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Type of site
Entertainment news, movie reviews and releases, forums, and videos.[1]
OwnerValnet Inc.
RegistrationOptional, registration needed for some services
Current statusActive

MovieWeb is an entertainment news website and video brand.


MovieWeb reports on entertainment news through their long-running website and related social media and video platforms. The site also maintains a searchable database of films.[2][3][4]


MovieWeb first launched in 1995; by 1997 it was reported to be in operation supported by a 4-person team publishing movie information that, while not 'slick', had a 'certain charm'.[1][5][6] Previously, MovieWeb was owned by WatchR Media, Inc., a privately held Las Vegas company.[7] In 2021 it was estimated the Movieweb website had 8 million unique visits for the month of July. Movieweb has been owned and operated by online publisher Valnet Inc since September 2021 upon completion of the acquisition from WatchR.[8]


In August 2000, MovieWeb announced a collaboration with video rental chain Video Update and video retail software provider Unique Business Systems Inc.[9]

MovieWeb acts as a distribution partner of Hulu.[10] MovieWeb also produces video content for[11]


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