Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously

2016 film by Patrick Meaney

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Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously
Neil Gaiman Dream Dangerously Poster.png
Directed byPatrick Meaney
Produced by
Patrick Meaney
Mike Phillips
Jordan Rennert
Julian Darius
Cat Mihos
Morgan Peter Brown
Geoffrey Notkin
CinematographyJordan Rennert
Edited byPatrick Meaney
Music byPrecious Child
Sequart Organization, Respect! Films
Distributed byVimeo
Release date
  • July 2, 2016 (2016-07-02)
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited States

Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously is a feature-length documentary that takes an in depth look at the life, career and mind of the English fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. Dream Dangerously follows Gaiman on his 2013 signing tour, and also delves into his creative process and personal background. It includes interviews with friends artists, editors and other industry professionals.


Dream Dangerously is co-produced by Sequart and Respect Films. The film grew out of preview collaborations Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts.[1] The team felt that Gaiman would be a perfect subject for a next project. At the time, Gaiman was preparing for his final signing tour, which became one of the central subjects of the documentary.

Meaney and Rennert followed Gaiman on his tour in the US and through all of England. This footage became the spine of the film.[2]

This material was supplemented with interviews with Gaiman's collaborators, like DC editor Karen Berger, author Terry Pratchett, as well as his friends and fans like Bill Hader, Michael Sheen, Geoffrey Notkin, and Lenny Henry.[3]


The film follows Neil on his final book signing tour, across the US and UK. While dealing with the challenges of his extensive tour, he reflects on his youth, early creative success and the struggles of balancing creativity and life.


The film was acquired for distribution by Vimeo, and released in July 2016.[4] It is currently available on Vimeo on Demand and Starz. A Blu-Ray edition was released in September of 2018 by Brink Vision.[5]

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