing Common Ealing 15.65
Ealing Green Ealing 1.3
East Acton Green Ealing 0.3
East Sheen Common Richmond upon Thames 21.29
Eel Brook Common[notes 1] Hammersmith and Fulham 6.09
Eltham Common Greenwich 13.02
Farnborough Common Bromley 4.97
Friars Place Green Ealing 0.1
Frogmore Green Ealing 0.1
Garratt Green[notes 2] Wandsworth 3.2
Goose Green Southwark 2
Green Street Green Bromley 3.94
Gumping Common Bromley 0.4
Hackney Downs Hackney 16.48
Hackney Marsh Hackney/Waltham Forest 136.01
Hainault Forest, known as Lambourne Common Redbridge (extends into Epping Forest District) 79.92
Ham Common Richmond upon Thames 48.69
Hammers Hill Waste (part of the waste of the Manor of Hendon) Barnet 0.5
Hampstead Heath Camden 144.93
Harrow Weald Common Harrow 19.55
Haven Green Ealing 0.83
Hayes Common Bromley 91.1
Ickenham Green Hillingdon 6.5
Ickenham Marsh Hillingdon 7.62
Keston Common Bromley 21.48
Kew Pond Richmond upon Thames 0.18
Kidbrooke Green Greenwich 1.37
Lacey Green Croydon 0.42
Land at junction of Tudor Gardens and Prince's Gardens Ealing 0.04
Land between Church Street and The Thames Hounslow 0.02
Land called Broadwalk Camden 0.1
Land either side of Bird Lane and Hall Lane Havering 3.29
Land in Accommodation Lane Hillingdon 0.14
Land in Bath Road Hillingdon 0.1
Land in Bath Road Hillingdon 0.09
Land in Bird Lane Havering 3.38
Land in the London Borough of Southwark Southwark 0.6
Land in front of Dulwich College Southwark 0.5
Land in front of 11–25 and 33–41, College Road Southwark 0.5
Land in front of 93–115, Dulwich Village Southwark 0.3
Land in Hall Lane Havering 2.54
Land in Moor Lane Hillingdon 0.07
Land in Moor Lane Hillingdon 0.12
Land in Moor Lane Hillingdon 0.04
Land on Colnbrook by-pass Hillingdon 0.19
Land opposite Turnham Green Post Office Hounslow 0.03
Large Poor's Field, Ruislip Common Hillingdon 16.38
Leaves Green Bromley 7.52
Little Common Harrow 2.5
Little Eltham Common (King George's Fields/Kidbrooke Common) Greenwich 1.99
Little Wormwood Scrubs Hammersmith and Fulham 8.42
London Fields Hackney 12.84
Malden Green Kingston upon Thames 2.11
Mattock Green Ealing 0.4
Milespit Hill Waste (part of the waste of the Manor of Hendon) Barnet 0.9
Mitcham Common Merton 182
Monken Hadley Common Barnet 73.49
No Man's Land Hillingdon 1.4
North Millfields Hackney 9.94
Northolt Village Green Ealing 0.8
Nunhead Green Southwark 0.18
Old Hill Bromley 0.83
Old Oak Common[notes 3] Ealing 3.92
Palewell Common Richmond upon Thames 5.83
Parsons Green Hammersmith and Fulham 1.03
Peckham Rye Common Southwark 22.5
Pesthouse Common Richmond upon Thames 0.93
Petersham Common Richmond upon Thames 7.01
Pickhurst Green Bromley 3.16
Plough Green Kingston upon Thames 0.21
Plumstead Common[notes 4] Greenwich 40.83
Poor's Field Hillingdon 5.08
Pratt's Bottom Green Bromley 0.6
Public footpath alongside 3, St Mary's Grove Hounslow 0.01
River Wandle (part) Sutton 0.12
Rowley Green Barnet 8.8
Rushett Common Kingston upon Thames 7.2
Shepherds Bush Common Hammersmith and Fulham 3.13
Short Lots Richmond upon Thames 0.55
Shoulder of Mutton Green Bexley 1.5
South Millfields Hackney 14.99
Sparrow Common Bromley 0.2
Stamford Brook Common Hounslow 1.02
Stanmore Common Harrow 48.15
Stanmore Marsh Harrow 3.91
Stoke Newington Common Hackney 2.15
Streatham Common Lambeth 23.93
The River Walk and Towpath Richmond upon Thames 2.56
The Rookery Lambeth 3.88
Tooting Bec Common Wandsworth/Lambeth 58.12
Tooting Graveney Common Wandsworth 22.13
Totteridge Common and Totteridge Green Barnet 13.92
Turnham Green Common Hounslow 2.98
Tylers Common Havering 32.06
Tylers Common (part) Havering 0.19
Tylers Common (part) Havering 0.53
Uxbridge Common Hillingdon 5.63
Uxbridge Common (part) Hillingdon 5.69
Wandsworth Common Wandsworth 69.43
Watts Common Hillingdon 2.27
Well Street Common Hackney 8.66
Westerley Ware Richmond upon Thames 1.11
Winn's Common Greenwich ?
Wise Lane Waste (part of the waste of the Manor of Hendon) Barnet 0.66
Woolwich Common Greenwich 60
Wormwood Scrubs Hammersmith and Fulham 73.47


  1. ^ Listed on register as Eelbrook Common
  2. ^ Listed on register as Garrett Green
  3. ^ Listed on register as Old Oaks Common
  4. ^ Listed on register as Plumstead Green


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