Stephen L. Harris

American academic and Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies (1937-2019)

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Stephen L. Harris

Stephen L. Harris (February 5, 1937 - April 14, 2019) was Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento. He served there ten years as department chair and was named a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. He received his MA and PhD degrees from Cornell University.[1] Harris was a member of the American Academy of Religion, a fellow at the Westar Institute, a fellow of the controversial Jesus Seminar, and authored several books on religion, some of which are used in introductory university courses.

He also had a strong interest in some geological topics. Harris grew up in western Washington state where the views of Mount Rainier inspired what has become a lifelong interest in the eruptive potential of the volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain range.

Harris taught an adult education class on "Evolving Concepts of God" at St. Mark's Methodist Church, Sacramento, using his text, The Old Testament: An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible.[1]


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