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Encyclopedia from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia logo, formerly known as Krypton Radio, is an American Internet radio station focused on science fiction and geek culture.[1] Its continual broadcast includes music from movies, television, and games; discussions; radio series (including The Shadow, The Adventures of Superman, and X Minus 1); and science-fiction themed talk shows. Its website also features columns and articles on science fiction, science, and geek culture. It is heard in well over 100 countries.[2][3][1][4]

Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow had wanted, but didn't find, a science-fiction oriented radio station to listen to while doing online gaming. So Turnbow, with assistance from Fox, started Krypton Radio in 2009.[1] In 2011, the station that began as a hobby became a business, and in 2013 the station incorporated. The business became self-sustaining in 2015.[1]

The station changed its name to in 2021. Fox serves as executive producer, and the station's founder Turnbow serves as station manager.[3] The station is owned by Krypton Media Group, Inc., a privately held California Chapter S corporation, for which Fox and Turnbow are founders and board members.[5][6] Fox and Turnbow were selected as guests of honor for the 2022 Loscon 48 science fiction and fantasy convention held by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society in Los Angeles.[7]


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