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In 1871 to 1882 OS maps 1st series at 1:10560: Surrey. Click to expand/see wider.

Swan Island is a private mooring island in the Thames at Twickenham, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, London, England. It is on the Tideway[a] about 34 mile (1.2 km) north of and thus below Teddington Lock.

The island has a commercial boatyard in addition to residential mooring for boats. It is connected to the Twickenham bank by a small bridge, which is suitable for vehicles as well as foot traffic.

Originally an osier bed, it measured 14 acre (0.10 ha) per Ordnance Survey maps of 1897[1] and 1898.[2][3]

A larger island stood north-west which has become the playground, bowling green, café and park Radnor Gardens, Strawberry Hill/Vale.

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Coordinates: 51°26′21″N 00°19′52″W / 51.43917°N 0.33111°W / 51.43917; -0.33111

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