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Allianz Dome
Allianz Dome.jpg
Allianz Wall e Parquet.jpg
The central arena during an home match (2018)
Full namePalazzo Dello Sport Cesare Rubini di Trieste[1][2]
Former namesPalazzo Dello Sport di Trieste (1999-2011)
Alma Arena (2017-2018)[3]
LocationVia Flavia, 3 34100 TRIESTE (TS), Italy[4]
Coordinates45°37′21.99″N 13°47′41.84″E / 45.6227750°N 13.7949556°E / 45.6227750; 13.7949556Coordinates: 45°37′21.99″N 13°47′41.84″E / 45.6227750°N 13.7949556°E / 45.6227750; 13.7949556
OwnerCity of Trieste
Capacity6,943 (Basketball)[4]
ArchitectStudio TECO+ Partners (Bologna)
Alma Pallacanestro Trieste (LBA) (1999-present)

PalaTrieste, or Allianz Dome for sponsorship reasons,[5] officially known as Palazzo dello sport Cesare Rubini[1] is an indoor sporting arena located in Trieste, Italy. Opened in 1999,[2] it has a seating capacity for 6,943 people[4] and is currently home for Allianz Pallacanestro Trieste basketball team.


Allianz sponsorship

All started when, in 2015, Allianz became new top sponsor of the Italian basketball team Pallacanestro Trieste, based in PalaTrieste.[6]

In 2017, the German insurance company sponsored a new parquet basketball court,[7] and later in 2018, a new scoreboard called Allianz Wall was installed in the Trieste arena.[8]

In 2018 Allianz signed a deal to become new title sponsor of the arena, so PalaTrieste officially became Allianz Dome until 2023.[9]


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