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Robby Novak
Kid President in White House 2013 Easter Egg Roll Promo.jpg
Novak as Kid President in 2013
Born (2004-01-26) January 26, 2004 (age 17)
Years active2012–2016; 2019
Known forKid President

Robby Novak (born January 26, 2004) is an American media personality best known for portraying Kid President on YouTube and on television.[1] He is featured in a series of YouTube videos and in a television show, produced by actor Rainn Wilson, and SoulPancake. Novak's first YouTube clip as Kid President, written and directed by his brother-in-law Brad Montague, was uploaded in the summer of 2012 and subsequently published on SoulPancake's YouTube channel in October 2012.[2] Novak was featured in a television show on Hub Network called Kid President: Declaration of Awesome in the summer of 2014.[3][4] In October 2019, the first episode of a new YouTube series titled Are We There Yet? was uploaded on SoulPancake's YouTube channel.[5] The series will show Novak and Montague's trip around the United States in which they meet children who are trying to "make the world a little more awesome".[6][5]


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