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State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch
TypeState enterprise
IndustryDefense industry
Founded1965 (1965)
Headquarters2, vul. Yuriya Illyenka,
KyivCoordinates: 50°27′49″N 30°28′57″E / 50.46361°N 30.48250°E / 50.46361; 30.48250
Area served
Key people
ProductsMissiles, Rocket engines, Electronics

Luch Design Bureau (Ukrainian: Державне Київське конструкторське бюро «Луч»), located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a major Ukrainian developer of components for defense industry.[1]

The company is in close co-operation with the Artem holding company, also located in Kyiv. Artem is the main manufacturer of the models developed by the Luch Design Bureau.

The company was first established in Ukraine in 1965 and quickly became a leading Soviet developer of automated control systems and diagnostics systems in aviation engineering.[2]


Vilkha MLRS
Alta helicopter launched ATGM

List of products[3][1]

  • Various types of anti tank guided missiles(ATGM), anti tank weapons systems, multiple rocket launcher(MLRS), air-launched weapons and naval guided weapons systems.[1]
  • flight control systems, electric steering gear blocks and other components for guided precision weaponry
  • automatic control systems and systems for guided precision weaponry diagnostics
  • modernization of aviation weapons control systems
  • lifetime prolongation and restoration of guided precision weapons
  • telemetric systems for guided ammunition tests
  • optical electronic systems for tank and artillery guns, barrel bending angle measurement
  • and a number of others products


A Skif ATGM on a tripod

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