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A pamper party, or pampering party, is a female-oriented party in which the guests receives beauty and massage treatments and generally spend time to indulge and pamper themselves.[1]

Pamper parties are usually held in the hostess's home, but they are sometimes offered by spas and salons. In the UK, a pamper party is a popular component of a hen party or hen weekend, which would be termed a bachelorette party in the US,

Pamper parties are usually considered to be a healthy indulgence; in addition to pampering treatments, the hostess usually provides healthy snacks, fruit juices and smoothies.[citation needed]

Children's pamper parties

Pamper parties may also be organized as a variation to a girl's birthday party for slightly older children in which the theme of the event seeks to mimic an adult pamper party in a safe environment, such as a parent's home. They combine elements of children's parties, such as party-bags, with elements of adult pamper parties, such as cosmetics and well-being, in a child-friendly manner with "pamper baskets" typically being given to younger guests.[2] It is common for the events to be combined with a sleepover, slumber party or pajama party. Similarly, it is a form is "rite of passage" from childhood to adulthood.

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