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American podcaster, author, and blogger

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Paul Thurrott
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Thurrott in 2012
BornOctober 29, 1966 (1966-10-29) (age 54)[1][2]
Occupationreporter, author, podcaster, editor
Known forPaul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
Spouse(s)Stephanie Thurrott[3]

Paul Brian Thurrott (born October 29, 1966)[1][2] is a technology podcaster, published author, reviewer, and blogger on his website in collaboration with He regularly writes how-to articles and posts his personal comments, previews, and reviews for betas and completed Microsoft products, such as Windows, Microsoft Surface, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, and other products.


Thurrott is a co-host of the Windows Weekly podcast on the network, hosted by Leo Laporte and also co-hosted with journalist Mary Jo Foley. Windows Weekly focuses on weekly expert commentary about news of Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and other Microsoft and computing related topics. Windows Weekly attracts approximately 80,000 downloads for each episode.

In 2011, he also became a regular contributor to the GFQ Network, and co-host of What The Tech, a podcast along with co-host and GFQ Network founder, Andrew Zarian.

First Ring Daily is a daily podcast co-hosted by Thurrott with Brad Sams that began September 2016.[4] The initial episode was filmed at the Microsoft Ignite conference.


Thurrott has written a range of books on programming languages and Microsoft's operating systems.

Title Co-Author Publication Date ISBN
Windows NT 5.0 Networking (Unknown) (Unknown)
Delphi 3 Superbible March 1997 ISBN 1-57169-027-1
Unlocking Active Server Pages June 1997 ISBN 1-56205-752-9
Implementing Microsoft Visual InterDev September 1997 ISBN 1-56604-744-7
VBScript for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide) October 1997 ISBN 0-201-68892-1
Cascading Style Sheets: A Primer November 1997 ISBN 1-55828-579-2
SELECT: Projects for Visual Basic 6.0 March 1999 ISBN 0-201-61193-7
Visual InterDev 6 Unleashed April 1999 ISBN 0-672-31262-X
Great Digital Media with Windows XP September 2001 ISBN 0-7645-3620-6
Windows XP Home Networking November 2004 (2nd edition) ISBN 0-7645-7816-2
Microsoft Windows XP Power Toolkit Walter Bruce, David Chernicoff August 2002 ISBN 81-203-2273-8
Windows Vista Secrets Brian Livingston 2007 ISBN 0-7645-7704-2
Windows Vista Secrets: SP1 Edition October 2008 ISBN 0-470-24200-0
Windows 7 Secrets Rafael Rivera September 2009 ISBN 0-470-50841-8
Windows Phone 7 Secrets November 2010 ISBN 0-470-88659-5
Windows 8 Secrets Rafael Rivera October 2012 ISBN 1-118-20413-1
Windows 10 Field Guide Rafael Rivera, Martin McClean 2019 Online Publication


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