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Procor Limited
IndustrySpecial railcar leasing and repair
Founded1952; 69 years ago (1952) in Canada (as Products Tank Line Limited)
ProductsTank car, Hopper car, Gondola car (before 2002)
OwnerUnion Tank Car Company (since 1952)

Procor is a Canadian company producing railway shipping cars. It is Canada's largest private rail car rental fleet, with more than 21,000 conventional and special-purpose tank and freight cars.

Linked to Sparling Tank Car of Toronto,[1] Procor was founded in 1952 as Products Tank Line Limited and became an affiliate of US-based Union Tank Car Company. The company, which shortened its name to Procor in 1962, is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario.[2][3]

Manufacturing and Repair

Procor manufactured cars in its Oakville shops Canada until 2002, but now sources from parent Union Tank Car's plant in Alexandria, Louisiana and Sheldon, Texas.[4][5]

List of cars once manufactured by Procor:

  • Hopper car
  • Tank car - (sulphuric acid, LPG, ethanol)
  • Funnel flow tank car
  • Coal gondola

Procor operates from numerous locations across Canada.

Repair Shops

Mobile/mini shops

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