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The Public Relations Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed, electronic academic journal covering topics having to do with public relations and communication studies. It is published quarterly by the Public Relations Society of America. The editor-in-chief is Donald K. Wright (Boston University).


The Public Relations Journal was established in 1945 by Rex F. Harlow (American Council on Public Relations).[1] After this council and the National Association of Public Relations Counsel merged to form the Public Relations Society of America in 1947, it became a monthly publication of the latter society.[2] It was published until 1994, after which it was superseded by two publications, the monthly PR Tactics and the quarterly The Strategist.[3] However, the original Public Relations Journal had an editorial focus towards news, trends, and how-to information about the practice of public relations. The new journal is dedicated to the online publishing of research articles that examine public relations in depth and/or create, test, or expand public relations theory.


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