Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022
Country Spain
National selection
Selection processBenidorm Fest 2022
Selection date(s)Semi-finals:
26 January 2022
27 January 2022
29 January 2022
Selected entrantChanel
Selected song"SloMo"
Selected songwriter(s)
Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄2021 2022

Spain is set to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, with the song "SloMo" performed by Chanel. The Spanish broadcaster Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE), together with the Generalitat Valenciana organised Benidorm Fest in order to select the Spanish entry for the 2022 contest. Benidorm Fest consisted of two semi-finals on 26 and 27 January and the final on 29 January 2022. A total of thirteen artists and songs competed, and the winner was determined by a combination of votes from an expert jury, a demoscopic panel and a televote.


Prior to the 2022 contest, Spain had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest sixty times since its first entry in 1961.[1] The nation has won the contest on two occasions: in 1968 with the song "La, la, la" performed by Massiel and in 1969 with the song "Vivo cantando" performed by Salomé, the latter having won in a four-way tie with France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Spain has also finished second four times, with Karina in 1971, Mocedades in 1973, Betty Missiego in 1979 and Anabel Conde in 1995. In 2021, Spain placed twenty-fourth with the song "Voy a quedarme" performed by Blas Cantó.

The Spanish national broadcaster, Televisión Española (TVE), broadcasts the event within Spain and organises the selection process for the nation's entry. TVE confirmed their intentions to participate at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest on 3 June 2021.[2] In 2021, TVE selected the artist that would compete at the Eurovision Song Contest via an internal selection, while the song was selected via a national final. For their 2022 entry, the broadcaster announced on 22 July 2021 that it would organise a national final based on the national song contest Festival Español de la Canción de Benidorm in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana, which will feature a competition among several artists and songs.[3]

Before Eurovision

Benidorm Fest 2022

Benidorm Fest 2022 was the song festival organised by RTVE and Generalitat Valenciana that took place at the Palau Municipal d'Esports l'Illa de Benidorm in Benidorm, Valencian Community, hosted by Alaska, Inés Hernand and Máximo Huerta.[4] Thirteen (originally fourteen) artists and songs competed over three shows: two semi-finals on 26 and 27 January 2022 and the final on 29 January 2022.[5] The Generalitat Valenciana invested around €968,000 in the event.[6]


The semi-finals were broadcast on two consecutive nights of the same week. In each of these, six or even songs compete, with four of them making it to the finals.[7] The voting system consisted the televote (50%), a demoscopic panel of judges made up of a sample of the Spanish population selected by statistical and demoscopic criteria (25%), and a national and international jury vote (50%). At the end of each show, the song with the most points is declared the winner and is granted the opportunity to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. Split results of the voting were only published for the final.

Competing entries

On 29 September 2021, RTVE opened a one-month period (later extended until 10 November) for artists, authors and composers to send their proposals to the public radio and television corporation, while the broadcaster itself reserved a direct invitation to renowned singers and authors from the current music scene. Both the evaluation of submissions and the invitations were carried out in collaboration with musical advisers J Cruz, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson and Zahara.[8] At a press conference held on 22 November 2021 Spanish head of delegation Eva Mora declared 692 submissions had been received by the online form, and 194 songs had been submitted by artists directly invited by RTVE, for a total of 886.[9] The fourteen competing acts were announced on 10 December 2021, while the competing songs were premiered on 21 December 2021.[10][11] Among the competing artists was former Eurovision Song Contest entrant Azúcar Moreno, who represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 1990. On 23 January 2022, it was announced that Luna Ki had withdrawn due to a combination of personal issues and the inability to use auto-tune under Eurovision rules.[12]

Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Azúcar Moreno "Postureo" Spanish Miguel Linde, Alberto Lorite, David Parejo
Blanca Paloma "Secreto de agua" Spanish Blanca Paloma, Antón Serrats, Tomás Virgós, Pablo Serrano
Chanel "SloMo" Spanish, English Leroy Sanchez, Keith Harris, Ibere Fortes, Maggie Szabo, Arjen Thonen
Gonzalo Hermida [it] "Quién lo diría" Spanish Gonzalo Hermida [it], David Santisteban
Javiera Mena "Culpa" Spanish Javiera Mena
Luna Ki "Voy a morir" Spanish, English, French Luna Ki, Miguel García, Vanity Vercetti, Alejandro Fierro
Marta Sango [es] "Sigues en mi mente" Spanish Marta Sango, Marco Frías, Mané López
Rayden "Calle de la llorería" Spanish David Martínez Álvarez, François Le Goffic
Rigoberta Bandini "Ay mamá" Spanish Rigoberta Bandini, Esteban Navarro Dordal, Stefano Maccarrone
Sara Deop "Make You Say" Spanish, English Leroy Sanchez, Camille Purcell, Linus Nordstrom, Frank Nobel
Tanxugueiras "Terra" Galician[a] Olaia Maneiro Argibay, Sabela Maneiro Argibay, Aida Tarrío Torrado, Iago Pico Freire
Unique "Mejores" Spanish Marco Dettoni, Manu Chalud, Armando Valenzuela, Carlos Almazán, Javier López, Raúl Madroñal
Varry Brava [es] "Raffaella" Spanish Óscar Ferrer, Aaron Sáez, Vicente Illescas
Xeinn "Eco" Spanish, English Carlos Marco, Jimmy Jansson, Marcus Winther-John, Thomas G:son

Six acts competed in the first semi-final on 26 January 2022 and seven in the second semi-final on 27 January 2022, with the top four advancing to the final.[13] The running order of the semi-finals, which was decided by the organizers, was revealed on 13 January 2022.[14] In the first semi-final, Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, performed "Fui ver meu amor" and Marlon performed "De perreo" as interval acts.[15] During the interval of the second semi-final, Ruth Lorenzo, who represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, performed Sergio Dalma's "Bailar pegados" (the Spanish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1991) and Niña Polaca performed "Nora".[16]

Semi-final 1 – 26 January 2022[17][18]
Draw Artist Song Expert
Televote Total Place
1 Varry Brava "Raffaella" 39 15 20 74 4
2 Azúcar Moreno "Postureo" 39 18 12 69 5
3 Blanca Paloma "Secreto de agua" 41 20 18 79 3
4 Unique "Mejores" 28 12 15 55 6
5 Tanxugueiras "Terra" 38 25 30 93 2
6 Chanel "SloMo" 55 30 25 110 1
Semi-final 2 – 27 January 2022[19][20]
Draw Artist Song Expert
Televote Total Place
1 Xeinn "Eco" 46 15 20 81 3
2 Marta Sango "Sigues en mi mente" 36 12 15 63 5
3 Javiera Mena "Culpa" 28 10 12 50 6
4 Gonzalo Hermida[b] "Quién lo diría" 28 30 18 76 4
5 Rigoberta Bandini "Ay mamá" 56 25 30 111 1
6 Rayden "Calle de la llorería" 45 20 25 90 2
7 Sara Deop "Make You Say" 21 18 10 49 7

The final took place on 29 January 2022 and consisted of the eight entries that qualified from the two preceding semi-finals. The order of the performances was decided by a draw on 28 January 2022.[22] The final was opened by Pastora Soler, who represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, performing her entry "Quédate conmigo". The interval of the final featured Nia and Nyno Vargas [es] performing "Me muero de risa", and Soler reappearing to perform "Que hablen de mí". In addition, 2020 and 2021 Spanish Eurovision entrant Blas Cantó made an appearance to hand the trophy to the winner.[23]

Final – 29 January 2022
Draw Artist Song Expert
Demoscopic jury Televote Total Place
Percentage Points Percentage Points
1 Rayden "Calle de la llorería" 37 12.17% 15 2.12% 15 67 4
2 Tanxugueiras "Terra" 30 14.59% 30 70.75% 30 90 3
3 Varry Brava "Raffaella" 25 11.39% 12 2.26% 18 55 6
4 Chanel "SloMo" 51 13.88% 25 3.97% 20 96 1
5 Rigoberta Bandini "Ay mamá" 46 13.52% 20 18.08% 25 91 2
6 Xeinn "Eco" 30 10.92% 5 1.01% 10 45 7
7 Gonzalo Hermida[b] "Quién lo diría" 12 12.62% 18 0.76% 5 35 8
8 Blanca Paloma "Secreto de agua" 39 10.92% 10 1.04% 12 61 5
Detailed expert jury votes
Draw Song Juror 1 Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4 Juror 5 Total
1 "Calle de la llorería" 8 10 7 6 6 37
2 "Terra" 10 7 4 7 2 30
3 "Raffaella" 6 5 5 4 5 25
4 "SloMo" 7 12 12 8 12 51
5 "Ay mamá" 12 8 6 10 10 46
6 "Eco" 4 4 10 5 7 30
7 "Quién lo diría" 2 2 2 2 4 12
8 "Secreto de agua" 5 6 8 12 8 39

Following Benidorm Fest, allegations of favouritism arose regarding Chanel's victory. One of the members of the national jury, Miryam Benedited, had previously worked with Chanel as a choreographer, leading to allegations of cronyism, as Chanel received the maximum amount of points from the jury.[24][25] Furthermore, Spanish viewers expressed frustration with the voting format, when it was revealed that Tanxugueiras, who finished in third place, had won the public vote with 70.75%, while winner Chanel only received 3.97%. Public votes were only worth 25% of the total score, while the professional jury votes were worth 50%.[26] RTVE released a statement acknowledging the viewers' dissatisfaction with the selection, and promised to open a dialogue to improve future editions of Benidorm Fest, but maintained that they would support Chanel as the Spanish representative. Both Rigoberta Bandini and Tanxugueiras, who came in second and third place, expressed their support to Chanel, and called for fans to accept the results.[27]

Preparations and promotion

The stage director for the Spanish performance will be Kyle Hanagami. Chanel will be accompanied on stage by five dancers: Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurín and Ría Pérez.[28]

A music video for "SloMo" premiered on the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest on 15 March 2022.[29] Prior to the contest, Chanel made appearances across Europe to specifically promote "SloMo" as the Spanish Eurovision entry. She first performed at the Barcelona Eurovision Party, which was held on 26 March 2022 at Barcelona's Sala Apolo,[30] and later performed at the London Eurovision Party, which was held on 3 April 2022 at London's Hard Rock Hotel venue.[31] She also performed in the Eurovision in Concert at Amsterdam's AFAS Live on 9 April,[32] and the PrePartyES which took place in Madrid's Sala La Riviera on 16 April.[33]

Send-off ceremony

On 27 April, RTVE prepared a farewell ceremony for the Spanish representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.[34] The ceremony was organized in the Cines Callao in Madrid.[34] Prior to the event, a live stream on RTVE Play followed a press conference hosted by the Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, María Eizaguirre, in which Chanel shared her final thoughts before making the trip to Turin with fans and journalists.[34] She was joined by the Spanish Head of Delegation, Eva Mora; the spokesperson of the Spanish jury for Eurovision 2022, Nieves Álvarez; and the Spanish Eurovision commentators, Julia Varela and Tony Aguilar.[34] Tickets for the event were sold the day before at Torrespaña (Calle Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda, 92): two individual tickets were given to each person who attended.[34]

At Eurovision

According to Eurovision rules, all nations with the exceptions of the host country and the "Big Five" (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) are required to qualify from one of two semi-finals in order to compete for the final; the top ten countries from each semi-final progress to the final. As a member of the "Big Five", Spain automatically qualifies to compete in the final on 14 May 2022. Spain is set to perform in the first half of the final.[35] In addition to its participation in the final, Spain is also required to broadcast and vote in one of the two semi-finals. This was decided via a draw held during the semi-final allocation draw on 25 January 2022, when it was announced that Spain will be voting in the second semi-final.[36]

In Spain, all three shows will be broadcast on La 1 with commentary by Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela.[37] The final will also be broadcast live in cinemas across the country due to an agreement with cinema chain Cinesa.[38] The Spanish spokesperson, who will announce the top 12-point score awarded by the Spanish jury during the final, will be Nieves Álvarez.[39][40]


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