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President of World Bank Group
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David Malpass

since April 9, 2019
Term lengthFive years, renewable

The President of the World Bank Group is the head of World Bank Group. The president is responsible for chairing the meetings of the Boards of Directors and for overall management of the World Bank Group. Traditionally, the World Bank Group President has always been an American citizen nominated by the United States, the largest shareholder in the World Bank Group. The nominee is subject to confirmation by the Board of Executive Directors, to serve for a five-year, renewable term. While most World Bank Group presidents have had banking experience, some have not.[1][2]

List of World Bank Group Presidents

  Denotes an Acting President of the World Bank Group
# Portrait Name Dates Nationality Background Notes
1 EugeneMeyer.jpg Eugene Meyer 1946  United States Chair of the Federal Reserve,
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Publisher of The Washington Post
First World Bank Group President
2 John J. McCloy - Project Gutenberg etext 20587.jpg John J. McCloy 1947–1949  United States Lawyer,
US Assistant Secretary of War
First World Bank Group President with military background
3 Eugene R Black.jpg Eugene R. Black, Sr. 1949–1963  United States Bank executive with Chase Manhattan Bank,
Executive director with the World Bank
4 George Woods 1963–1968  United States Bank executive with First Boston Corporation
5 Robert McNamara official portrait.jpg Robert McNamara 1968–1981  United States US Secretary of Defense,
Business executive with Ford Motor Company
6 Alden W. Clausen 1981–1986  United States Lawyer,
President and CEO with Bank of America
7 Barber Conable.jpg Barber Conable 1986–1991  United States NY State Senator,
US Representative
8 Lewis T. Preston 1991–1995  United States Bank executive with J.P. Morgan & Co.
9 James D. Wolfensohn 2003.jpg Sir James Wolfensohn 1995–2005  Australia
 United States[note 1]
Corporate lawyer, Banker First World Bank Group President born outside United States
First World Bank Group President from Australia
10 Paul Wolfowitz.jpg Paul Wolfowitz 2005–2007  United States Various cabinet and government positions;
US Ambassador to Indonesia,
US Deputy Secretary of Defense,
US Assistant Secretary of State
11 Zoellick, Robert (official portrait 2008).jpg Robert Zoellick 2007–2012  United States Bank executive with Goldman Sachs,
Deputy Secretary of State,
US Trade Representative
12 Jim Yong Kim (cropped).jpg Jim Yong Kim 2012–2019  South Korea
 United States
Korean-American physician and anthropologist,
Co-founder of Partners in Health,
President of Dartmouth College.[3]
First World Bank Group President born in Asia
First World Bank Group President from South Korea
Kristalina Georgieva Headshot (cropped).jpg Kristalina Georgieva
2019  Bulgaria Chief Executive of the World Bank
European Commissioner for the Budget and Human Resources during Juncker Commission
European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development during Barroso Commission
European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management during Barroso Commission.
First woman serving as the World Bank Group President
First acting World Bank Group President
First World Bank Group President born in Europe
First World Bank Group President from European Union and from Bulgaria.[4][5]
13 David Malpass, World Bank Group President (cropped).jpg David Malpass 2019–present  United States Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
Chief economist at Bear Stearns


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  1. ^ The World Bank President is traditionally an American citizen. Wolfensohn was naturalized as American citizen before taking office.

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